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Spacy's Coma Suspension

I did my coma at the Body Evolution meet in Norwich. I couldn't decide whether to try a coma, or knees. They were both suspensions I hadn't done before, and wanted to try because of the curiosity. I'd done a Superman suspension a while ago, and thought the coma would be sort of the same, as it had lots of hooks. I imagined just floating in the air all chilled and stuff for ages. I knew I loved the feeling of my chest pulling when I did chest pulls, so I thought it would be like that. As it was, it seemed to be the meet of comas, with Poppie and Elisa also doing comas. They seemed so chilled and pretty I thought Coma, because I was in the mood to lie and chill.

I'd brought an old pair of pyjamas, which I cut holes in, and a bikini top to suspend in. I went into the piercing room and Vampy marked me up. We'd discussed the coma before and decided to put three sets of hooks down my belly, as girls have heavier hips that need supporting so more hooks are needed. And I didn't mind extra hooks being pierced. So altogether there would be twelve 3.2mm (8g) hooks. It was decided to pierce the hooks four at a time, to get them over and done with in three goes. I can't remember now who pierced them, I wish I could! I breathed in and they pushed the first lot of hooks through on my exhale. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek, that hurt! I found it very intense getting four hooks done at once. I winged and complained a bit, then they did the next four. I winged and complained even more, so much so they delayed the next lot and asked if I was ready. Which I was, my winging must have been too convincing! There's no use putting off what's inevitabl e going to happen... So the third lot of hooks went through. And there they were, twelve hooks in all. I think next time though I'll be getting them in pairs. Pairs I can happily handle. A lot of people prefer getting them over and done with faster, but it was too intense for me. Glad I tried it though, to know what its like.

Now it was time to go up. I got up, and banged my thigh hook on the piercing bench. Silly Spacy! I put on a jacket as it was night time and a bit cold for a bikini. I went outside and lay on the bench and got connected to the rig. I held Emma and
Sam's hands for support. There was a lovely close group of people around me and I felt so relaxed. A towel was put on a rope attached to the rig to support my head. As the ropes pulled tighter, it was a lot more intense than I thought. Much more intense than my superman. I tried to relax into it, closing my eyes and focusing on it, and gripping my poor friends hands way to hard! I got up off the bench, and it was still really intense.

My left shin hook was hurting too much to deal with, so a rope was got and they were tied to the rig to take the weight off them. I later realised that it'd been pierced through a sore bit of my shin that I'm always banging on things, and I'd forgotten to warn about. At least that explained that mystery! Note to self, remember where my bruises are in future! Once I was up, the pain didn't settle as much as it normally does. Although I enjoyed the pulling feeling on my belly hooks as I went up, once I was up they still felt nice, but very intense. So much more intense than I was expecting. I enjoyed the feeling, but after a little bit (I wasn't up very long) decided to come down because I wasn't enjoying it anymore. I only do things when I like them :) As I came down on the bench, it was the most comfortable feeling ever. Because the pain had been so intense, the contrast was so good. I felt like all the stresses had left my body and I was so relaxed and happy. It was an amazing feeling, I lay a nd smiled and giggled.

I went inside for the aftercare, managing to bash my other thigh hook on the piercing table. Silly Spacy again! I've forgotten now who did the aftercare too. I'm rubbish! They put on technicare, took the hooks out and they squeezed the bubbles out, though I don't think there were many bubbles. The hooks didn't really hurt to take out. And I got covered in nice dressings, twelve of them. I like being covered in dressings, they looked good. It also meant that people didn't come too close on the train on the way home, which is always a good thing!

I felt so relaxed for a week or so afterwards, suspension does that to me. Some of my hooks bruised a bit, one of the thigh ones did, surprise surprise. And also one of the upper abdomen ones, under my breast, which was a mystery, but looked pretty cool. I liked the look of the scars down my body for this one, they looked pretty cool.

I'm glad I experienced a coma, even though it wasn't what I expected, I still enjoyed it for what it was. Thanks to everyone that helped out with it and was there. And thanks Andy, Alice and Nik for taking pictures for me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Sept. 2006
in Ritual

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