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Play Piercing My Butt!

My friend Mikey threw an IAM cottage party over the May long weekend. It pretty much goes without saying that this turned out to be far more interesting than the average weekend with friends. There was fire eating, fire work fights, suspensions, and of course play piercing. On our last night at the cottage we broke out the hypodermic needles and let loose.

I did some play piercing on my friends Jason and Vanessa while Mike put needles in his face and Mergan lined a bunch up her leg. Eventually I got the itch to do some myself and decided it would be funny if I tried to pierce my butt cheek. Sarah had jokingly suggested it a few weeks ago when I complained about visible bruises and I thought I might as well give it a shot.

As luck would have it the 'No Pants Rule' which applies to all of our IAM get togethers was in effect which meant I was able to get to the area without any extra exposure. I laid out a clean paper towel and squeezed a glob of medical lube into the middle of it. Most of the people I know don't use a lube for play piercing but I always have mostly out of habit, I think. I uncapped five needles and laid them into the lube. I wasn't sure how much piercing I wanted to do so I decided to start with five 1.5" 25ga needles and go from there.

I rolled onto my stomach and wiped down the area with an alcohol pad. I began to pinch up the skin to determine the most easily accessible area with the least awkward angle. As I did this Mike and Mergan told me stories about how surprisingly painful this area was to pierce. I have great friends. It took me several minutes to determine exactly where I was going to pierce.

I took up one of the needles which had been resting in the lube and pinched up a bit of skin. I hesitated again trying to figure out the angle I needed and pluck up the courage to get it over with. I've been pierced hundreds of times but the first needle is always just a little hard for me. The fact that I couldn't really see what was going made things worse. I blindly put the needle to my skin and began to push. I felt a pinch as it broke the skin and then marvelled at the fact that I couldn't feel anything at all. I let go of my skin and the needle and twisted to look at my piercing. I had missed! I had managed to pierce through the tiniest amount of tissue imaginable! It was just barely enough to keep it in place.

Once we had finished laughing I pulled it out and tried again just below my first attempted piercing. I twisted myself into position, pinched up some skin, and made my second piercing attempt. I managed to do the exact same thing! It's surprisingly tricky to pierce yourself when you can't really see. So much for Sarah's brilliant idea! Mike suggested that I let someone else throw my needles but it really was more interesting to try it myself.

I pulled the needle out and Alicia tried to hold a mirror to help me see. But the mirror was tiny and didn't really help so I decided to try piercing a little further over than I had been. I still couldn't really see what was going on but the angle was less awkward. For the third time with the same needle I plucked up some skin and drove it through. This time I actually managed to push through a fair amount of tissue. The pain was the same as most other piercings. I felt a stinging pinch as the needle broke the skin, a smooth tearing sensation as it moved through the layer of fat, and then another sting as it stretched it's way out through the skin again. My heart was pumping with adrenaline and I had that familiar panic sweat creeping up on me. Oh the joys of play piercing!

Because of the new placement I had chosen the next few needles flew through with very little difficulty. My line was a little wonky but all of the needles actually managed to get under my skin until the last one. I had the fifth and final needle in my hand, pinched up my skin and began to pierce. As soon as I had stuck myself with the needle I accidentally dropped the bit of flesh I was holding and the needle came out of my skin again. It was under slightly more skin than the first two attempts, but not much. I didn't bother trying again because contorting my body was getting pretty uncomfortable.

I posed for a few ass shots (boys with cameras- what can I say?) and then removed the needles. One by one I pulled the needles out, recapped them, and dropped them into a water bottle which we were using as a makeshift sharps container. A few of the holes leaked a bubble of blood but next to nothing. I pretty much never bleed though so that wasn't a surprise. I press a paper towel to the area until the blood had dried and then used an alcohol wipe to clean it up.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 May 2006
in Ritual

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