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Not quite what I'd hoped for

I was sitting around at my computer not doing much when I started to get the urge to do a play piercing. I have done several play piercings in the past. My favorite one was a corset on my calf. I had been looking at chest corset play piercings recently and was consumed by the thought of doing my own. I talked about it with one of my friends and decided I would go ahead and do it. I had eaten recently and wasn't tired so I thought I was in pretty good shape.

I got my materials together in my bathroom. I washed a length of ribbon and hung it up to dry. I washed my sink with bleach water. I set up my box of 27 gauge needles, alcohol wipes, and gloves. I washed my hands twice, put on gloves and then washed the gloves. I stood in front of the mirror and decided where I wanted them. I chose to do them low but not on my breasts. I wiped my chest with an alcohol wipe. I took out one needle, pinched the skin, and did the first one. It slid in easily and then stung on the way out. I tried to line up the next one on the opposite side of my chest. I pinched and slid it in.

I checked in the mirror and found that they were not aligned how I'd wanted. The second one was higher than the first. I picked up a third and lined it up under the second one. I tried to make it even with the first. I could not pinch the skin this time because the second one was above it. So I angled it and pushed it in. It was deeper than the first two and stung a little more. It went through fine though and was even with the first.

I lined up the fourth one with the second and pushed it through. This one was deep too. I finished with two more above the first four. By this time the rush was on me and my hands were shaking a little. I took the ribbon I had washed earlier and found the middle of it. I lined it up from the bottom and begun to lace. The piercings were pretty close together so lacing was a little difficult. Each time I slide the ribbon under the needle would rotate and sting. I started to feel a little sick and paused for a moment. It went away and I continued. I laced the six piercings. When I reached the top I found my ribbon was too short and uneven. I began to unlace it. I started over. After the first two loops I started to see spots. I finished lacing quickly and grabbed my camera. I started to get clammy so I took two or three photos in the mirror and then put the camera down. I took the ribbon off and sat down on the floor. I removed the needles as quickly as possible.

I swooned for a moment and waited for the faintness to pass. I drank water and waited. Once it did I wiped the blood off my chest. I pressed a cold washcloth to the needle marks so that I wouldn't bruise. My chest stung a little and felt tight. I cleaned up my materials and threw my used needles in my sharps container. I did all of this slowly so as not to upset myself again.

This incident kind of scared me. I got online and asked what could have happened on IAM's play piercing forum. I was told that the chest is generally a harder place to do a play piercing and that the fact that the piercings were deep probably didn't help. I was happy to hear this. Even though this experience didn't turn out how I wanted, at least it was a learning experience. Now I know to be more careful next time and to go slower. I will also put in more planning time.

So I will leave this as a warning. If you want to play pierce on your chest, or anywhere else really, be aware of the chance of feeling faint. Take precautions not to hurt yourself if you do. Make sure you can get somewhere close to the floor, sitting or laying down. Also, be prepared to remove the piercings quickly if you need to.

Take things slow and as always when doing anything at home, be careful. Do as much as you can to be sterile. Do It Yourself is always dangerous, but you can do things to minimize the risks you are taking. Wear gloves, clean the area you are working in, and only use sterile equipment.

Above all else, have fun!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 July 2006
in Ritual

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