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Play time or I'll pierce you, you can pierce me.

As I have told you before, I have my left nipple pierced. I did that some time ago now, and as I described it, it hurt. As I told you, I chose my left because my boyfriend was right handed so, well you get the idea. But don't ever get a piercing for someone else. He turned out to be a jerk and, well that is another story.

So I have been rather afraid to get my right one done. My girlfriend, and best friend, also has a nipple piercing; only hers is the right one. Sitting across from one another in the hot tub we look rather like mirror images. So anyway we have been talking about getting our unadorned nipples dressed too. But I just couldn't seem to get past the last experience.

So she said we should practice and toughen ourselves up. She had access to some needles, really small ones; I think they were like 20's or something. Anyway, she showed up with some and said we would practice. I think I turned white at the idea. But she has always been able to get me to do crazy stuff and the next thing I know, we are on my bed, naked from the waist up, with alcohol and sterile needles and giggling.

She looked at my existing piercing and then we got out some of my jewelry and we played with that, changing them out and just being girls. We talked about how much more sensitive the pierced nipples are than the non-pierced ones and wouldn't it be fun to have both done and so on.

Then she turned to me and said do you want to pierce first or be pierced first? After some deliberation I told her that she could pierce me first. So she got and made a big production of washing her hands, playing surgeon she said. Then she got the alcohol and wiped down the skin. Then she grabbed my nipple and started at it with the needle and I yelled no! I will do you first!

Okay, okay she said with some disgust. But now listen, if you do me first, you are going to let me pierce you or I will tie you down and do it anyway. Okay, I said. So I followed her example and washed my hands very deliberately. Then I jumped on the bed. She was sitting up and I took the alcohol and put it on the cotton ball and wiped all around the nipple making sure not to miss any area. Then I opened the needle and pulled it from its plastic sheath. I reached over and squeezed her nipple and pulled a little bit. Then as I approached the nipple with the needle, my hand started to shake. My friend started to laugh. Wow, you really know how to instill confidence in your clients. I started to laugh too. But then I looked into her eyes and she was saying enough get serious. I took a deep breath and told her to take three deep breaths. I aimed and stuck the needle in. My gosh nipples are really tough! I only got it about half way through. Push she yelled and I tried but the nipple just gave where the needle was supposed to come out. Push she said again, and then I pushed and twisted the needle and the point came through. I looked up and her eyes were like saucers. Her mouth opened and closed and then opened again and she said ow, very quietly. She took a deep breath and let it out very slowly.

She got up and went to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror. Then we looked through the jewelry and made a little piece that we could hook on both ends of the needle and it hung down, like her real pierced nipple. Wow, that looks really hot I told her. Yeah she said, maybe you should do this for a living. Then she turned and looked at me; your turn. I started to argue but she just held a finger to her lips and whispered "shhh". She grabbed me by the hand and we went back to the bed. Now don't you move, she demanded. And then she washed her hands again. She put the alcohol on again and then got the needle ready and grabbed my nipple. Yikes I said. Yep, I washed in cold water, just for you. Take a deep breath. I forgot to tell you she has a mean streak in her. I could feel the sting of the point as she placed it on the skin where she wanted the needle to go through. She pushed the needle hard but she only got it through about half way too. Ouch! Then she pushed again and harder and it was through. We ran to the mirror and made a reasonable piece of jewelry and then we played for a while. But I will say, it was very sensitive and it burned and messing with them made them burn more. But I don't know, that made it fun too.

So what did I learn from all this? I have a lot more respect for professionals now that I tried to do it myself. I don't know how they do it with big needles. Both of our attempts ended up not being straight even though we tried very hard to do this. But it was really a fun time. And it wasn't as bad as I remembered it being the first time. We took the needles out after about three hours and that hurt almost as much as putting them in. I was sore and burned for a couple of days and going braless with a t-shirt was quite the sensation. But now, a week later, I am totally back to normal. And I will get the right nipple done eventually. But by a professional! (I think it is important to remember, our needles were very small and left no visible holes after they were removed. Also, it is important if you play, you must be as clean and sterile as possible.)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2006
in Ritual

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