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Pretty Needles All in a Row

Originally, I was going to do two corsets for my second play piercing session, one on each top thigh. I wore a plaid dress, to make it easier (and prettier—I'd had yellow needles and red lace, and the dress is red with yellow lines in the plaid). Well, circumstances which I won't get into came up, and made that a impossible. Dan, IAM social irregular, offered to do a small play on my leg instead, which would give me the play piercing fix I wanted for the day, as well as prepare me for what it would feel like when we did eventually get around to doing the full corsets.

We decided to do my left leg, and instead of doing the front, I had him do it on the side of my thigh. I laid on his bed on my right side, and Dan put on his gloves and used some Purell. He asked if I was ready, and I said, "sure." He pinched the skin and put the needle through. The pain was sharp, much more than I remembered my back having, but it faded quickly. It felt very close to someone pinching the skin hard. He did a couple more, which passed about the same way. Then he got to about the fourth one, and it started to hurt more.

Dan had thought we'd do maybe twenty needles or so, but I told him to do a couple more and see where I was at, because the pain started to get more intense. I think this could be, in part, because I had eaten in preparation for the corset play, but a few hours had passed between then and the circumstances that arose, so I was getting hungry. When I get hungry, I get a little weaker than usual, sometimes a lot weaker than usual. I told him to stop at ten.

He asked if I was sure, and I told him yes. Besides the pain getting to be a bit much for that day and that time, I needed to be getting back to school, and my brother was waiting on me at my grandma's. If you read my tragus/anti-tragus experience, he's one and the same, now attending the same school as I am. All I needed was to be later than I already was, and for him to say something about it to my parents.

Dan put in the last couple needles, and I know on the second to last I shouted "Fuck that hurt!" The last one wasn't bad, and I possibly could have stood a couple more, but time was running down, and we hadn't even taken them out yet. We called his mom down, because she'd wanted to see the outcome. While we waited, I took a picture of them from my angle, and when she came down, she took pictures of them done, and of them being taken out. Taking them out didn't hurt too badly. My leg seemed to bleed more than my back corset, but I think that was probably because I couldn't see the corset bleeding as it happened. It was kind of neat sensation having the blood run toward opposite sides of my leg, much better than the blood that went down my back during the corset experience, because that had gone into the back of my g-string. Dan watched me bleed for a little bit, until some of it dripped on his bed.

For some reason, Dan didn't have anything downstairs to clean up with, so he ran upstairs to get paper towels. While waiting for Dan to get them, I decided to have a bit of fun with the blood, and wrote DAN across my leg with my finger. He came down, chuckled at it, and wiped it up. He put some alcohol onto a new towel and wiped it across my legs. It stung really badly, bad enough that I said "fuck" three or four times pretty loudly, which everyone laughed at. I usually take pain pretty well, or at least quietly, but I think the combination of this being a pretty painful piercing and not having enough food made the stinging stand out.

We put two large bandages over the area, and I changed my clothes back into what I'd been wearing before the play, a tank top and loose raver pants. I could feel where the needles had been a little, but it wasn't bad (except when I got bumped). I could barely even see the marks when I got back to school and showered. The next day, I had a slight bruise and could see the needle marks. A couple days after that, I had a bruise about three inches long and wide on my thigh that lasted over a week. I still haven't found a feasible time to do the double corset thigh play, but I'm sure this will have been a useful preview for me, and I can't wait.


submitted by: gothicphoenixx
on: 15 Oct. 2005
in Ritual

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