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crucifix suspension no.1

I remember being at work and looking through countless videos and pictures of suspension and talking to so many people about their experiences on it, I also remember the moment I decided, "I want to do that ". And on Saturday 28th July I did my first suspension, I had being leaning towards doing just a 4 point suicide suspension which most people seem to start on but then I remember seeing pictures of a crucifixion suspension on iam: volatile's page and that just tipped me over the edge, I decided I had to do it every time I looked at a picture of a crucifixion suspension I couldn't believe how beautiful it looked, and so I told iam: Vampy that's what I want to do.

It was about 3 o'clock and I was ready. Unfortunately the weather wasn't, and so just as I was about to go get hooks put through me by Vampy and matt (volatile) it started to rain and oh my god iv never hated English weather so much, after about 6 hours of horrible adrenaline fuelled excitement and disappointment the rain had cleared and the rig was ready for me, I went up stairs to be hooked.

The first set went in and felt great the second didn't feel so good and I did flake out a little bit but once I had chilled out for a minute I was ready for the last set, the ones in each arm, and believe me iv had paper cuts that hurt more. After a slight preparation I was ready to depart down stairs and into the cold. I had chosen my song to rise up to Korn: Reclaim my place, and was attached to the hooks I was stood with matt reassuring me and telling me to relax but I couldn't have been calmer for some reason what I was about to do, it just felt so right and I was calm I was relaxed I couldn't feel the cold at all anymore and more importantly I was ready, I nodded and the ropes started to tighten, I could feel my skin stretch, still completely relaxed I started to rise up, at first just a little bit, and then up onto my toes then the moment came where I was lifted of the ground and my toes where no longer supporting me, my heart skipped a beat and I let out a breath like you do when you become so happy you cant believe what your doing, and I couldn't and, I did feel so, so good.

A million thoughts were going through my head but mostly the sense of freedom and pure bliss. I felt untouchable, and free like the wind could pick me up and carry me away at any moment, it was one off those moments you know no matter what you will never forget it and I could never do so, within seconds I wanted to swing and in turn said so to vampy, she gave me a small push after being raised up a little more and I just remember lifting my head up and looking out across the people looking so happy for me cheering me on and giving me the encouragement that made my experience feel a hundred times more amazing I was up for about 10 minutes which felt like 2 or 3, before I felt something weird and kind of panicked a little bit, however I managed to stay calm and ask to be let down was told by vampy everything was okay and straight away I wanted to go up again and I did I wanted to be up there forever however finally after another five minutes I had swung been lifted as high as possible and already started to cry tears of happiness and I knew I had done everything I wanted to and more I was ready to come down and feel the ground under my feet. As I got down I could hear everyone's cheers and claps for me and it just made me want to hug them all for sharing in my experience and making it so amazing for me, but I couldn't it was time to go upstairs and get unhooked and massaged.

Lying on that table I couldn't physically stop smiling and feeling tears come from my eyes while I was being massaged by two very lovely young girls feeling the air bubbles come out of my body was great and seeing them bubble up on my arms was great as well. I just remember being patched up and hugging everyone for helping the most amazing experience of my life and I would like to thank them so many times but I know they cant realise in how much of a way they have made me happy and what an experience they have given my and I love them all for it and hope I can do the same for them one day thank you.


submitted by: mr_hat
on: 09 Sept. 2005
in Ritual

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Artist: Vampy+and+volaitile
Studio: house+of+wah
Location: London+U.K

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