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Pulls, Spears & Suspensions

Although we have one performance under our belt, our next performance was to be dramatically different. Our first performance was at a private party and we did everything from the piercing to the removal of hooks on stage. All up we were on stage for three hours. For our second performance, our Hellfire club debut, we were required to have all hooks in and perform for the duration of fifteen minutes. This time around they didn't want to see the piercing or the removal of hooks, just the actual pulling and suspension.

We all got to the shop around ten pm to 'prepare' for our show at one am. First up we did my 10pt 12g back corset piercing. I wasn't at all nervous about this, considering I was rather used to having 8g hooks in my back. The piercing hurt a lot more than I expected. It was bearable,but having such tough back skin really didn't help. I just focused on how pretty the corset would look when we were finished, which it did. Rob did a wonderful job of my back corset. There was minimal bleeding and when we laced up with red and black ribbon it really looked beautiful.

Next up our other performer Ben got pierced with 20 12g captive bead rings. 5 rings down each of his sides and 5 rings on the underside of each of his arms. These were then laced up and a batwing formation was achieved. It looked rather good I must say. As the time to leave was fastly drawing near, while Ben was getting pierced I proceeded to do his makeup. He also had 2 8g hooks in his chest for a pull.

After Ben was finished I was back in the chair to get my 4 8g hooks in my arms so I could pull on Bens chest placements. As it was rather uncomfortable sitting down in a corset, I wanted it to be over fairly quickly. The 8g hooks didn't hurt nearly as much as getting the 12g captive bead rings. I much prefer receiving hooks. So I was all finished piercing wise, I taped down my hooks and proceeded to put the finishing touches on my makeup.

Then it was time to pierce Rob. Dave and Ben pierced Rob for his 4pt 8g suicide suspension. I got to hold skin. Yay. Once that was done it was all systems go. I gave Rob a quick makeup job before we were out the door and on our way to the club.

We had to park a fair way away from the club so it was a mad rush to get there for our one am timeslot. We spoke to the organiser briefly before retreating to 'prepare' further. I untapped my hooks, set them and got quick links put on them before I attached the rope. We also laced Ben's batwings up while Rob went on stage to rig himself up to suspend. The rig which is provided is predominantly used to house a sex swing, so it's not as tall as would be desired, but it works none the less. All the equipment was brought down on stage and we were on.

Rob was suspending while Ben and I did a pull. Then we finished and turned Rob around to face the crowd before we both pierced him in each of his arms with 10g spears. Ben then pierced Rob's cheeks with an 8g spear. Ben and I then retreated to the corner and I tugged on Bens hooks. Rob then 'came to life' and cut himself down from the rig.

He then came to get 'revenge' on Ben. He grabbed him by his ropes and dragged him to centre stage. He proceeded to pierce him with an 8g spear through his cheeks also. Thus concluded the planned activities of the night, yet as we had some time remaining Rob proceeded to pierce Ben twice more with spears through his cheeks. Ben then danced as we both pulled on the ropes attached to his chest hook placements. Ben then flung his ropes over the ring and got Rob to hold them and suspended from his chest hooks. Improv baby improve. Ben was then lowered down and our show concluded. We took a bow and went to 'de hook'.

All our hooks and the spears were removed and we were patched up before relaxing with a few drinks and speaking to members of the audience. My back corset was a big hit and received a lot of attention. A member of the audience apparently fainted when the boys were playing with spears, which I found rather amusing. The organiser was very happy with our performance.

After we hung around for a while to answer any questions the crowd may have had we headed off for a drink at a nearby pub before calling it a night. I was showered and in bed by about four am but I couldn't sleep. I don't know if it was the adrenaline or the 10 captive bead rings in my back which hindered this.

After minimal sleep I headed into the shop to have my corset removed. I was rather sad to see it go truth be told, but a permanent corset is in the works. There were some great photos taken on the night thanks to Derrie. These can be found in the Modified Souls suspension team gallery.

All in all I think everyone involved was happy with the performance. It was quite different to the first performance we did, a lot more intense and fast paced. But oh so much fun none the less. I anticipated that we wouldn't have enough time to carry out all our planned activities on stage, but we managed to complete them within half the allocated time frame. Luckily we had extra supplies and Ben to take control and keep the show rolling. It worked out amazingly in the end and the shouts and cheers from the crowd proved that it was a raging success.

Our next show should be in about six week's time. Keep an eye out on www.hellfiresydney.com/blog for more details of Modified Souls next performance.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 June 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Rob+Valenti
Studio: Polymorph
Location: Newtown%2C+Sydney%2C+Australia

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