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Paying a little pain for a flight

It was log ago, very log ago that I saw my first suspension on TV, when there was an excellent documentation about India and it's culture – and about the culture of standing pain by the simple force of will. Now, the aim of these fakirs is to by mentally free, to go to trance without any drugs and last but not least to do things, which seem to be impossible. Hanging on threads (not hooks in that case) pulled thorough the skin, we would call it superman or coma and both were shown. I forgot this documentation then, despite the fact it impressed me deeply, deeply enough to think the first time about body piercing. I always dreamed to have things grown into the tissue irremovable, as a part of my body, cyborgs are greeting. But this was the first time I was that fascinated by "piercing", that after some time I considered piercing, as valuable method to get the old dream fulfilled. This was a rather big change in thinking, before I did not like the idea of body piercing really much – that's why I was rather late starting guy, getting my first piece of body-metal at the age of 27.

Now, while to the anger of my parents, I was getting, continuously metallised I completely forgot that there was something, like a suspension on earth. Some three years ago I saw then, on BME, the next one, strange, but deeply fascinating modern rituals in my mind. I fell in love again. But where to do, where to try, body-modification in Europe seemed to be thousands of years back in development, but also me self, I was not yet ready so I played in time, when finally – two years ago – there was the first chance to suspend in Dortmund, at IAM-needlewitch's first German IAM-meeting. I decided lately "yes", but it then was too late, I missed the chance to "fly" when I missed the possibility to take a cheap flight unluckily. A big chance lost – but when I heard some critics later on, that there was a very deep mixing-up with SM and Co, then I finally was not really unhappy to have the chance missed. This would have not been the ideal possibility to fly the first suspension; this would have not been the mood I need to prepare mentally.

One year later, in June 2005 the first Swiss IAM meeting took place, I now decided freely only to watch this time, as I did not want to present fresh scars at home after such a meeting, knowing my parents fearing I could get loads of new ideas (they fear wrong I HAVE lots of good ideas, there is only one reason; our friendship, not to try them).

It was impressive. The way the people went up, their feelings, the silence of all the visitors, the common hope that the candidate goes to fly, has his wonderful experience, all these changed even watching to a heart beating procedure – I was never so excited and enthusiastic when watching sports, then when somebody did, and liked his flight. I was very, very close to change mind – and finally I regretted bitterly not to have done so for a full year. I was several times very close to try improvised experiments – but the complete lack of any material stopped me, it was simply too dangerous with the things I had. And I knew, there would be a next chance; I only need to wait till June 2006.

This year I went to the meeting but completely unprepared. I had big stress in job and due to my hobby meteorology, I had not enough sleep for at least 1 week, so I knew definitely, not to suspend on the first day, neither mentally nor physically I was prepared at all, and additionally it was fairly cold, a condition I would not like to be suspended, quickly my body would develop tension to fight against the cold weather, these were not my conditions. But I knew, one day left, watch one day, fly next one. IAM-Howie did a great job, but I was not happy about the piercing "in the field" conditions, there was really little light and so I was not convinced about the sterility. Little light enhances the risk for mistakes. Now – the suspensions lasted not long; they lasted into the wee morning hours. That was definitely not good, I stopped watching went to bed in the big common sleeping room of the very nice scouts building, rent for the meeting, but there was noise, noise, noise, and more noise. Sleeping from 6 to 11 in the night before suspension with already a bid deficit in sleep as back bag was no acceptable physical preparation, I tried to relax the whole day, do a little nap in afternoon, but things remained: TIRED. I was wondering how the suspension would work, will I be able to fly now, under the given conditions, I additionally worried about the piercing conditions, and after eating too much at the barbecue and starting to wait for an unknown time – many people wanted to watch the soccer championship = I felt worse prepared than ever. I realized, if I cannot stop this development I would fail, I would definitely not be able to fly (probably the guess was wrong, but it would have been not a good experience).

I changed behavior, and I calmed down by sitting to the beautiful campfire, watching the playing of the flames in the wind enjoying the beautiful and warm summer evening with the thunderclouds not far away. It needed dome half an hour, but then I felt prepared, and then – quite at the right time-point the people decided to start.

Beautiful thundershowers:

I told before I was not happy with the piercing conditions outside... nut now, with the unstable weather conditions the suspension teal did not want to get all the things carried there, evacuated back, carried there again and so on. So, I was asked by Howie if I am particularly disturbed by doing the piercing-procedure inside, in his working room. Great joke!!! Now finally I felt first time really relaxed, now the safety seems to be really good, now I felt prepared. And I think I surprised Howie a little bit by standing the little pain of piercing four hooks without any reaction. Sorry, but this pain is too small for me to disturb me in any way. It was simply a little bit a weird feeling to feel more and more stiff metal in my back, no less than four piercings with five centimeters length in a series. It was shortly a strange feeling after getting up, preparing for the walk. But the hooks were places excellent, they did not hurt at all, and after less than a minute I started to feel very comfortable with the little stiffness in the back's skin. It did not hurt, not disturb, but it gave suddenly a very clear feeling about all my movements – likewise my arm chains. When I arrived at the suspension place I felt the hooks as body parts, like if they were there since ever. This was great, and feeling them pierced that perfect took any fear away, that something strange could happen when being pulled into the sky.

The hooks were fixed onto the ropes of the suspension-rig and first little tension was applied by Bastian, now I wanted to know, is it possible to leave ground voluntarily, by your own action. It is, but stepwise: Going deep into the knees start to pull seriously on the back; you feel weight being transferred from the feet to the back. Do not do too much too fast, the skin wants some time to get used to the force. Finally going deep into the knees is not very comfortable the hooks pull the skin up, but this movement does the opposite, and the climbing rope was surprisingly elastic. So, please pull a little bit, so I can keep tension and stand up again. And do it again, the rope gives still way but the feet are becoming very light, there is no weight left, almost flying, a little bit more, deeper, the feet almost free, the toe-tips on the ground, lift them, fly!!! it was then very important to be lifted fast, this cowering start is rather uncomfortable, as the skin is pulled into two directions. But it worked well, and very soon the flying feeling was here, Ok not absolutely perfect, there was still some pain in the back, and also some pressure by the sinks pulling on the front, but nevertheless, it is very close, and when you are pulled to two meters, the landscape start to look very strange, as it is hard to really realize what you are doing here – the feeling is much closer to flying than hanging, and this makes a suspension superior. This is a weird, puzzling, AND definitely great feeling. The pain is easy bearable for me, I realized immediately, that I simply do not feel more – this I could do every time, everywhere. It is an incredible feeling to talk comfortably with people while hanging only on a few piercings, 2m in the sky and feeling well doing so. But then, after a quarter of an hour – when I thought about starting a little bit swinging I felt my blood pressure dropping, as this is not atypically for me, a well known, hatred feeling, I knew I MUST go down now, immediately. I told the suspension crew, I looked the ground coming nearer, while feeling this typical weakness, seeing more and more black, the world hiding behind a tunnel. And suddenly I dreamed. – I did not fade away, like I had it already when doing sports, without drinking and eating before (or with too much either), I fell to sleep long before this. This was a clear sign of the critical sleep situation. Seconds later the people awakened me, and I was sleeping so well!!!. I felt No, I am dreaming, it is nice to sleep, it is mid of night – and again I am awakened by noise, likewise recent night, what do you want?! I must have had a very angry face for tens of a second – as the viewers were telling me later. But fortunately my memory was faster than my tongue. So I was still tired, but "here" again. Ok, some drinking, fuel up, and than continue the flight, this was not yet enough.

The second start was a bit harder - instead of being better used to the force, the skin was now more pain sensitive; so this time it cost me some will-power to leave the ground again, but therefore the pain subsided mostly, seconds after I left the ground. Now it was really easy flying, swinging a bit, moving, seeing the landscape move below, without doing anything - great, really great. After another 10, 15 minutes I started to feel the back again in a strange way, not very painful, nut something new. I feared the skin could now start to tear (it did not at all, if I knew I would have continued) so I said it is time now to come back to earth.

No, the skin did not hurt when the tension was relaxed (there were already enough unusual things happened, why not this too), but the feet – it was like after swimming for hours, the body seemed to weigh tons! This is an incredible difference between this feeling of the flight, and walking again pushing the full weight onto the own feet.

But than, the saddest procedure is the removal of the hooks. These piercings did not felt, as if they should have been removed. I am still missing the feeling of the hooks in my back – I never thought, that such short-lived temporary piercings could feel like that. Even with my beloved arm chains I needed a week or so to have this feeling. I miss a body part in my back, and the dream of permanent suspension piercings, eventually with – yet to design – hooks inside as jewelry is becoming quite concrete now...

From te old hooks - there is now, after one week, hardly any scarring left. Care with Vitamin E and tea tree oil and octenisept finally pays.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 July 2006
in Ritual

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