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Kavadi Walk

After a long time being interested on Kavadi rituals and seeing the fotos about it on the Ego's page, i start to talk with him about the possibility to build my Kavadi frame in Argentina, with his long distance assistance, to do my ritual in the place where i live. I never expect to do my Walk with him in the Netherlands.
But lucky me Here Iam.
Surrounded by the amazing Black Water Wood in Venlo.
The ritual profile was really private from the beginning only the people who participate and the photographers Jan Nabuurs and Tom van den Bosch.
I feel very comfortable for this new experience.

We start a few weeks before with all the necessary things to do for the Kavadi Walk.
Construction and ensemble the
Make them comfortable and soft for the shoulders.
Find beauty elements to personalize our frames.
Sharpen a big mountain of spears.
And the most important.
Our conscience diet to put body and mind on the right level of perception.

The night before the meeting Kor and me were very bizzy
preparing what gonna be our first strong food for after the walk.
Thinking about light food and some sweet things to keep the energy high,
we prepare an extra sweet apple pie, little breads filled with garlic and cheese and a good Tzatziki Sauce, very fresh and hot to the same time.
That night after preparing everything i couldn't sleep more than 2 hours.
That really killed the necessary energy for next day.

After a long time wishing this moment, my first Spears Day start perfect,
sunny and beautiful. Except for my internal Bad feeling.
I wake up supertired. The nervs playing against me...
I need to sleep for hours to feel good again ...
Can we do the walk tomorrow, please?

In the morning we did a fast visit to the Fresh market to buy the necessary fruit. Bananas, strawberrys, grapes and apples. But the Most important i buy there: Red Roses to decorate my frame that make it mucho more special and beauty.
Then we had to hurry up to be on time at the meeting point.
I gonna meet this people for the first time. Some of them are coming from Belgium.

When everybody arrived, we go to the Wood to start the ritual.
With the little of my energy, i start to work on the construction
of My Incredible Beautiful (and Not shaking) Frame,
which Kor made specially to my little size.
I was playing all the week with my Frame, so it was really easy to ensemble faster
with all that practice. The screws adjusted on the right place and the shoulders in a good position to handle the
balance as best as possible.

Then everything was ready.
But not me.
I only want to go home and sleep 5 more hours to feel really good...
I am afraid i don't gonna support, i feel weak..
Too much things for my Zero energy level,
the enormous weight, the possible big pain,
the complicated balance, the looong long walk...
makes me feel that gonna be physically impossible.

Are you ready for the spears? Not really But i try.
The frame feels enormous and heavy up on my body.
Dust is on charge to put the spears.
The first spear come to my body.
The feeling is beautiful as i dreamed.
The subtile point doing pressure on my chest...Perfect.
He ask me how it feels...
Good. Give me some
more spears ...Now i'm sure i gonna support it.
A few more in the chest..on my back...the sides...
Oouch! The sides...the breath ...the weight...the balance...
From the first spear my energy renewed.

Voices on silence to hear real sounds. The natural truth speaking.
naked feet on the fresh ground was a good decision.
Full of sensations. The body
needs to walk.
I want to feel my flesh adapting with the
movement. Walking soft, careful movements. Short breaths, similar than wearing a tight corset.
But mucho more complete, likeable and surprising.
With every step the body and mind get more and more adjusted to the spears.
I follow the Ego and sometimes i can see shadows of High Level walking behind me
and almost unperceptible, Hellasdotir closing the line.
Bolivia bells hanging on the frames marking the rhythm. The perfect relaxed context,
the sand, the stones, the grass, the trees, the
magic, the wet earth, the intimacy.
I find myself again with every tree in the wood who like to play with my spears.
I love to feel the nature fixing it all. Giving sense.
The powerful feeling of the skin, one meter away from my body touching the air.
I could walk forever with my spears

After 3 hours we are back on the point from where we start to walk.
I want to keep the feeling as long as possible because the whole sensation
feels so good. I refuse to give up the spears.
At last the cold convince me.
Sun was gone, ritual was over. Spears out.
Armiand was on charge to do that.
The Surprise.
When the spear get removed every point is awake and rediscover the feelings
of the walk in the skin.
That was for me the most intense part and maybe the only when i feel a little of pain.

After everything was reensembled we had a relaxed time to made social contact.
Also the food was helping in the moment to give the body time to recover.
I don't hear much words that i could understand there, but a lot of visual talks.
Beauty conversations. All the people were very nice and respectful
for the innerstate of the others. I remember the happy faces of satisfaction.
A beauty ending of the day, before we go biking back to civilization.

The day confirmed my best feeling.
Everything was adjusted to make me happy.
Iam in love with the spears forever.
Exquisitte sensation .

Saturday 15 october 2005
Perfect day for a special walk
Kavadi Walk.
Black Water Wood Venlo, The Netherlands


submitted by: Malicia
on: 26 July 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Truth+Seekers+Syndicate
Studio: Black+Water+Wood
Location: Venlo+Netherlands

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