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Our first performance ...

I was overjoyed when I was asked to be involved in a hook love performance for Hellfire, a fetish club in Sydney. A group of us had been entertaining the idea of doing a pull and suspension performance for a while now, but had yet to find a suitable event to perform at. Play time at Polymorph has been a fairly regular occurrence since the start of the year, and taking our experiences and sharing them with others was a very exciting prospect indeed.

Our first performance was to be at a private party organised by Hellfire, basically it was a no holds barred party in a warehouse, where anything goes. Our original plan was for me to be dressed up as a rag doll and have hooks in my back, elbows and wrists. Not to suspend, but to have tension on these hooks and be manipulated by my puppet masters while children's nursery rhymes were played in the background. Unfortunately we were unable to have our own music playing so things were modified slightly. We also decided that because of my costume, the back hooks were unnecessary.

We arrived at the party about ten pm and were shown where all the 'areas' were. We set up in our little outside designated space which included a heater, and a two meter high moveable rig which is generally used to accommodate a sex swing. We kicked off about eleven pm. I was first up with my rag doll routine. I made a white dress and blue gingham apron especially, as my outfit. I also wore red stripy socks and had pigtails and bright red cheeks. I think the crowd were a little perplexed as to what was happening as the majority of people were wearing either chaps. Corsets. Fishnets. Or not much at all.

I ate a few lollies prior to being pierced because when we did a trial run I got a little light-headed and faint. So with the four 8g hooks eagerly waiting, I sat on the table and rob proceeded to mark me up. The trial we did was only three weeks earlier so the previous holes wen't exactly healed. We decided upon a different placement for the wrist hooks, but for my elbows we had exactly the same placement. The wrists were fine, a little bit stingy but nothing I couldn't handle. My elbows hurt a little bit more, because my wounds still hadn't healed properly. A few more lollies later and I was all ready to go.

We placed some rope over the rig and rigged me up. My puppet masters did a wonderful job of manoeuvring me in assisting rob. I basically handed him gauze, needles and hooks while he threw hooks for a suspension and a pull. After that was all done my hooks came out. There was a fair amount of blood this time and my right wrist would not stop bleeding. I got cleaned up, had a big wad of gauze placed over my right wrist (which I ended up bleeding through I might add), and it was time for Ben to suspend.

The suspension went without a hitch, however due to the height of the rig and Ben himself, he had to lift his legs to get off the ground. This was great to watch, especially when he picked up his girlfriend. After his suspension it was time for a quick costume change (fishnets, miniskirt and corset this time) and then it was time for me to take my hooks for my 2pt 8g back pull. That went without a hitch. I was on such a high from the rag doll thing and having an audience. We then realised we were quickly running out of time, so Rob suspended another girl, then it was time for Corryn and me to pull.

I've pulled with Corryn twice before and it's always oodles of fun. That girl never ceases to amaze me with her strength. She's much smaller than me but every time we pull she kicks my ass in the tug of war. I felt like I didn't have much strength that night and I felt a bit off balance. I'm not quite sure why, perhaps because it was late, or perhaps the rag doll skit took it out of me. Nevertheless, it was much fun and the crowd yelling out our names was rather amusing. After a short pull we stopped, chatted to various excited women in the crowd then had our hooks taken out and were cleaned up.

As we were running out of time I was also mindful that there was another pull to go, so Ben then threw Robs hooks, for which I got to assist and hold skin yay. Then the boys freaked the crowd out well and proper with their show. By this time three hours had elapsed and it was time for us to pack up as the area needed to be used for something else. We had a little looksy around the party, but that in itself is another story all together.

Taking hooks and pulling in front of a crowd of 300 was amazing. There was no chance to feel light-headed or anything after taking hooks and there was definitely no time to feel nervous. Leading up to the event I was feeling rather nervous, not about the hook loving, but about doing it all in front of 300 people. The event could not have gone better I don't think. Everyone who participated was amazing, I think we all got what we wanted out of the experience, and I think the crowd enjoyed witnessing something they hadn't seen before.

Congrats to Rob for his professionalism and skills on the night and big thanks to Hellfire for letting us do our thing for the crowd. I can't wait for the next one!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 May 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Rob+Valenti
Studio: Polymorph
Location: Sydney%2C+Australia

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