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My first Suspension with the film crew from Taboo

So September 30 2006 will not be a day I will easily forget.

I was to do a Suicide suspension at my home is West Gippsland as a part of a story the Taboo series was doing on Suspension.

The film crew arrived at 10.30am and went about their setup while I grew increasing nervous. Once they were set up they wanted to do some interviews with me before the suspension.

My crew arrived about 12.30 and we got straight to work setting everything up for my suspension.

Todd threw my hooks and I was confident in his abilities as I had been teaching him how to do suspensions for the last 9 months and in that time he had performed about 10 suspensions by himself with me as only an observer.

So the time had come to mark out my back, I stood there while Todd marked out my back and I answered questions for the camera while this was happening.

Next it was time to lie down on the massage couch and let Todd throw my hooks. He was assisted by Chris another team member. When I was ready I took a deep breathe in and as I let it out Todd pushed through the needle with the hook attached. It hurt. I had no idea what to expect but at that point I knew there were three more to go. While the rest of the hooks were being thrown the sound guy grew increasing green and when they were done he had to excuse himself and get some fresh air outside. I had a cigarette and then went outside to talk to the sound guy. He told me what made him feel ill was the sound of the needle tearing threw my flesh that he could hear with his sensitive sound gear.

The time had now come to get attached to the rig. I sat on a stool while Todd tied me to the rig. The whole time my hands grew increasingly sweaty.

Now standing under the rig it was time for Chris to start lifting me off the ground. Inch by inch I was slowly lifted until I was on my toes and having trouble balancing. I asked Todd to stand in front of me to help me balance. During this time of being so close yet so far from suspending I had crazy thoughts running through my head and for a time a did fear I would not be able to do this.

Well I sucked it up and went for it....... Success I was off the ground.....oh shit I had done it...... I was suspending.......wow what an amazing rush......

Todd gave me a gentle push to start me swinging, which helped a lot to keep me focused and take my mind off the fact that I was off the ground and flying like a bird.

During my time in the air and film crew were asking me what it felt like as well as other questions., I continued to swing around and enjoy myself but after a time I just closed my eyes and dropped my head and completely relaxed my body, it felt amazing and as much as I enjoyed swinging around and spinning this moment of complete quiet was fantastic. After about 15 minutes of suspending I was starting to feel that my time was coming to an end so I asked my gorgeous partner Louise who was also there supporting me and doing the camera and film work for my own personal archive to get me a drink and then a telephone so I could call the other members of The Hanged Man team and tell them that it was all fine and that I was suspending while talking to them, they got a buzz out of that and I think it made up a little for the fact that they couldn't be there.

Well the time had come to get back to earth so Chris gently lowered me down and as my feet reached the ground I was filled with an unbelievable feeling of being heavy. I felt like I weighed 300kg. Once my legs found their strength again I was cut free of the rig and wondered about the room with a huge smile on my face.

Next Todd and Chris removed the hooks and massaged the air out of my back, this created many laughs as there was a lot of farting sounds as the air came out.

The dressings were applied and that was the end of my first amazing journey into being suspended.

I would really like to thank Todd, Chris and Louise for taking such great care of me and the Taboo film crew, Annie, Nigel and Jonathon for doing a great job and not making a mockery out of something amazing.


submitted by: petersheringham
on: 06 Sept. 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: The+Hanged+Man+Team
Studio: My+Home
Location: West+Gippsland%2C+Australia

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