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Playing Around

My story started about a week ago. My best friend came over and we were just sitting around doing nothing. We both were trying to find something to do, and then she remembered I had bought some syringe needles. She got this big smile across her face and ran downstairs to get them.

She had always wanted to get her collar bones pierced, so that was the point of getting the needles. She had never tried that one before. So she sterilized the needle and her skin. She's gets it in just fine then it starts to hurt, so she takes it out and it bleeds a little bit. She had put it up and over too much so it wasn't a good placement.

After that failed attempt to do something I got this crazy idea. I wanted to pierce her back. I asked and she agreed, because she had never had that done before. I sterilized another needle and her back where I wanted it. It went right in and right out. It was a little painful but not much.

She loved the look of it. She kept looking in the mirror and I took a lot of pictures (they were blurry). She loved the 1st one so much she wanted me to do the other side. So I did. It was a different angle but I got it right. They weren't even but very close. This one hurt a little more, but not much.

She was ecstatic. She couldn't stop smiling and looking at them, it was great.

After I took pictures of both of them, she got this look in her eye. I knew what she was going to ask before she did. She asked me if she could do it to me. And of course I said yes. So, she got another needle out and sterilized it. The feeling of the needle going in is just...wow. The popping sound of it breaking the skin and then it sliding in and out the other side. This one went in great and fine, though. Only hurt a little bit for me.

She tried to do the other side, but she isn't good with different angles, so she couldn't. I ended up with one and her two. After pictures and excited talking I decided to pierce my lip. So I did and I loved it, but took it out. Remember just play piercing.

After much sadness we took out the needles, because we were going to sleep and couldn't sleep with them in (we wanted to ^.^).

Mine didn't bleed, but hers bled just a bit. Everything was great. The next morning we woke up and couldn't get the piercing off our minds. So guess what we did. She pierced my back again, twice on one shoulder blade. It was my favorite of the past 2 days.

Just the feeling of getting pierced is amazing. That is why I love play piercing and now that my friend adores it. The rush, the sharp pain, the needle, the skin. Just an amazing feeling all together. It is an amazing feeling. I could never describe the feeling completely, but anyone who has gotten a piercing would understand. If they liked the feeling or not is up to them. I could never see how anyone could hate such an amazing feeling.

I have already looked in the BME store and started picking out things I wanted to buy. After this whole experience we looked in the store and was like "ooooohhh we need those and those ahh and that!"

I can't wait to buy these things. I think it would help us a lot.

I can't wait to feel the feeling of being pierced again. My friend is asleep downstairs and I think after she wakes I will see if she wants to. It seems to have become a slight addiction, but not really. I just want to be pierced, but not for them to stay. That's why I adore play piercing so much. It gives you the pain and the rush of a really piercing, but you don't have to keep it. It's great!

I think today we will try other places, not just our backs. That would be a new feeling for me. That would be great.

So coming to my closing, this experience was a great one. I know we will do this more often and get more experienced and get better at it. Maybe I can make it to 3 or more needles on one side today.

Oh! We actually got a camera that won't be blurry. So hopefully today we will get to take good pictures and we will send them in to you!

Lastly...Play piercing makes me happy and it is awesome. If you enjoy the feeling of piercing and don't want to keep them you should really look into this art.

I always wondered why does it hurt less for the needle to go in, but hurts more when it comes out the other side. Does anyone know the answer to that?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 July 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Me+and+My+friend
Studio: My+home
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