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Pulling at the Trailer Park

I have only done one pull and that was at Nikki's First Annual Trailer Park Bash with Rick. The BBQ was a good time and when it got dark Cere threw the hooks. I was first up.

It was fairly cold out that night and all I had was a t-shirt that I didn't want to cut (It was 500 experiences t-shirt and I'd worked way too hard to cut that shirt!) so I decided on an elbow pull. Rick wanted to do a throat pull originally but in the end decided to go elbow to elbow with me. Getting my hooks thrown was easy. Cere has a really good bedside manner and explained the process in detail. It probably helps that he was explaining the entire process to Dan who is interested in learning to throw hooks. Watching him explain the process made me feel extremely comfortable but also helped me learn a little. Getting the hooks thrown was not incredibly painful and only took a few minutes.

After I was finished getting my hooks thrown I watched Rick get his and then we were tied together. We were rigged a bit different than I had expected to be (having never really watched a pulling). I had a rope tied from one hook to another as did Rick and then our two ropes were tied together by a tiny rope in the middle. Looking at the set up, it made sense because all that we'd need to do was cut the center rope in order to be tied to someone else

We started off really easy by putting just a little pressure on each other but once the endorphins were flowing we really got into it. Rick is a little bigger than me so he definitely had the advantage. Every now and again Cere would come up behind me, grab me, and basically pull the hell out of Rick. There was one point where Rick was pulling me so hard that I lost my footing and fell on my butt.

It felt like a dull pain, a pressure, in my elbows. The weirdest part was the air that between my skin. I had only done a suicide suspension so I wasn't really able to see the way that my skin filled up with air due to the position. When Rick and I would take a break from pulling, my skin would still be pulled away a little.

The only time that it actually "hurt" was when we'd stop pulling for a little bit and then go back to pulling. That first second or two was definitely a sharp pain but then I'd get used to it again and the feeling would go back to a pressure. I'd go so far as to say that the pressure actually felt good. It was a pleasurable ache combined with a feeling pride in myself that I was pushing my body. It was something that I could control..

I felt high throughout the experience. I can't say that I had a great spiritual revelation during the experience. I won't even say that I got anything remotely spiritual from the experience but I did have a lot of fun. I laughed and talked with Rick throughout the experience and ended up making a friend that I'll have for a long time to come.

I bled quite a bit during the pull. At the time I was a vegetarian and borderline anemic so I had thin, iron-deficient blood and you could definitely tell.

Other people were pulling while Rick and I were so every now and again we'd take a break so he could smoke a cigarette and watch the other people pulling. We pulled for probably an hour before a third member joined our pull. Dan was only in our pull for a few minutes before he went off to pull his jeep. That is basically when Rick and my pull ended because we HAD to watch Dan pull his jeep around the block.

After the excitement from Dan's pull was over, we decided to remove the hooks. Getting the hooks removed was simple although getting the air out was not so simple. It wasn't painful really, it was just weird. Cere basically massaged my arm for a while and then told me that the rest would leave over the next few days. It was definitely odd during the next few days because my arms didn't feel quite right. I could feel air as low down as my wrist and as high as my shoulders.

The worst part about the pull was that I couldn't really lean on my elbows for a couple of weeks because they were bruised and sore. Today I am still left with 4 tiny scars that will always remind me of my first pull.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 May 2006
in Ritual

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