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The First Flight of the Phoenix

 I have been into body modification for several years now, but just recently got to experience my first suspension. It all started when I was 15 years old and had a girlfriend who was into blood play, scarification, tattoos and piercings. She shared the wonderful experience with me one day and I was instantly "hooked" to the idea of the pain and pleasure that it brought to me. But in the town I lived in, body modifications are looked down on and called sinful, so I moved to the big city of Nashville and found my new friends at Ink Gallery Tattoo.

 I got a job that allowed piercings and tattoos, so I started on those first and got addicted again really fast. One day I was talking to the girl who did all my piercings and she told me about a guy at the other shop who did suspensions and other body mods. Naturally, I went to him. I talked to him about it a few times and got some understanding on the subject and set a date for two weeks to do a 4 hook suicide suspension, and those were the longest two weeks of my life! I was in his studio and everywhere else people were into body modification just about every day talking to them about what to expect, what to do and other questions. Many of them suggested this website to me. So I checked it out and made up my mind.

 I was excited to the point that I couldn't talk straight when I tried to talk about it. The night before I was to get hung, I couldn't sleep at all (which is not suggested). I would go to sleep for an hour, wake up, look at the clock, and be depressed because it wasn't time yet. I woke up thirty minutes earlier than I had to and got ready. Finally the hour arrived and I showed up early. David was there getting everything ready for me. They popped some music in for me and I chilled out on the couch for a few minutes waiting for everyone to arrive. We lit some incense and a candle to get in the mood, and about 30 minutes later he asked me if I was ready and I immediately replied with a yes.

 He laid all the tools out on his tray, got me ready to go up and once again asked me if I was ready, and I said yes one more time. He started to find the right place on my back and pinched the skin and pushed the first one through. I was expecting some pain, but all I got was a burning sensation, which kind of let me down. Then he went on with the other three. After he got through with the first stage, I went out and smoked a cigarette to calm down a little. Then I went into a private room and gathered my thoughts and my courage. When I came out, everyone took off their shoes and got quiet.

 As I walked up to the rig and looked up, I experienced my first bit of doubts, but quickly got them out of my head and laid down. He hooked me up and they pulled some tension into it and got me used to the feeling. I have to say it wasn't really that bad, but that's me. As I went to my knees and then my feet while they were increasing the pressure, I realized that this was going to be the best experience of my life and I got really excited and started to breathe really hard. He told me to calm down some. They pulled me up until I was on my toes, and at this point it was all up to me to say when. The moment that my feet left the floor, I was free. It took a minute to get used to being in the air and get my breathing normal, but I managed to do it and enjoy the moment. After a couple of minutes I felt hot and he said that was normal. But it was when I told him that I was feeling sick that I had to come down.

 I was up for about five minutes, but it seemed like only a few seconds, all of which were extremely pleasant. He took the hooks out and cleaned me up, all the while I was still trying to sort out the feelings. I thanked him and the others that were there probably a thousand times and finally left, feeling fully satisfied with my achievement, and looking forward to many more.

 It's two days later now and I'm already talking to him about lip sewing, scarification and future suspensions. The entry and exit points are healing up now, but I still feel a little sore when I lay on my back. I can't wait to go through a few more rites of passage. Thanks to David, J., B. and everyone else who was there to support me. I hope that they will be there in the future to help me undergo some more mods.


submitted by: thephoenix
on: 15 April 2005
in Ritual

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Studio: Ink+Gallery+Tattoo
Location: Nashville%2C+TN

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