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From the blade to play piercing

Having to move away from cutting, I had to look for another
way to deal with my stress. Not that I'm a huge cutter, but it's just unhealthy,
and at some point I won't be able to handle what I'm cutting, nor will I be able
to stop. So I looked into play piercing. Yet I didn't know how addictive it
could turn out!

I had some 25ga needles in hand, and by several occasion I
did 2 or 3 play piercing on my calf, but I never really got into a decent
session. I finally said some night that I had to try something a bit more
serious. After seeing RussFoxx facial play piercing, I
had the idea of doing an ear cartilage play session.

Over a 2 day period, the idea
was mature enough to give it a try. I washed my hands, gloved, set a field and
opened 10 25ga needles, set the mirrors, changed and washed my hands again, sat
in the right angle, and proceed with the first needle. I sat it against my
helix, puncture the first layer of skin, and backed off... I knew it wasn't a good
idea, and I should stay away from it. But I still had 9 opened play piercing
needles... So I moved into safer ground and onto my calf.

I pulled up my pants, changed
gloves, pick up a needle, but knocked 3 off the field. Sure they were still in
their plastic caps, but the sterility was compromised, so I left them there. I
pulled a bit of skin, put some lube on the end, and slid it in. I reached for a
second one, lubed, pulled and slid it in. I was not feeling the needles, but a
mere pinch when they were coming out. I repeated the same thing over and over
until I had the 6 needle left through my calf. Taking them out was more
painful, a slight burn feeling. I found that pressing on the exit point was
helping to ease the removal.

The itch came around a few days
later, along with a box of 22ga (thanks to the IAM x-mas gift exchange). I set
up an area, and opened 10 of each size. I took a second to think about what I
was about to do, took a deep breath, and proceeded. I started by my 25ga needles,
I had 2, and took a 22ga needle. It looks so HUGE compared to the 25ga. Yet it's
barely a few tenth of a millimeter more. A deep breath and it was in. It wasn't
that bad, yet it was odd to look at all the remaining ones on the gauze. I took
a deep breath and moved on with another 22ga, and another one, and finally a
25ga to finish the set of 3. I wasn't sure any more if I wanted to go on, yet I
still had plenty open, so I walk into my comfort zone and took a set of 3, a bit
on the side, all in 25ga. I then alternated 22ga, 25ga, 22ga... Finally I did a
whole set in 25ga, this was a real challenge since I still thought they were
huge. It was the last one that was the worst. It felt like a bee sting when it
got through the first layer of skin, then the second layer of skin was way
tougher. Unlike the several previous ones, it didn't want to come out. I placed
my fingers so I wouldn't get a needle stick, closed my eyes, and forced it out.
It stung like hell! I looked at it, and this single one was a real bitch
compared to the previous ones. I took a 2 minute break, realized I still had 5
left, so I got under a bit sideways, where I was at first, and stick a 25ga,
barely felt it, then moved again with another 25, ad barely felt it. My fear
caused by the 25ga bitch was pretty much overcome, so I took one, and got it
through like a charm, barely stung at all, I took the last 25ga, knocking off
the last 22ga on the floor... and put in the last needle.

I took a 5 minute break, taking some pictures. I now had to remove them all. I
did like I had learned a few days before, and pressed down on the exit points to
remove the needles, and it did sting a bit, I somehow got some lube on my finger,
and removing the 2 left of that set was a breeze. I changed gloves, and got some
lube handy, and used it to remove the needles, it was so easy, I was removing
them a set at a time. And I barely felt it!

I know some people say you can't
feel such needles... but for a needle phobic (yes I am, even if it doesn't show)
any needles are scary. I barely bled at all! I wanted to take some bloody
pictures, but it was not that successful!

I'm very proud of myself to have
succeeded such a play piercing session. I was in a comfort zone since at several
times I did a few play piercings on my calf. Now I plan on further session out
of my comfort zone, maybe another 20, but on my stomach this time!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2006
in Ritual

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