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First Time Play Piercer (55 x 25ga)

My friends were planning a cottage party with a slew of IAMers for the May long weekend and there had been some talk of play piercing. Jason, although modified, has a fear of needles. He asked if I would put a few in him before our big weekend so that he could get used to it. I agreed to help him and filled him in on the details.

I usually use 25ga 1.5" hypodermic needles, except for shows and photoshoots where we tend to use 22gs needles because the grey hubs don't stand out as much as the bright blue ones. I had recently picked up a brand new box of 100 from the medical supply store. I also brought my medical needle lube, and alcohol pads. I figured it would be easiest to leave my Sharps container at home (no sense in bussing around town with a box of hazardous biological waste) and just bring the needles home with me in a puncture proof box.

We got to Jason's and relaxed for a few minutes. We put on a movie while I set up the equipment on paper towels. Jason wanted to try a few in his forearm to get used to the sensation. I opened a pack of five needles and set the tips in a blob of lube I had squeezed onto the paper towel. I cleaned Jason's arm with an alcohol wipe and then grab my first needle. Jason reacted... badly... to me advancing on him with the needle... I put it down and we waited for a few minutes. When he said he was ready to rock I took it, pinched up some skin, counted down for him, and pierced. The needle glided easily under his skin.

He asked for another minute before we tried anymore. He took some deep breaths and collected himself and pretty soon he was ready for another needle. I picked it up and teased him by making a little stabbing motion at him. Once again, he freaked a little. I felt really bad because I really didn't understand the extent of his fear of needles until that point. So, once he had regained his composure I put the second needle through, just below the first.

We waited another minute. Jason was going a little red and was sweating quite a bit. That feeling is one of my favourite parts of being play pierced, but it can be a little overwhelming if you're not used to it. Jason asked me to do the next three all at once with out a break in between. I obediently pierced them in a row down his arm one after another. I did my best to let him know exactly when I was going to break his skin. But I did accidentally slip once and poke him when I didn't mean to because I was laughing at the movie.

With the five needles in his arm Jason decided the whole piercing thing wasn't half bad. He posed for some muscle-flexing pictures and then set his other forearm down for me to pierce. Again, I cleaned the area with alcohol and unwrapped five fresh needles.

He was getting more comfortable with the idea of play piercing so Jason asked me to pierce these five one after another without any pause. Those five flew through with no problem and he soon had ten needles in his body. Jason needed some time to relax so he suggested that I did some piercings on myself so the focus wasn't on him.

I'm very conscious of leaving visible marks from my play piercing because I live with my parents and body modification doesn't go over well in my office so I decided to do a few piercings on the side of my stomach. I cleaned the area with an alcohol pad, prepared the needles, and began piercing. As I pierced myself I noticed how much slower I am with the needle. Instead of just pushing it cleanly through like I did with Jason's arm, I was easing the needle through my body. It was an interesting discovery.

Shortly after piercing myself I removed the needles, recapped them, and stuck them in the bin we were using as a makeshift sharps container. By the way, recapping needles is a good way to get a needle-stick injury and is generally not recommended. However, because of the fact that I needed to transport the used needles to my house to properly dispose of them we decided it would be safer to put the needles back in their sheaths after use.

I had told Jason that my personal favourite place to be pierced was my shoulders and upper back because the tingling sensation travels down my spine and out to my arms. He wanted to see what that was like so I agreed to put some needles into the top part of his shoulder. First I removed all the needles from both of his forearms. I carefully slid the needles out and applied gentle pressure with a paper towel to stop any bleeding and prevent excessive bruising. As it turned out, he bled very little.

I prepared another five needles and cleaned the shoulder area I was planning to pierce. I pinched up the skin and drove through the first needle. The skin on his shoulder was thicker than that of his forearms and it was harder for me to control the depth of the needle. When I dropped the piece of skin I was holding and it was able to spread out it actually covered the needle entirely so the point sat inside his body. I removed that needle immediately to avoid causing him extra pain. I pierced the next four needles one after another and did my best to make sure they weren't done too deeply. This resulted in a somewhat wonky line with needles through various amounts of tissue.

Jason was enjoying the sensation by this point so he decided to lie down and let me line some needles up on his back. First I removed the four that remained in his shoulder the same way I had taken the ones from his arms. He laid a clean towel on the floor so we wouldn't get any blood on his beige carpet while I prepared ten needles.

Jason lay on the floor and I began to pierce about half way up his back slightly toward the left side of his body so once the area was pierced the hub of the needles sat in the dip next to his spine. I took my time to go through those needles, taking short breaks when Jason felt it was necessary. After that I prepared ten more needles and created another line beside the one I had just pierced on the right side of his back.

With those twenty needles in place Jason decided it was time for a break while he spent time experiencing the feeling of fresh piercings. He lay, face down, looking stoned as fuck and rambled about how the endorphins were affecting him while I rubbed my fingers over the ridges from the needles under his skin.

Jason was all for continuing and wanted to take some videos of the piercing so he set up his camera while I prepared another ten needles. He lay down again and I pierced those ten into the left side of his shoulder blades. He was feeling fine so I pierced another row of ten one after another into the right side of his shoulder blades.

At this point we decided that fifty five needles was a good first session. Jason continued to chill out on the floor while I watched cartoons. After some time he asked me to take out the needles so one by one I slid them out of his back and applied gentle pressure with a paper towel. Unfortunately Jason isn't much of a bleeder. I used some spectro jel to clean up Jason's back and we put away all the supplies.

By the way, play piercing is an incredible experience but it can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. It's easy to hurt yourself (in a bad way) so I recommend that you do your research before you even consider attempting something like this, especially if you're involving another person.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 June 2006
in Ritual

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