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NYE - corset and pulling

For New Years Eve this year I wanted to try something different. I wanted to start the New Year off with a new experience. And that's definitely what I did ...

I attended a small gathering at a friend's house and almost everyone that night was pierced in some way or another. I decided on doing an arm corset piercing and a pull. Initially I was just going to use play piercing needles for the corset piercing, however, after much discussion we decided to use five 14g cbrs instead of just play piercing needles so we could properly lace them up.

After some foods, my arm was marked for the piercings, and we were off. Iam Joeltron did all five piercings in quick succession, the cannulas left in, and then the jewellery inserted afterward. These bleed like crazy. I'm generally not a bleeder, but they just wouldn't stop. Pain wise, it was just like a normal piercing. Yeah it hurts a little, but then it feels fine. There were five though, so by the fourth one I just wanted it to be finished already. After all five piercings were done, the jewellery was inserted and then I was all cleaned up. This took forever seeing as I wouldn't stop bleeding. Even some stop bleed stuff we used didn't help much. So I had to live with little red crusties around the cbrs. After the five rings were put in I felt a little hot and nauseous and needed to sit on my own for five minutes. It was probably a combination of the blood, just having five piercings, an audience, and camera flashes going off every five seconds.

After a quick breather I was ready to be laced up. We used pink and black ribbon to lace my arm together with another persons. Pink was put in and tied in a bow at one end, and black tied in a bow at the other end. It looked way hot. However, wasn't practical to stay laced up for long. We did however; leave the cbrs in for the duration of the night. These got bumped a fair bit during the evening, so I cannot imagine trying to heal these piercings. Even with surface bars, it's just not practical.

Not long after it was time for some hook love. For this I was very nervous. I had just seen two other people get their hooks thrown and it looked very painful. I didn't know how I was going to react to this experience as I had only ever been pierced at 14g, so we retreated to an upstairs bedroom. My back was marked, and before I knew it I was laying down about to be pierced. The hooks hurt. It was a very intense pain, yet as soon as the hooks were in, the pain subsided. Just as I was being pierced I let out a little moan. It was a cross between an enjoyable sound and a painful one. It was quite bizarre actually. Unlike the arm piercings, I felt fine after my hooks were thrown, which leads me to believe that it was having people watching me get pierced that made me feel a little off earlier.

Before I knew it we were outside being roped up and pulling. I was very nervous. Again, I didn't know what to expect. I was scared that the other person I was pulling against would make a sudden movement and rip the hooks out of my back. We made I think three attempts at pulling. The first time we stopped due to Joel being needed elsewhere, the second time I felt a little bit dizzy and needed to sit down, but the third time, which we attempted on more level ground, it was much better. It was a very strange sensation. Like a pressure. Towards the end of the pull I felt more comfortable with what I was doing, but by this stage the hooks in my back were beginning to hurt because they had been in for about two hours at this stage. So out they came and boy was that a relief. It felt really good to have them taken out. I didn't have any air and I was cleaned up and then the cbrs in my arms were also taken out. Then it was time to celebrate the New Year with some champagne.

It was an amazing experience. It made me feel a lot closer to the person I did it with, and I also felt a sense of accomplishment, as it was something that I never anticipated being able to do. I have always thought of myself as a big wimp, but going through with this proved to me that it's all in my head, and I can do these things. I have to thank all the people involved who made this such a wonderful experience. It's definitely not a New Years Eve I will forget in a hurry. Mad props also need to be given to Joeltron for his skills. Without this man the evening would not have been possible. Every time I look at the ten little scars on my arm I'm reminded of what an amazing experience I had ...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 May 2006
in Ritual

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Artist: Joeltron
Studio: Wicked+Ink
Location: Penrith+Sydney+Australia

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