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Boy vs Girl Tug-o-War

Lifestyle was having it's open information day on Saturday and I had announced that I would go, to meet up with fellow iam-ers and see some performances. The Friday night before, I found an IM of Rule in my iam-box. The guy who was going to do a suspension had canceled so the question was if I didn't want to do "something". Hell yeah! The only problem was that I had a gig that night and that I would have to leave at 6 pm, while the suspension was actually planned to start at 6 pm. So I replied that I'd love too if we could fit it in the schedule.

Saturday afternoon I arrived at Lifestyle at around 1.30 pm. Outside of the store, I found Kor and Brigitte and chatted a bit with them. I went in and discussed with Rule and Kor if we could do a pull or suspension. We decided to go for a pull against Bart, who wasn't there yet, but who happily agreed once he got there. I walked around, checking out Kor's ritual performance and various procedures like branding and traditional tattooing.

Due to some events I didn't need to leave at six, so we could take our time for the pull, which was nice. Destiny I guess. Since the pull had to happen on such a short notice, I didn't get the time to become nervous. I was a bit worried about the hook throwing, as that hurt a lot the first time I got hooks. The first time I didn't think the hook throwing would be that bad, I just thought "oh two piercings, how bad can it be", so I guess not being prepared for pain that time made it worse. So this time, I was prepared for the worst. Bart got his hooks first, his face twisted nicely so I guess it hurt.

After Bart had his hooks installed I sat down on the little stool and Rule cleaned my back up started drawing on my back. After he and Sandra were satisfied with the markings, one of them squeezed my skin together, and the other one threw the hooks (I'm not sure who did what – I have no eyes on my back and I didn't ask). Breathe in, breathe out, I braced myself and in went the 8 ga needle, directly followed by the 6 ga custom made titanium hook. Phew, that was a breeze! I was surprised about how little it hurt. A cartilage piercing at 14 ga hurts more. Same procedure for the second hook, again hardly any pain. Bart's girlfriend brought me a can of Coke.

Bart and I walked around for a bit with the hooks in, to get used to the feeling of them. Then the ropes were attached, and both of us pulled for a little bit to get used to the pulling feeling. When we were both ready to go, the ropes were connected by a ring and it was time to have our boy-vs-girl-tug-o-war. We are both about the same weight (Bart is maybe 5 pounds heavier than I) so it was a fair fight. Slowly we started putting weight on each other's hooks. It was such a different feeling from pulling stones, like I did last time. Stones don't pull back! After getting used to that feeling, we started pulling full force. I dragged Bart across the room the first couple of times, and was asked if I could take things a little easier as Bart apparently wasn't completely accustomed to his hooks yet. Slowly Bart got more into it and when he was, he pulled me to the other side of the room! It felt so weird, that at the other side of the rope there was something that was pulling too. Sometimes the force really came in jolts. Lots of force – no force at all – lots of force – no force at all, all within a few seconds.

The good vibes were amazing, the girls mainly were encouraging me, the guys were mainly encouraging Bart, so it really became a friendly boy-girl war. Bart and I had lots of fun trying to pull the other one across the room; we both won a few rounds. Sometimes it would take minutes before we got of our places – forces seemed to be about equal. Also we tried to just both lean forward and find equilibrium a few times. Especially funny were the people who just came by and looked in awe through the window, hehehe. Even funnier were the looks on the faces of some of the 16-year-old navel-piercing-to-be-girls in with their mums totally not prepared to see something more extreme. Nothing against them by the way, that's how I started out too. It was just super funny.

After pulling back and forth a bunch of times, we got detached. We both weren't really done yet, so we pulled some more separately. Kor, who is quite an impressive guy, grabbed my ropes, started leaning back somewhat and took a firm stand, while Rule grabbed my arms and helped me pull. I dragged Kor across the store a few times with his feet kind of scraping over the floor, until I had enough. I smoked a cigarette, with the hooks still in, and chatted a bit. Bart and I decided on a tie. All the girls agreed that I had defended the fair sex really well.

After that, my hooks were taken out and Rule massaged the air out of my back, which is a really nice feeling too. I got bandaged up, and was given my hooks. After chatting for a while, my boyfriend came to pick me up. I thanked everybody for the good vibes and said my goodbyes and went to the venue were I had to play. I was a little worried that my back would be sore when jumping around with a bass guitar, but it wasn't at all. Because I was still high on the adrenaline kick, I jumped around the stage like I was possessed. We gave a killer gig, we got the crowd going, it was the perfect end of what may become the bestest day of 2005!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 May 2005
in Ritual

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Artist: Rule%2FSandra
Studio: Lifestyle
Location: Maastricht%2C+The+Netherlands

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