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My Ritual My Time

My Ritual My time

OK Kids so I am not very good at this type of thing but here we go. I help a very close friend of mine put on a little event called the One Project. It is a great gathering of people once a year deep in the desert of Southern California at a place called Madre Grande. It is an event about bring our community, as a whole back together. It is an amazing concept about being the change that you want to see. It takes a lot of time and effort for us to get there every year but it is very worth it. At this event you have to stay sober for 3 days it is also all vegetarian, two concepts very new to my every day life. We spent the first night doing a traditional sweatlodge with an amazing facilitator named Alicia. She is a piercer at Twisted Sol and the incoming president of APP. All of that aside she was and is an amazing person. This really got me grounded and ready to go. I am happy to say that this event boast some of the most amazing facilitators I have ever met. We spent the next two nights participating in other types of really amazing rituals, including a chest pull with sixty people. We also did a fire walking ceremony that was really spectacular. It was really beautiful. On the last day we prepared for the suspensions. I have never successfully hung from my chest and this was my intention.

 Mz C the main facilitator and my best friend knew that I needed to go early or I would expend all of my energy on other people and not be able to achieve my goal. She decided to let me go first. So a very large group of about 75 people converge on the Grove. The Grove is a natural circle of trees that people have been celebrating and ritualizing at for over 35 years at Madre Grande. We have a very enriching opening circle. This is a time when we come together and express how we are coping and what we are trying to accomplish  as a individual and a group. Joshua David and I go off alone to get ready. Joshua David was going up at the same time as me but it was his first time. We all come back together to get ready to pierce. I asked my good friend Deider Suarez from Enigma in San Diego and Bava to pierce me. Let me make this abundantly clear I DO NO LIKE TO HAVE MY CHEST PIERCED. I get very frantic and upset. I become uncomfortable. Today this was not the case. I was incredibly calm. I had amazing people around me and working on me. I took the first two hooks tandem, no problem, even when they told me one was backwards and we had to slide it out and turn it around. Ever been surrounded by piercers (like 50) and needed a taper at a suspension event? Funny ha ha.

So now I have all four hooks. I am ready to rock. At this point the sun is just starting to set. I do believe that next to my son this was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had the privilege of partaking in. It is truly beautiful at Madre Grande especially when the late summer sun is setting on those mountains. I have been suspended probley 20 times in my life and each time I have experienced some sort of restriction about letting myself get off of the ground. I have always had certain inhibitions about doing it easily. This time I felt none of those things. I simply let go and experienced every moment. Ed from CORE rigged me in and took hold of the rope and the last thing I remember is him saying "just tell me when to stop." I never said when. I was off the ground so peacefully and quietly. The sudden rush of noise of my chest filling with air grabbed my attention. That is an odd noise. I can not really put into to words how amazing it felt up there. I was flying around totally content with what was happening. The sun I remember felt really warm on my face. I was completely at ease . I quietly asked to come down after a minute. I was changed and remain changed to this day. I spent the rest of the afternoon well into the night suspending the rest of the 65 or so people . It was a really good day. The event and the suspension in general changed who I am for the better. I am better and being the change now.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 May 2005
in Ritual

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Artist: Deider+Saurez
Studio: One+Project
Location: Madre+Grande

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