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My First Suicide Attempt; Not very Successful

I've had a lot of piercings in my day. But nothing compares to my latest experience. For the last two years, I've had it in my head that doing a suicide suspension was the only option. Nothing else mattered until I got that. And this is the story of the day that I finally did.

For almost a year and a half, I had been on a search to find someone to do a suspension for me. I don't have the privilege of living in the US, where suspension groups are a dime a dozen. I live in Canada, and from what I know, we have a whopping one suspension group available. I tried going that route, I tried contacting various piercers to see if they had experience doing them, but with no luck. Now, about two years ago, I had a back corset done, and the piercer and I had lightly touched on the topic of suspensions, and that he was capable of doing them. At this particular time, the idea of a suspension had just been born, so it never occurred to me that this would be the person to do my first suspension for me.

Tyler, the piercer who did my corset, sadly left the shop just after this particular conversation, and didn't leave any contact information. So while on my great search to find someone, I also started a quest to find him. For a long time, I came up with nothing, that is, until about two months ago.

My boyfriend decided to get a tattoo last month, and decided to try somewhere new. By the greatest luck in the world, his new tattooist thought he had a way to get me in touch with Tyler. He suggested I talk to Jesse Villemaire from Thrive Studios in Cambridge, Ontario. It turns out that Tyler had done a guest spot at Thrive just a few months before. So now to contact Jesse.

My luck was continuing. Jesse happened to have Tyler's website, and gave me the URL. So I finally had a way to make my dreams come true. I contacted Tyler through e-mail, and we began talks on my first suspension. I wanted to start by doing a suicide suspension, and we agreed that for my first time, a four point would be the best option. So we set the date for August 27th, and I was ready to go.

The Big Day

And so came the 27th. It was to be me, my boyfriend Adam, Cory, my best friend who was doing a suspension with me, and my friend Nick, who was taking pictures. Well as luck would have it, 10 minutes before we were about to leave, a situation came up and Cory couldn't make it. So we leave to go pick Tyler up, and head out for our destination. Tye was throwing out directions to Adam, who was driving, while I tried to explain the Cory situation to him (So Sorry again Tye!). We made our way out to a little park in Waterloo that had a very nice covered brush and clearing. I decided I wanted to do it outside, to get in touch with nature and all that fun stuff.

Tye got everything set up, while I paced back and forth, and chain smoked like crazy. Finally we were ready to start with the piercings. As I mentioned before, we were going with a four point suspension. For the first two piercings, there were no problems whatsoever, but when it came to do the third and fourth, we ran into a few. I tend to have very tough skin, so when Tye tried to push the needles through, he was having a hard time. The needles went in no problem, but when it came to exiting, they just seemed to not want to do it. Eventually, he got them through, and it was time to start rigging me up. But not before another smoke of course. So I stood there having my smoke, all hooked up, while Tye set up all the equipment. We got me all hooked up, and it was time to get started.

He explained to me what I may start feeling while I was up there, such as an intense burning feeling when I first went up. I was perfectly ok with that, its all part of the experience. He asked me if I wanted to be coaxed into going up, or if I wanted to just go straight up. I told him to get it over with, and just hoist me up as quickly as he could, while still being safe. He had me slowly walk back and forth, just to get used to the feeling as the rig caused more and more pressure on my back. I could feel my feet going on tippy toes, and when my shoes feel off, I knew I was up. Just like he said, I experienced a very intense burning feeling right from the start. It had just started to become bearable when my body started telling me that I needed to get down. I began to feel very dizzy and nauseous, and my arms and legs had fallen asleep. I sat down for a few minutes just to calm myself down, and decided to try again.

This wasn't any better. My back was already so tender from the problematic piercings and being up once already, so any tension was causing my back to scream out in pain. It was so bad that I couldn't even make it up. So again I sat down. I had a smoke and waited a few more minutes, hoping that my back would calm down just enough for me to go up again. I finished my smoke, and stood up, determined to get up there for one last shot.

Again, Tye asked me if I wanted to take my time, or if I wanted to go straight up. And again, I told him to just get it over with as quickly as possible. We had more luck than the last attempt, and up I was for the second time. The intense burning set in, but I stuck it out, and a minute later the burning had dulled. He asked if I wanted to be pushed a little bit, and I figured that although it would probably hurt, swinging a little may calm me down. He gave me a slight push, and I started to rock back and forth. It turned out that it didn't hurt at all, it actually made the pain go away. So there I rocked for a few minutes, when again my body decided it had to come back down. Tye brought me down as quickly as he could, and while I wasn't nauseous this time, I did get dizzy again, and my arms and legs were falling asleep. I sat down for the third time, and decided to call it a day. My back was on fire, and I don't think it could have taken much more. So he took down all of the rigging, and I sat back on the chair to have the hooks removed. They slid out without any problems, and I got the most painful "massage" I've ever had, but at the same time, it felt so good. I'll never forget the sound my back made as the air escaped from the wounds. I was expecting such a thing to happen, but I didn't expect it to sound like that. Gave Nick and Adam quite a shock in fact, seeing is that they didn't know to expect such a thing to happen.

We cleaned up what seemed like a hundred gloves off the ground, and all the piercing supplies and any other garbage we left there, and were on our way.

For the past few days, my back has been very tender and stiff. There was a minimal amount of bruising, but nothing severe. There's been short talk of doing another one, this time with Cory present, and this time we're looking at doing a two point suspension, to see if that works any better for me. For all you out there hoping to do a suspension, go for it! It's a great experience, and its definitely one I'll remember for the rest of my life.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Sept. 2006
in Ritual

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