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What I did on my holidays.

Apologies in advance if this seems to ramble, or doesn't make sense, it was quite hard to get my thoughts down into words, and so this is the result.

Last weekend, I got suspended for the first time.

I'd already seen quite a few suspensions over the weekend, most of them amazing to see, and some that were really quite beautiful.

Then it came round to my turn, it was sunday evening at about 8 o'clock, the weather was slightly better than it had been, but with tarpaulin over the entire rig creating a tent, it mattered little if it was raining.

We're ready, I have a last few gulps of Fanta to get some more sugar into my system, walk into the the piercing room, rip my top off to reveal a yeti like chest and it's all good. Vampy explained the procedure to me, they would be piercing me with fairly large gauge piercing needles and following through with the hooks sraight after. I lay down on the table and Vampy checked my back for the best place for the hooks to go, after marking the required areas it was time for the piercing itself.

Two people did the piercings, Vampy and Twysted so they could place 2 hooks at the same. Twysted had some problems with the outside piercing on my left shoulder taking a few seconds and a few attempts to push the needle back out through the skin. With this done, and the discomfort over I was ready, I had 4 hooks in my back, I was going to swing in the air, alright.

I went back outside to wander around a bit and get used to the hooks, even though I could barely feel them anyway. It was bloody cold, outside, shirtless with the air nicely chilled from the rain that day, but, no matter.

From there, there was only one thing to do, and that was do the suspension itself.

A short walk to the scaffold from, turn back to face the front, and it's time to be tied onto the rig. At first they take up the slack in the ropes pulling everything tight, but not to the point that it starts to pull your skin. Then it's crunch time, they begin to pull you up, you start to leave the floor, the tugging in your back is getting more intense, you reach tip toes, and are held there. You are so close, but not quite there, a quick check. How are you feeling? Does it hurt too much? Are you ready to go the last step? Yes, maybe, what am I doing here? Oh well, let's go for it, a deep breath and the final pull, holy shit that hurts, but wait, you're in the air, a round of applause, the pain recedes, life is good, your legs are pointless in this new position.

What to do now? Why, light my pipe up of course, much to the amusement of the people gathered to watch. It's strange, but you are in the air, you can feel the tension in your back as the skin pulls tight up to the ropes, but it feels relaxing, natural almost. It's time to try swinging, but I can't get going so I get a push and away we go, getting pushed a bit harder, getting some momentum up and I can reach the scaffold now I reach out and give myself a push, wincing slightly as i feel it pull the hooks in my right shoulder, the pain goes as quickly as it came back. Then I tried spinning myself, again with no real success, again I get assistance, I'm spun on the spot, the ropes through the pullies twisting round each other we get to the top the ropes won't twist any more without knotting, my help lets go, i curl myself up, bringing my knees up into my chest, getting the speed up, it feels so exhilerating, so we go again.

After a while my lower back was starting to hurt, and someone else was still to go up after me, so I came down. So that's what my feet are for? It is strange to be back on the ground, for my feet to have a purpose again, then the tension comes off your back, you are light but earthbound, I'd forgotten what it was like.

Back into the piercing room to get the hooks removed and the blood cleaned up. Are they out, they must be, I can hear him dropping them into a metal bowl, the removal was painless. The blood is cleaned off and the air that becomes trapped under the skin where it pulled away is massaged out. Clean dressing is put onto the remaining wounds and done.

As I sit here now, I am left with 8 little scabs in 2 rows of 4, mementos from the weekend. There is only one thing left to ask.

When is the next meet?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Sept. 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Vampy+and+Twysted
Studio: Body+Evolution
Location: Norfolk

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