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In my last story -"the Hooks Got Me!!", I mentioned we were working on a different type of chest pull. Funny thing about hooks, they are fiendish "little fellows" that command attention! They defintely let you know when they're thrown into you and become part of you - body and soul.

With 30+ years teaching physics (specializing in force/resistance - mechanics), I thought of a simple rope/pulley combination for my chest pull. A dead-weight vertical lift through two inclined plane movements involving the ropes. Olympic weights at one end that are attached to ropes which then will be attached to hooks imbedded into my chest. In a horizontal pull (most common pulls) the resistance is just overcoming initial inertia or counter resistance in straight line force. Mine of course, will be with additional resistance placed on the ropes trying to overcome the steep incline angle. Therefore, a steeper angle -greater stress resistance applied (Presently, I have no one to pull horizontally against- but it too will happen). Now an example of extra effort (a pull of this type) would be like walking up a very steep hill or several flights of stairs carrying "large bags of groceries". Another example would be peddling a bicycle with all your strength and stamina up a long steep road grade. Those that have - how do your legs and your chest feel afterwards?- quite an exertion?? Now you get my drift! So much for the physics lesson and the incline theory.

It's time to set up the equipment. We'll use a block and tackle and eye-bolt bar attached. Thus, inducing a steeper angle on the incline ropes while hoisting up the bar. Therefore, more resistance on the hooks attached to my chest including the downward pull of the Olympic weights. Well, the cliche: "The Best Layed Plans,....etc.", once again proved true. The ceiling was too low and prevented the use of the hoist system. We could not get enough upward distance on the ropes to produce sufficient incline steepness. It was removed and moreover we had to improvise an alternate system. Well, we attached the bar to the ceiling and shortened the ropes. The tension was not what I wanted; but still it will be a good chest pull.

With the riggiang set, it's now time to throw the hooks. Well, how do we work around my large chest tattoo?? The tattoo design is a very big set of tribal "Neptune's Trident Forks" (I'm certified in S.C.U.B.A. to 40 fathoms of water. Plus a tribal heart and the Olympic Flame - Olympic Referee: certified, 1984 L.A. Games-Competitive Cycling) located above the forks). Bob found the exact spot between all the tribal to throw the 1st chest hook. Bob II will assist and throw his hook into the left chest area. This was the 1st time he threw one into me. He really did a great throw; as I hardly felt the hook insertion. Hey, you forgot something!! BACK UP THE STORY! Well--fun time. The two piercers had trouble determining who and on what side each was going to throw their hooks and in what manner as I laid flat on my back on the gurney. I got spun around many times forward and then backward as they tried to put some fashion of order into their method for hook throwing. Who was going to do which side and how?? Well after several more whirls around on the gurney (AND VERY DIZZY) the hook throwing was resolved and everything got underway. (This spin was almost as good as my daily 4PM scotch and water ritual). After my head stopped whirling around I got up and was attached to the ropes and equipment.

Since I had (dead weight lifted 35 lbs ) in my previous back pull, let's try for 50 lb for the chest pull. Wait a minute, let's figure this out!! There's a different muscle and skin structure in the chest area compared to one's back! Come on guys!! Go with a lessor amount of weight. There's a "HELL-OF-A-LOT" more resistance to move weights vertically and pull them through two incline movements of the ropes. HAVE MERCY!! I know my new nickname is "PROFESSOR TORTURE MASTER", but I'm on the other end of the hooks this time. (NOTE: - A SPECIAL THANKS TO B.M.E. AND STAFF FOR THE NEW MONICKER GIVEN - "TORTURE MASTER"! IT'S GREAT & I LIKE IT - THANK YOU!!) My pleas were heard and the amount reduce to 25lbs. Gosh, THANKS! I started to lift the weight off the floor. I moved them 1+ ft and stopped to lean back and increase the tension. The skin began to produce a cavity for the "Neptune Forks" tattoo to go into hiding with only the Olympic flame tattoo part peaking from the top. Due to the physical circumstances of my back and with a hip problem - (arthritis of the lower spine with several bulging discs and sicatica in both hips and slight nerve damage in the legs)- well, getting older (72) is not always fun; I darn near lost my balance and fell forward. But, I caught myself and regained my balance still pulling on the weights. They were nearly 2 1/2 ft off the floor.

With my composure back under control, it was time to lean backward as far as possible. Eyes shut and concentrating, I began- nearly approaching a 60 degree body angle. By golly, this is "D---Fun" and different! Lot's of photo's were being taken. Then everyone began to wonder if I was O.K.?? I was enjoying it and in actuality relaxing. They realized that I was still alive and breathing normally. And showed a BIG GRIN on my face.

The skin was pulling further away from my chest and now the Olympic Flame tat slowly sank into the recesses of the extended skin cavity. Well, this isn't the movie 'Titanic', but just a pull. (Sorry- no popcorn throwing at the contestant). I'm the one having the FUN!! Everyone else is getting bored. So it's time to close down the attraction and remove the hooks. Big Bob noted some blood from the hooks. GOSH BLOOD!! It really looked cool running down my chest and forming red rivulets that matched the red tribal tattoo overlay. So, you got to contribute a little bit of blood to have a "good pull".

We had good statistics compiled. The pull created the extra amount of force I had hoped to achieve. Plus adding the Olympic weight produced quite a stretch on the chest skin. Everything came out as expected. Time to end science talk and get the hooks removed. I had spent basically over an hour under the hooks and needed a rest break. The only time that I felt uncomfortable was loosing control of my balance. This can be remedied by building a special shoe platform that will stabilize and secure my feet. It will allow me to improve my backward lean angle as well. Something else to design and build. Hurray for those HOOKS! You fiendish little fellows!

Bob and Bob II removed the hooks and both did a great job. There was very little air to burp out. The insertion areas were cleaned and bandaged. My chest skin was very supple and "goosey loose". It will return to its normal elasticity shortly. It was now past 11:30 PM we'll clean up the area and equipment in the morning. Just call it a night. It is now after mid-night as I write this 1st draft. There is a little tenderness where the hooks were thrown; but no bleeding. Bob had taken lots of photos for my album. These will be added to pictures taken of other members performing their own 4 pt. suicide suspensions.

Saturday, 7 May 2005 - 8 AM EDT.

A fitful night sleep. I'm refreshed. The chest is O.K.! No noticeable muscle ache and movement is normal. Today is a special day, I'm to have my nips pierced for another set of barbells. This time horizontally. YA?? - after a chest pull?? You got to be kidding me. "Professor Torture Master", you are......well?? Hey, I been stretching them for some time so that the new barbells can go behind the present 8 gauge verticals. So what's the big deal-- it's only piercing a couple of nips. I'll drive into Myrtle Beach and stop at Elite Piercing Studio to have them done. But, first to the pull site and help clean and straighten. What a great group- that Grand Strand Suspension Club. They beat me to the area and had everything in order. Well, off for piercing. Arriving at the studio, Bob checks my chest and assures me all is fine. He'll pierce my nips. 'OH, THE PAIN!!', as one of my students use to say. Long story short, they're pierced and look great. Although the barbells look tiny (14 gauge size) to be stretched and increased in size later. They will then match my present horizontal 8 gauge already in place. All things in time.

We discuss my next adventure with the hooks. HE WANTS ME TO DO WHAT??Now what devious and delicious scheme does he have in mind? A SUSPENSION!! Well, never say -- NO!! "Prof. Torture Master" we'll have you experience a 2 pt chest coupled with a 4 pt back hook suspension and HOSIT YOUR ASS -- UP!! What do you think of that?? Oh, boy another experience to write.--O.K., so I'm in the process of building the rig. What else is new. (June - the rig is now constructed and tested last night - 9 June and another article to write).

"Bike Week" in Myrtle Beach is interfering with club activites. It is estimated that we'll have nearly 300,000 motorcyclists in our area through Memorial Day and into the 1st week in June. Fun! Fun! Supsensions/Pulls down the road - pun definitely on purpose. I'll keep you posted. This one ought to be interesting.


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