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My love affair with the humble knee suspension - Part 2

The date is the 13th of August 2005, precisely 9 months after my first suspension. The place is Wattamolla Beach, Royal

National Park, Sydney, Australia. In attendance are the people who later became the Hack Crew (ring lead by Karl), 4 co-suspendees, and 20-30 other friends and acquaintances, mostly from IAM.

This day had been minimally planned – it was going to be a simple, fun day, the way things should be! Karl told me that he

was coming down to Sydney for a weekend, and I wanted to suspend again. It was up to me to find a location, and to hustle up

any others wanting to suspend, and then Karl would hook and hang us.

I had first picked Centennial Park as the suspension location, but after wandering around the woodlands for a long while I

decided it was going to be too busy and too risky. Certainly not calm enough for the kind of experience I was after. I then

thought of the Royal National Park, my favourite 'local' escape from (most of) civilisation. One fine Wednesday I picked

Sandra up, and we trekked down to the park together. We headed straight to Wattamolla Beach and parked in the parking lot.

From there it was a 10 minute walk across board-walk, rocks, stream, and sand. It was a decent sized beach, and the access

wasn't too difficult. The beach faded into bushland towards the back, and was flanked by cliff faces. On the Northern end,

there were a few trees, one in particular looked muscular and friendly. In a bout of happy coincidence, a large white fish

hook was painted on the rock face just behind the tree. We decided to declare that The Spot.

Skip forward a few days to Saturday the 13th August. I arrived at the National Park quite early, and slowly other people

dribbled onto the beach. As I had hardly planned the day, I had no idea how many people would come. It didn't really matter:

I was there to suspend and as many friendly faces as could find the location were welcome to come along.

If I remember correctly, I was the second suspension of the day. The table was moved to beneath the rigging. I sat on the

table, knees pointing to Pluto, and Karl and Rob (From Industrial Strength, Newtown) each pierced two of my hooks. I had

decided to go for a 4-point knee suspension this time, as it was one of the extra, upper hooks which had ripped during my 6-

point knee suspension, and I didn't feel that the extra hooks were necessary. They were 6ga this time, and I definitely felt

the difference. The piercings were A LOT more intense than the 8ga hooks were. However there were only four of them and with

two piercers working simultaneously it was over very quickly. I was able to bring myself to watch them piercing me, which I

couldn't have done previously.

Either I, or someone else hooked me up to the rigging, and I wanted to pull myself up completely this time. I found it

incredibly easy. As I started applying tension to the hooks, I knew that it was going to be a good suspension. I was relaxed,

among loads of good company, and in the most stunning location over-looking the ocean. I think I lifted myself up pretty

quickly – I couldn't wait to dangle again! Once up, someone else took the rope, and I was so pleased. It was all just so

RIGHT. There was no doubt as to my ability to see the suspension through, no pressure at all. I felt really free, and to

reflect this, I took my top off. It just seemed to make sense! It was fantastic to feel so relaxed. I was loving it. I was

chatting to my friends intermittently and I think a couple of people made dodgy tit-jokes but that was fine. EVERYTHING was

fine! I was swung, spun, pushed... Everything was relaxing.

I don't remember much else that happened while I was up. Again I was suspending for about 15-20 minutes. I could just feel

the hooks, but they felt decidedly comfortable. Being of larger thickness than the previous hooks I'd used, they spread my

weight over a larger surface area which meant less stress on any particular part of my knee.

I finally had to come down because my stomach was feeling a little churney. I'd eaten three or four bananas before hand, and

I felt them all having little boxing matches within my guts. I wasn't upset to come down (as I had been last time I'd

suspended) because I knew I could keep doing it, there was no hurry to 'suspend myself out' any time soon. After being de-

rigged, technicare was squirted onto my hooks, gloves were donned, and I slid the hooks out myself. They were tied up in a

couple of gloves, and I later had them autoclaved for safe-keeping. I massaged my knees and tried to get any air out but

there wasn't much, only a few satisfying bubbles and a few dribbly blood-streams down my legs.

The aftermath was quite easy. I didn't notice the holes so much in the days after my suspension, and picked at the scabs a

little but not as religiously as I had last time. I had realised that I'll be doing many more suspensions, and didn't need to

aggravate the holes in order to retain the scarring. In fact, I now understood that in order to have many comfortable future

knee suspensions I should actually try to heal the holes as best I could. But picking the scabs was just so much fun! The

holes closed up within one-two weeks, and the scars are still prominent over a year later.


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on: 30 Sept. 2006
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