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Play, Fun, 30 needles, My first play piercing

I had spoken to Tanya about doing some play piercing with her at some point and we decided on Tuesday 27th June (today).I arrived at Metal Guru at 11am, hung out and had a giggle but my nervous were playing war with me today. I wasn't scared, I was terrified. I love getting pierced and trying new things but this was different, my reasons were personal, no-one other than who was there ever needed to no I'd done it. I actually did it mainly for the experience, another part for a sense of release and another part for escape. Sitting on the bench I spoke to a cool girl whose name I think was Sarah, she'd done it and said it was a great thing to do. This actually unnerved me a little. At about 1.30pm Mark shouts me to put the transfer onto my back, this was fun, and he pushed so forcefully I nearly ended up on my face. The joy. 2pm I'm called in to the room I jokily call the "torture chamber" (note this is not a torture chamber but a piercing room). I lay down on the bench that I've laid on 9 times before, nervously giggling as Tanya prepares the area for piercing. She ends up removing some of the marks and re-marking them. I'm shaking and cursing my self for doing this but really enjoying it all the same. Play Time Tanya's ready to start piercing and so am I. The first needle was an awesome feeling, I wanted to cry, laugh, scream and giggle all in one second. After about 4 needles we hit a really nasty one in which I was very grateful I was in private as I really did swear and almost scream. I had my head in my arms so no-one saw the happy alone tear escape me. We carried on getting lower on my back, some of these were really stingy and evil but some felt really relaxing and in a strange sense pleasurable. By the time we got to the 10th needle I was a little bit giggly but it felt good and I was happy, smiling and laughing and just being my silly self but more so. We carried on till the first circle was complete. Stopping to take a couple of pictures which looked awesome and will be posted on here at some point, thanks Mark Boyle. I looked in the mirror and was awe-struck at what I saw beautiful needles in my back looking so perfect. I was happy to continue with the smaller circle, knowing it would be painful in the lower area of my back we decided on top first. I started by deep breathing routine, in through my nose, out through my mouth but after two needles I gave up and just giggled and swear occasionally when it really stung like mad. I bit my hand really hard and almost made myself bleed once! By this time my face was well and truly hidden and I let out another few silent tears but carried on giggling so Tanya knew I hadn't passed out on her. I felt really spaced out, happy, relaxed and unbeatable. More needles were put in which only added to my happiness. I smiled and laughed as the first holes started to sting and go tense, my skin was accepting the needles and this felt good, my body accepted something most people freak out at. The Last Needle I loved this needle a lot, it was painful and intense but felt amazing that I had defeated something my body hates most of the time. Tanya waited for me to give the go ahead, I said go. The familiar coldness touched my skin, the pressure applied, the pain was evident and I nearly screamed. I relaxed and sighed to myself but at the same time thanked my body for giving me the power to overcome something I hate, being touched. Removal of my babies This was a sad part as well as a happy part for me. I loved the experience and was sad to see them go but I wanted to see the blood. One by one, quickly and painlessly the needles were removed and again a tear fell. Soon the needles were out and some more photographs were taken. I felt proud of my little 16 year old self! Blood, or the lack of it Needles out, now for the blood. Tanya soon found out I have pretty good blood clotting abilities and rubbed my back my to my surprise but this increases blood flow so I was happy. Finally some blood, we took photos whilst I was still laid down and then I knelt on the bench so we could get a photograph of the blood running a little bit down my back. The Aftermath I felt like I was on fire. My body was hot and cold and shaky but this felt fun! I sat in the reception area and calmed down. Mark laughed at my spaced out state and I kept getting funny looks of on-looking customers. I showed my wounds, they still look awesome. Thank you to the staff at Metal Guru for making the experience as pleasurable and as pleasant as it was.


submitted by: MillieB
on: 28 June 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Tanya+Horsley%2C+with+transfer+applied+by+Mark+Boyle
Studio: The+Metal+Guru
Location: Stockton%2C+North-East%2C+England+UK

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