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Resurrection high

Some time ago Roel (IAM: dust) sent me a message saying that he was going to put up another suspension meeting.

As it had been a very long time since my last suspension (a two-point suicide one and a half years ago) I decided it was time for something new.

Immediately my mind returned to the pictures of resurrection suspensions I saw here on BME. It took me some time to get over the fact that people were going to see my belly (I'm not a skinny girl and I have very low self esteem sometimes), but the beauty of the resurrection made up for it in the end.

The weeks before were the hottest in like fifty years in Belgium, with temperatures up to 37°C and more (that's about 98°F if you're wondering). So it's no surprise I didn't sleep too much and I had a lot of headaches the days before.

Luckily friday was the national holiday, so I got to sleep late and relax at home with a good movie and a fan. (I'm sure the fact that my boyfriend was out of the country and not snoring next to me in bed didn't have ANYTHING to do with it J )

Lots of rest and a decent meal before leaving are the most important things for me to prepare for a suspension. And reading experiences ofcourse.

Saturday finally came around and I headed off for the two-hour drive to Villa Vendex in Maastricht where it was all gonna happen.

I arrived at about three in the afternoon, and after a bit of searching for how to get in, I met up with Roel, Chandler and some other people there.

I relaxed, hung around and watched a few people drop in and sipped my apple-juice.

After I had something to eat and watched a very serene suicide suspension, it was my turn.

Roel marked me and Chandler asked me if I wanted to be pierced one or two at the time. Since piercing six hooks can take a while, and I was getting nervous, I decided two at the time would be best.

I'm not gonna lie: the piercing hurt. My chest and belly are definately more sensitive than my upper back. But Roel and Chandler did a great job and after a few minutes I was walking around with my shirt tucked into my bra to get used to feeling the hooks.

Roel then had me lie down on a skate ramp with matresses underneath the rig. He and Chandler attached me and made sure the pressure was even on every hook.

The lifting could begin.

I began by letting Chandler know when he could pull me up a bit at the time, but that went very slowly.

I was thinking a suicide suspension is easier because you can control the pressure yourself to some extent, so Roel gave me the rope and when he felt me pulling it, he slowly pulled me up. But that went very slow too, and I was getting nervous, thinking that I couldn't do it. Roel then suggested that someone would hold my hand and he would just pull me up slowly but constantly. That sounded better to me, so Saskia came to hold my hand.

My sense of time kinda left me then, so it's possible I got some details wrong. When I was about to lift my feet I suddenly really started to feel the burning sensation of my chest hooks, and I started panicking, asking Roel to let me down a little bit.

I was really sweating and my mouth was dry, so I also asked for a drink a couple of times.

The most difficult part was to lift my feet and try to relax, but there I suddenly was, floating in the air.

Saskia was supporting my head and let it down slowly.

That moment I was too focused on physical side to enjoy it to the fullest. I felt blood running down my armpit and side and I remember thinking "is that blood or is it a fly crawling around on my belly?" – I think the weirdest things sometimes.

One of the worst things was the feeling I couldn't breathe like I wanted to. My flesh was pulled so hard, I could only take small breaths, and that was very hard for me because I'm used to breathing pain away when I'm getting pierced or suspending.

I do remember thinking "Yes, I made it!", but the real rush came when I got down again after what seemed like a minute or two.

I was lying on the mattress under the rig, sweating like a pig and smiling like a madwoman.

People came up to me to ask me how I felt (I must have looked awful!), and all I could say was I felt good.

I got up –still smiling- , drank some more –still smiling- and walked around –smiling.

Two people took out the hooks and bandaged me, and then I was free to go.

I relaxed some more while Roel and Chandler played the djembés and Saskia played the didgeridoo.

That night I tossed and turned in bed, dreaming about suspensions and trying not to sleep on my stomach, but now, the day after, I feel fine. I'm not too sore (only the exit and entry holes) and I'm still a bit on a high.

Big thanks to Roel, Chandler, Saskia and everyone else there whose name I don't remember and who made this such a great experience. I'm really happy I did it.

Finally: did this suspension change me as a person? No. But it's good to know that if I really want something, I can do it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 July 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: IAM%3Adust+and+IAM%3A+Chandler
Studio: Villa+Vendex
Location: Maastricht%2C+Holland

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