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Crackheads, Vietnamese food, and a suicide suspension

I could start out talking about how I found people to hang me, getting myself informed and prepared, yadda yadda. I'd rather just go to the meat of the story and talk about the day it happened. There are three main characters. Me (the suspendee), Dan (the friend), and Luke (the suspender). I did a four point suicide suspension with eight gauge hooks, and here's how the story goes.

Luke lives in St. Louis, that's three and a half hours away from where me and Dan live. We left town at 3:30pm, and got into St. Louis at 7. Our first stop was food. We ate at The Lemongrass, and it was excellent. I told Luke I wouldn't be at his house until 9:30 or 10pm, so me and Dan walked around town a bit. We navigated our way to his house, and paid $5 to park in a gated parking lot.

Luke met us at the door of his building and invited us in. He showed us his place and we checked out the rig. We decided to wait until about 11 or so to start the suspension. Right behind his apartment is the City Museum. To kill time me and Dan went in. Man oh man was it awesome, I had no idea there was a place like that anywhere. It was full of tunnels, caves, ladders and slides. At one point me and Dan were climbing through a tunnel about 20 feet above the floor, and Dan's phone fell out of his pocket and slammed on the ground. We stayed there until about 10:30, definately worth the $8 ticket.

So after we left the museum we tried to call Luke to let us back in the building. Dan's phone was messed up from the 20 ft. drop and it did not work. We tried to look up his name on the list near the intercom at the front door to page him, but his name was not on there. Our next solution was to find a payphone. We walked a ways, and there were none in sight.

While we were payphone hunting, a homeless man walks up to us and tries to sell us a magazine called What's Up for two dollars, and he was telling us the money we give helps shelters for homeless people. I told him I would buy it if he told us where a payphone was, and the exchange was made. Unfortunately, the guy completely bullshitted us, there was no phone were he told us to go. We decide to start walking in a different direction. A crazy old man approaches us and tells us he just got out jail three hours ago after serving a six month sentence. I could tell. He saw the copy of What's Up in my pocket and began his speech.

"aww man, I don't do that shit there, that ain't right. Those people ain't supposed to keep that money for those magazines. But that guy who sold you that, he's gonna keep that money." I explained to him that I bought it if he would tell me where a phone was and he lied. Then all of a sudden he turned on his payphone radar and pointed out a payphone that was about 250 ft away. We gave him thanks. And then he said "the other guy lied to you, I will only tell you the truth. I ain't gonna try and sell you a magazine, I ain't gonna tell you I need money for food. I just want some beer, and all I need is a dolla and eighty-seven cents." I wasn't about give a homeless person beer money, so I told him I was all out of cash. After some pestering by him he took our word for it. Finally, he offered me a quarter for a cigarette. I was humbled by his generous offer and just gave him one. Fiiiinally, we made it to the payphone to tell luke what happened.

Luke met us at the door and let us in. We took our time getting ready, which I really liked. The was no rushing in anything we did whatsoever. He set up his rig, cleaned his table, grabbed his tools, and we were ready. At this point I was already kind of nervous and tense. First he cleaned my back. Then he grabbed different parts of my back and asked me where the most comfortable areas were. After we found them, he started making the marks. I was ready to be pierced. He did the inside left first, and that wasn't too bad. The inside right was easy too. He struggled to get the one on my outside left through, he said my skin was very tough. Dan told me later he was giving quite the mighty push on that one. The last one he did was the most painful, and it was bleeding very nicely after he pushed the needle and hook through.

I was all hooked up now, so I decided to go out in the hall and smoke a cigarette. Long after I finished my smoke, we were still talking in the hall. It was just small talk, but I liked it because we were just taking our time, we had all night to do this suspension. We went back inside, and Luke started throwing rope. We put some tension on them and made sure to get them all as even as possible. After all the adjustments, we were ready to start. I felt a little weak, so he gave me some water and a glucose tablet.

Luke told me about all the different way we could do it. I decided to do the method where I take a step forward to add tension, take a step back, and then dan tightens up the chain a few clicks. At first it wasn't too bad. Then as it got tighter, it was harder to make myself step forward. This part took a long time. By the time I got to my tippy toes I wasn't sure how much more I could take. Luke assured me that I was doing good though. It got to a point where my whole body tensed up and I felt like I was about to crack. I had to keep reminding myself to breathe. I was feeling weak again, and Luke gave me some more water and another glucose tablet. I started to lift one foot off the ground at a time, and then finally I got both off, but I was still holding my body up by holding Luke's hands. He then started lowering his hands, and eventually I sank all the way into the hooks.

I was now in the air. Almost as soon as was hanging, all the pain was gone, and it turned into just a pressure. It was really amazing, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Luke asked me if I would like a push, and I said yes. After that I started swinging my body back and forth, and I was having a great time at this point, I felt so much better than I did when I was on the ground, the burning was gone. But soon I started to feel a bit dizzy and sick to my stomach. I touched my tip toes to the ground, and Luke gave me some water. This time, I got in the air myself. It hurt, but after that I knew I wanted to stay in the air. I don't think I could appropriately explain how I felt. After a while I decided to go down, I was feeling a little dizzy and sick again. I was lowered, and Luke cut the ropes. It was such a weird feeling to have all that weight taken off my shoulders. I sat down with some water and felt better after about five minutes. Asked how long I was up and dan said about 15 minutes.

Luke had me lay on my stomach, and he took all the hooks out. He started push all the air out of my back, that was a very strange sound and weird feeling. I have some air in my neck right now while I'm typing this, but just a minute amount. He wiped off the blood, and then we stepped outside for another round of cigarette chat.

I was going to give Luke a $100 donation, but I had les money than I thought and I could only give him $80, which was still a good donation. I thanked him, he walked us out the building, and we parted ways.

When we got back to the gated parking lot, we had quite a problem. Someone parked their car in front of the only exit. Dan's phone was messed up, so we couldn't call to get it towed. There were two large black women that needed to leave too, and they actually tried driving on the sidewalk and through cars. It didn't work, there was not enough room. After about 15 large black women were involved in the situation, they finally found the guy who parked behind him, and he moved. That gave us enough room to drive on the sidewalk and squeeze out. If those large black women were no there, we probably would have had to walk all the way back to the payphone, call Luke, and crash there for the night.

After a little city driving we got on the highway. About 45 minutes later Dan was so tired he couldn't drive anymore. I offered to drive, and so he let me. Soon enough, I was getting tired too. Driving at 2-5am sucks. I barely made it to Columbia, which is an hour and a half from our homes. We have some old high school friends who go to MU, so we pulled up to their house at 5am. Amazingly, two of them were still awake. Dan practically fell on a couch and passed out. I hung out with Sam and Pat till about 6:30am. I had a beer and one hit of weed and then got some rest. Me and Dan both got up at about 10am, got some breakfast, and left town. At about noon we finally rolled into Warrensburg. It felt good to be home.

So in conclusion, suspensions are awesome, Luke is awesome, Dan is awesome, the City Museum is awesome, the Lemongrass is awesome, and all that stuff adds up together for a really great time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 July 2005
in Ritual

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Artist: Luke
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Location: St.+Louis

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