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Thigh Corset Piercings

It's been a few weeks since I've play pierced and I have a head full of cute ideas for pictures so after watching a friend get his nipples pierced tonight I was really excited to get home and put some needles in myself. I was in a sort of cutesy mood so I decided to pierce mini corsets on the front of my thighs and lace them up with ribbons.

Normally when I play pierce it's just for the sensation and release instead of something nice looking that's worth take a picture of. Because these piercings were supposed to be pretty I grabbed an eyeliner pencil and carefully marked and remarked out where I needed the piercings to be. It was surprisingly difficult to figure out where exactly to pierce to get the needles centred on my thighs (especially because my skin twists depending on whether I'm sitting or standing). I also had to play with the ribbon I was planning to use to see how far apart to place the needles to get the best effect. I decided to pierce five needles horizontally across each leg with about a two inch gap between them.

With all the plans made and my marks in place I put on my Ashlee Simpson cd (mood music?) and got out my supplies. I used my standard 25ga 1.5" hypodermic needles. I laid out some paper towel, squeezed a blob of medical lube onto the middle of it, then cleaned my legs up with alcohol pads. I started by unwrapping my first five needles, then took them out of their sheaths and lay them across the lube.

I tend to have trouble judging the depth of my piercings and often end up going too deep. Because I was planning on wrapping the ribbon around each end of the needle to create the corset look it was important that I have some space at the end of the needle so I was careful to pierce myself rather shallow. I picked up the first needle, pinched up a small amount of skin, and took a deep breath. The needle pinched a little on its way in and sort of stung on the way out. The exit was a little worse than I was expecting. The next four piercings went smoothly. One by one I pinched up a teeny amount of skin (this is especially hard on thighs where the skin tends to be sort of thick) and pushed the needle slowly through.

I unwrapped my next five needles and laid them into the lube while I cleaned my left leg with alcohol pads. I had pierced my right leg from right to left so the hubs were on the outside of my thigh and I considered piercing the left leg from left to right to create symmetry with the needles but after a minute of trying to twist my hand into that position, I gave up. After all, contorting my body has lead to some wonky ass piercings in the past. I was planning to pierce even shallower on this leg then on the first so I was careful to pinch up the smallest amount of skin possible when I began with my first needle.

I forgot how much shallow piercings suck. I think there are more nerves near the surface of my skin because with a deeper piercing I only feel the entry and exit of the needle, nothing in between. With this kind of shallow piercing I felt every second of it. To make matters worse I have a difficult time piercing myself quickly so the pain is drawn on longer. Although it's a rather uncomfortable stinging pain it's far from unbearable so in no time I had five more needles in leg and the piercing part of the corset was complete.

I took the length of ribbon I was planning to use and began at the top of my right leg. After a minute I figured out the easiest way to wrap the ribbon around the needles in an attractive way and after some fiddling around managed to tie myself a nice bow (although I jabbed myself on the lowest needle several times before I was successful!). Once both legs were tied I took some really cute pictures and then set about removing the needles.

I unlaced the ribbons and then one by one gently pulled the needles from my legs and dropped them into my sharps container. I'm not a big bleeder so only one or two holes bleed until I got to the highest needle on my right leg. I guess I hit a vein or something because as soon as I removed that piercing the entry and exit points bubbled with thick, dark blood. I don't know why the colour, taste, and texture of blood is so satisfying to me but those two rapidly growing puddles of blood made me grin like mad.

I can feel that my legs are going to bruise up a little, especially around the piercing that bled the most. It doesn't really matter though. I'll just avoid miniskirts for the next week or so.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2006
in Ritual

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