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The day I pushed my fear to one side and got pierced by Mark!

The day I got play pierced by Mark

It was a Monday morning and I rang up The Metal Guru to see if Mark, the male piercer and not my normal piercer, could play pierce me on the Tuesday. He said he could. I was absolutely terrified, I spent the whole day and night shaking with nerves, the pain didn't bother me at all, and I love the feelings of having needles inserted into my skin.

Although I don't really know Mark, I've always thought of him very highly but I was scared of him just because he's male, he is an awesome person and a fantastic piercer. I decided to ask him to pierce me to help me get over some negative experiences with men I've had and I trusted him enough to ask.

So Tuesday morning came round and I was scared out of my mind. I walked into The Metal Guru at 11.45am noticing that only Mark and Sarah were in the studio due to Tanya (my usual piercer) being poorly. The nerves hit me instantly, I sat on the bench in the reception area and spoke to Mark and Sarah trying to take my mind off the fact I was about to let a male not only touch my stomach but also push beautiful pieces of metal into my skin. At last I was handed the consent form. I filled it in and handed it back to Mark. My i.d was checked even though I've been pierced with jewellery 10 times and play pierced a few times in the same studio.

At last I went upstairs to Marks piercing room. Mark joked about with me for a bit, I'm pretty sure he knew I was terrified although I hide my feelings very well. Down to business, Mark cleaned his hands and donned his gloves. He asked to me sit on the bench then he positioned the bench into a lying position, my stomach was cleaned and the needles were in view, I was happy, excited, scared and nervous all in one heartbeat. I tried to relax my very tense body but this was hard so I told Mark I was ready.

The first needle penetrated my skin and it felt nice as always, Mark made sure I was ok to go ahead with the next needle I was fine with it "big breath in and back out" this isn't my usual technique for play piercing but I think it's either his preferred technique or he was trying to relax me, either way it was fine. Two beautiful needles down, eight more to go. I was still pretty tense but I was beginning to enjoy myself. My mind was starting to accept Mark after 3 months of seeing him almost weekly.

Mark carried on to do the breathe in and out technique all the way through which looking back on I am glad because it did stop me tensing up and freaking out as much as I thought I would. Another needle was gently inserted and my body was almost at its normal relaxed play piercing state. I giggled at myself and smiled, I felt safe with a man for the first time in what seems like an eternity. The lyrics to Christina Aguilera Back to Basics were running through my mind "I'm going back to basics, to where it all began" this was true.

Mark checked that I was okay to continue and once again I assured him I was fine, I actually couldn't wait to feel the needle enter my skin. One thing I have always loved about play piercing or piercing in general is the intensity when you can feel the needle move through every millimetre of skin and exit the body. It gives me a feeling of power. I felt the coolness of the needle and smiled a little pressure and once again I felt the needle glide through my internal and I felt the little cute sting on the exit hole. I giggled again, pleased I'd come this far and never wanting to stop.

Two more needles were inserted in the same fashion and my skin itself was tensing around the needles but I'd never felt more relaxed. Then he came to the last needle of the rows of 4 he decided to push this needle extra slowly and I loved every milli-second of the intensity. I'm pretty sure he knew this by the smile on my face.

Then came the needle above my existing navel piercings this felt strange but pleasant, it unnerved me a little because normally it hurts me to be pierced there, I put this down to the fact that I was completely relaxed with the situation. Then a needle that I didn't like the idea of but I let him proceed anyway just to prove to myself that I was not a wuss and that my fear of men could not control my love for being pierced. He pierced just below my navel piercings and I was so scared this was getting to close to my legs for comfort but I was fine, it was over and done before I even knew it happened. I sat up and thanked Mark; I was shocked at what I'd just done.

I walked down the stairs with the needles still in my stomach and smiled at Sarah, I hung out in the studio laughing and joking with some of the clients in for jewellery and piercings. A few hours later I decided to remove the needles.

Removing cute needles is always something I enjoy doing myself and this time it was no different. I pulled them out really slowly, embracing every second of it. The needles were out and I didn't think I was going to bleed at all; I hardly ever do until gush there was blood running down my stomach. I cleaned up my stomach and smiled. I was so proud with my little self. I thanked Sarah and Mark and left the studio feeling refreshed and happy.

Thank you Mark for an amazingly special experience and for allowing me to get over my fears!


submitted by: MillieB
on: 23 Aug. 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Mark+Boyle
Studio: The+Metal+Guru
Location: Stockton-on-tees%2C+North+East%2C+England

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