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Vertical suspension (4pt back 2pt chest) to 4pt suicide. I learnt to swing

I decided I wanted to do a vertical suspension, because I wanted to swing. I'd had trouble with suicides with all the pressure being on my back. It meant that I couldn't really concentrate on anything except the pain when I was up. I thought that if I had some hooks on my front as well it would even out the pressure a bit and I could swing :) Also, I was curious as to how it would feel to suspend from my chest, as I enjoy chest pulls. However, I found the idea of doing a chest suspension on its own a bit scary.

I went to the House of Wah suscon. I didn't drink on the Friday night, and on the Saturday I decided today was the day to go up. I was feeling healthy and really wanting to suspend :) Saampa was doing the suspensions. I'd previously wanted four hooks on my back and four on my front, but it was decided that it was best to have 2 hooks in my chest and four in my back. I worked on getting my head in the right place to suspend. I was quieter than normal, thinking about it. I know when I suspend it can go one of two ways, I'm either full of energy and happiness, giggling and laughing and joking; or I'm really quiet and go into my shell. Because of this I wasn't too bubbly beforehand, in case I had to go really quiet when I was suspending.

I had trouble deciding what to wear to get suspended, as I couldn't wear my bikini as my front and back would have hooks in so it would be in the way. Cha-raa-raa helped me. First we tried putting tape crosses on my nipples. It looked cool, but I was sacared I would feel uncomfortable in front of all the people out there being so naked. Next we tried taping all around my breasts. This looked good, but constricted my breathing a bit. I couldn't have that, as I was told it may be hard to breathe because of my chest hooks anyway. In the end she leant me a strapless top, which was great :)

It was time to go get pierced. Saampa and Baawo were piercing my hooks. They were all dressed up in aprons and surgical masks, they looked cool :) I spent a bit of time before the hooks trying to give myself the fear. I find that if I imagine the hook piercing is going to be much worse than its going to be, then it doesn't bother me as much when its getting done. I got marked for the piercings, then it was time to get pierced.

My chest was pierced first. They found that because the hooks were put in horizontally they couldn't pierce my chest in tandem, so they did it one at a time. The pinching hurt me more than the hooks going in, but the pain was dealable with. Getting hooks pierced defiantly gets easier the more times I get it done! I wasn't counted in for my piercings, or told to breathe.. This freaked me out a bit, as I like to prepare myself and know what's happening. I did ask to be counted in on the next hook, but for some reason I wasn't. By now I was getting really scared. I'm a secret control freak when it comes to my piercings you see... For the back piercings I lay on my front on paper towels, making sure my chest hooks were ok. Luckily for the back piercings there was counting in as they had to pierce them together at the same time, so I knew when to breathe, in when they were counting and out as I knew the needle was going to go through. This helped. My friends found it amusing that my one leg kept going up in the air as I got pierced :) I was a bit confused about the hooks because they were deeper and through more skin than normal. I checked with Nik and he said it was ok, it was the European way. So all was good :)

Next I went outside to get attached to the rig. I stood underneath as they worked out where they were going to go. While they were setting it up it gave me a bit of time to put myself together and smoke a ciggie. I got attached up, then it was time to go up. Suuz held my hands and I was really scared. Vampy came up to me and touched my arm and told me to calm down and breathe. This really helped, as Vampy's really good at calming. And it was a familiar face from previous suspensions, so it calmed me down and made me a bit less scared. She told me that if I didn't like it I could just go up and say I didn't like it anymore and come back down, like I have before. This made me feel better, as it brought more control back into it.

Going up, it hurt quite a bit. I was told afterwards that a lot of my weight was on my chest, rather than my back, because of the rigging. It felt tight under my arms, from where my skin was being pulled front and back. I also didn't like that I could feel my chest skin under my chin. I told them to pull me up, because it was hurting so much I thought I may as well get it over with. I was pulled right up. It was really pulling under my arms and the pain was to much to deal with, so I asked to come down. Afterwards, I didn't even remember getting off the floor for my vertical, so I was surprised when I was told I did it :) I was let back down, on tiptoes with my feet touching the floor. I was asking to come down and being asked what I wanted to do next. I was painicking again and was saying 'just let me down, let me have a lollypop and a think'. So I was let down so I could be detached and think

By now I was really scared... Someone told me afterwards I was rocking and saying it wasn't right. I don't remember doing that, but its something I do do very rarely when I'm very very stressed and scared. I had a lollypop and decided to go up for a 4pt suicide. I like to go up for suspensions quite slowly, it feels better to me getting used to the skin pulling first. It also gives me more control. I was pulled up gradually at first, but then pulled into the air before I was ready. I squealed and did the first thing that came on instinct. I opened my eyes to find that I'd wrapped my arms and legs around Suuz and people were laughing :) I smiled then, things were back under control, and I could stay where I was and was comfy for the time being. Poor Suuz's trousers fell down though :)

After a bit I realised that Suuz wasn't supporting much of my weight, so I let go and got pulled up higher. I realised then that I'd done it and smiled lots :) Suuz and Matt swang me about a bit and it was so god, I smiled and giggled and listened to the misfits that cha-raa-raa had put on for me :) It was so good, I'd finally got my dream of swinging :) I think I managed it because after the pain of the first suspension the suicide was easier :)

After a while I came down, got unrigged and went through to Saampa and Baawo to get dehooked. They took out my hooks, squeezed out some of the air bubbles, cleaned me up and put dressings on. After, as normal, I wanted to be all quiet, and went and sat near my friends where I was comfy and didn't have to say much. I could socialise later :) I was exhausted for days afterwards, it really wiped me out!

I'm really glad I had this experience. Even though it wasn't right at first, being happy and swinging in the end more than made up for it :) And everything's an experience. I have learnt from this though.. In future I will only suspend with people that I know well and communicate well with. It does make all the difference. I will also make sure people know what I want beforehand; how I want to go up, when to take me up and when not to. It will make me feel more in control. I took it for granted that just because one team of suspension people know me and do things how I like, doesn't mean that everyone automatically will. Communications the key :)

There's more pictures of this in the House of Wah gallery, and also on my IAM page. I pulled many wonderful face expressions, I didn't realise I could pull all those faces!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Oct. 2005
in Ritual

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Artist: Saampa+and+Baawo
Studio: House+of+Wah
Location: London%2C+UK

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