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Attempted Knee and Chest suspension

I fancied trying a knee suspension, because I was curious what they felt like. I've tried a few other suspensions and wanted to do something new to me. I have lots of curiosity. I wasn't sure I liked the idea of being upside down though, mostly cause I have sinus problems so being upside down hurts. I've enjoyed the chest pulls I've done a lot, and saw a chest and knee suspension Alice that looked so chilled and good. I thought it would be nice to try chest and knees, then I wouldn't be upside down, and I'd have the good chest pulling feelings. If I didn't like the chest bit, or my knees felt comfortable I could always disconnect and go for my knees.

I decided to do it at the Body Evolution meet I went to. I was a bit concerned that the position might hurt my back, so I talked to Alice about it, who said she didn't have a problem with back pain during it. I talking to Vampy about the hooks, I couldn't decide about the chest ones. I thought maybe four, but she suggested two thick 5mm (4g) ones would be more comfortable. A few people said that they found thicker hooks more comfortable than more hooks, so I decided to go for it.

It was late Sunday evening when it came to suspend. I got changed into my suspension clothes, a summer dress with the straps down for my chest hooks, and a pair of shorts underneath so that I wasn't flashing when my knees were up. I lay on the piercing bench and Vampy cleaned and marked my knees and chest. Vampy and
Tiff were doing my piercings in tandem, starting with the knees, because I figured if I had the chest ones done first which were thicker than I'm used to I'd panic even more for the rest. I was getting three 3.2mm (8g) hooks on each knee, and two 5mm (4g) hooks on my chest.

I hadn't scared myself in advance like normal, but now I was feeling pretty scared because I hadn't had my knees pierced before and was expecting it to be painful, especially as my knees are quite fat, so there was more tissue to go through (I don't know if it works that way or not, but in my scared head it did!). They put through the first piercing and I screwed my face up and winged and complained and giggled lots from nerves. They stung quite a bit going through, and bits of fat came out on the end of the needle, which amused me. It was hard cause I usually wiggle my legs involuntarily when I'm in pain too, so that didn't make it too easy! I was scared and dreading the next set, but they went in with me making loads of fuss and telling them I didn't like them any more, as did the third set, which Memma held my hand for, which helped.

My fear then transferred to getting the chest ones done, I told myself it was only 0.8mm bigger needle than normal. They had to be done one at a time as both sides couldn't be pinched together, which was fine. They went through ok, it felt a bit more ramming than normal, which was understandable. The weird thing is they felt fine at the time getting done, they were pierced well, yet the next day just thinking back to getting them done that big I felt so squeamy! With them all done I had a look at them, had a bit of a yank on my knee one on the sly to see how bad it was because it was stinging lots. I know, bad Spacy. It didn't feel so bad... Memma told me about her knee suspension, how it had stung lots at first and then just felt warm and nice. A few other people agreed. I took a few minutes to chill while they were sorting out the rigs, then put on my jacket as it was a bit cold for dress and went outside.

I was having two rigs, one for my chest and one for my legs, so that the pull of each could be adjusted as I wanted it, and I could just do my knees if I wanted. I got connected up, and my knees hurt just connecting them, which I thought was a bad sign. Sean was on my chest ropes and John on my knee ropes. I decided to be pulled up very very slowly, to get used to it, because I like pulling sensations and they help me settle into it. The knees hurt a lot, I had to keep asking to stop at much shorter intervals than normal. At some point the pain was too much so I shut my eyes and tried to chill into it and grabbed Darren's hand. He said afterwards my body seemed to be tense, but I didn't squeeze his hand that much. Which surprised me, because I thought I was. Sean took my other hand.

After a while the knees stopped hurting so much after each pause, and settled into it with a warm feeling. I managed to get my feet off the floor and it was nice pulling against them, feeling the warm feeling. I asked for my own chest ropes, and pulled against them myself. I enjoyed the feeling of pulling against the bigger hooks in my chest. After a while I'd got enough out of the chest pulling as I wanted to so my chest hooks were disconnected. I realised that I wasn't going to suspend that day. Normally I know that I can get through the pain through being strong and getting my head around it, I was fighting it too much that day. I didn't feel I could do battle with the pain, or settle into it, or get myself through it. I'd had an emotionally exhausting few weeks and even though I was settled I just didn't have the mental energy for it, like I thought I would. I could still feel most of my weight on the bench, and knew I had way too much more to do than I could cope with. So I said I wasn't in the mood for suspending after all and just stayed and pulled because that's what felt good to me, and I like to do what feels good and happy. I pulled against the rig with my knees for a while, which felt warm and good, then came down again. My knees were bleeding lots, which I like. I so wanted to lick some of the blood!

I went inside, and Sean and Tiff put on technicare and squeezed out my bubbles of which there were none and put dressings on for me. Then I said my goodbyes and started the journey home. I felt a bit low at first for not suspending, because I felt than everyone had gone to the effort for nothing, and I was missing my post suspension buzz. I know I'll do this suspension one day, just I wasn't in the right headspace that day. I was feeling better about it the next day, and weirdly was just in the right headspace for a knee suspension. Dammit! My knees were sore the next day, and swollen. Though it was good sore, except when I tried to kneel down to get out of my bed. Sleeping was a bit uncomfortable the first night too, as I sleep on my side. My chest felt quite painful the next day, like I'd been punched hard, and was still seeping a bit of blood. Four days later though they're all fine, they're both slightly tender to touch, my chest ones are bruised and my knees are still a bit swollen, but that's it, there's nothing bothersome.

I'm glad I did this, even if it did turn into a weird sort of pull, I now know what to expect and enjoyed the feelings I got. And I will be doing either this or a knee suspension one day! Thanks to everyone who helped and was patient with me!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Sept. 2006
in Ritual

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