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Energy pull with Fakir Musafar

In May, Elwoods Body Modification and Dermagraphic Osmosis in Richmond, BC hosted and energy pull ritual in Abbotsford. Not only that, the guests of honour were Fakir Musafar and Cleo Dubois. 2 days before the ritual, Fakir's film, "Dances sacred and profane" was shown as well as a demonstration of the hooks, starring Elwood. The energy in that room was totally electric, and there was only one person doing the hooks.

I officially met Fakir the next day, at the pre ritual gathering. It was very brief, because there was a lot of people there, and we were all meeting and greeting and so on. My friend and I ended up leaving pretty early because we were both nervous and I had only decided to go through with this 2 weeks before. My boyfriend wasn't home so I got the bed to myself and I could ground out and meditate for a bit to put myself to sleep.

I woke up far too early, and forgot what I was doing for a moment. Then I was seized by a strange sense of purpose, and proceeded to get ready because our ride was coming soon. I was so nervous but totally resigned to what was happening... 2 10 g hooks were going through my flesh! I have had piercings, whatever. But this was different. I knew this would be painful but totally worth it.

When we got to the site (a nudity friendly hippy farm) any misgivings I had were totally gone. People were all hanging out, talking, I saw my boyfriend, my friends... etc. It felt so... right.

We were instructed through some cleansing excercises, breathing, flogging, etc. We paired up with people we had never met, and asked them to do something for us. The woman I was paired with wanted me to kiss her, so I did.

I was getting very anxious to have the metal in my flesh, but first, we had to do a practice piercing, with 22 g needles and elastics. I was the first to recieve them. I walked straight up to fakir, (topless for the first time in public) and just stood there. Looking into his eyes, I totally trusted anything he would do to me. He said, "are you ready?" and I said, "yes." He grabbed the part where I was to be pierced, and shoved the first needle right through. I didn't even wince. He repeated the process for the second time, and it was over. Done. 2 tiny needles in my chest. Fakir said if it was that easy, I would have no problem with the real hooks. Once everyone was done, we pulled a bit but i was so anxious for the real thing!

Finally, everyone was done with the "petit pull" and the hooks were set up. I was first in line again, with Fakir. I had 2 of my friends there with me, one for each hand. I got nervous all of a sudden. Fakir tried out different parts of my chest for the best place to put my hooks and asked me after he pinched each part. we found the perfect place and he just slammed that needle through. I let out a really sexual sounding scream (so everyone says) and everyone gathered around for the next one. Same thing, same scream. I got up, got the ropes tied to the hooks (which seemed so RIGHT to be there) and stepped to the side to watch more piercings. All of a sudden, Cleo walked right up to me and asked " would you like to have a beautiful experience with a tree?" and led me off to a more secluded area where she helped me choose a place and hooked me up. i took my sandals off so I could be better connected to the earth. I took a deep breath and leaned back. Right away, I felt weightless and complete. Cleo walked around me to make sure I was ok because I closed my eyes really quick and started pulling. She had rose and patchouli incense and washed me in it. I almost immediatley went into another world. I could slightly hear the drums and voices.... but I was alone in my own head. I walked down a long hallway where there were doors. At the end of the hallway there was a sunrise. I looked in all the doors and saw people that were no longer in my life, and I said goodbye to the ones I didn't want to contact anymore. I said things I had always needed to say and got a lot of unfinished business done with hanging threads in my life. At some point I started to cry... but not sad tears. Just tired tears. All of a sudden i was very tired. I was actually seeing people I had not seen in years and years and I was talking to them and they were there, just listening to me and what I had to say. And I always saw that sunrise in the distance and it made me feel like everything would be ok. Not that my life would suddenly be perfect, but

that I would be ok and could take care of myself and my choices would be right, like where I lived and what I do for a living, everything would be RIGHT. I can't say exactly what happened to me on that tree because it wouldn't make sense in someone else's head, but it was amazing. When I was done (you just KNOW) I unhooked myself and found my friend. I cried on her shoulder for a long time and Cleo came over and told me it was ok, just to cry until I was done. So I did. When I was done, I looked up and saw my partner, my lover... and Felt Right. Later on, we danced together so I got to be really really close to him... closer than ever before. It was amazing. I pulled and pulled and it felt so good after I had let everything GO.

At the end, I didn't want to take my hooks out. But I had to, so I scarred the holes so I will be forever reminded of that amazing experience. It was almost officially, the best day of my life. I would do a pull again in a heartbeat, if that was my first experience!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 2005
in Ritual

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Artist: Fakir+Musafar
Studio: Elwoods+Body+Modification+%28Dermagraphic+Osmosis%29
Location: Richmond%2C+BC

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