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first time suspending

A couple of months ago I saw a picture of a suspension and was kind of curious about it, so I checked on suspension.org to see if there was a group close to me. And to my surprise there was, and I started seriously thinking about suspending. I'd done some play piercing with small needles, pierced myself and done some S&M type stuff, so although I like pain and seem to have a pretty high tolerance for it suspending was more extreme than anything I'd done before. I figured I couldn't imagine how it would feel in advance, though, so I should try it and see if I liked it and not worry about it being too much.

I did a little research after I had lined up a ride (or thought I had; I found another one a day or two before) and gotten the money. I read the BME FAQ and read about the different types of suspensions. I thought I would do either a suicide or superman one. In the end I decided on the suicide one as it looked like the most simple of the two and I figured I'd just want to get up there so the more hooks the longer the wait. The night before I went on here again and read some experience people had sent in. Many of them described the lift as being incredibly painful, which wasn't the case for me. Also that it was a spiritual experience. It really wasn't for me. I mean, I'm glad I did it and am probably a little more confident for having suspended, but I wouldn't say it changed my life, aside from now wanting to do it on a regular basis. It was a great experience.

This was written for my online journal a day or two afterwards:

Back from the suspension. Wow. The only part that hurt was getting the hooks put in. I ended up doing a 2-point instead of a 4-point suicide. Apparently it's hard to move your arms with a 4-point one. I thought the guy was using the hooks to pierce us until I saw that he was putting the needle onto the end of the hook. The needles/hooks were six or eight gauge. He did mine, then switched one of them out. That didn't hurt at all, it just felt really weird. Then he tied me to the rig or whatever it's called and began gradually lifting me up. Being lifted up..it was just like..well, exactly what it looked like. Like being lifted into the air by something attached to my upper back, except not painful. Like a handle, I guess.

He pulled the rope slowly, then I asked him to do it faster and my feet were almost off of the ground, then I asked him to pull until my feet were off of the ground, and, I was all the way up. I swung back and forth for a while then spun around with the help of my friend. I wasn't up very long, probably just a couple of minutes. Then the feeling of the hooks in my back changed, it didn't hurt it was just kind of this stretched out feeling, like my back was being pinched. So I came down. We sat on the floor and watched the main guy, Trevor, do a one point suicide. He juggled while up there, which is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen. Haha.

I don't think I'll do it again, but maybe it's just because I'm so tired now. Zero sex drive and limping around like an old person. Well, not really, but it seems like that because my back is sore. I'm really calm, which is great. As we were walking back to the car I kept touching the spot where the hooks had been and it felt kind of like corn syrup or bubble wrap. Or Gack. But softer.

And now:

I definitely want to do it again. I was incredibly sore for a few days afterwards; it hurt to swallow because everything from the rib cage up hurt. Physical activity felt amazing, the not very strenuous type like walking and swimming, and I kept feeling high at random and was completely calm when I'm usually nervous. I was able to relax at a party and have fun for the first time. The air bubbles felt like they were there for about a week afterwards, most of them gone within the first few days, but they're fun to push on because it really does feel like Gack/corn syrup. If you're in a quiet room you can hear them, and they do sound exactly like Rice Krispies. Plus you get lots of random people wanting to rub your back, which is nice when it's so sore.

Next time:

I definitely want to stay up longer or go up a second time and try a different type of suspension, like a chest one.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Trevor
Studio: Holy+City+Suspensions
Location: Charleston%2C+SC

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