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my second suspension - ten point eight gauge superman

After doing my first suspension, a four-point "suicide" suspension, I felt I had to go back to the Rites of Passage third annual Suscon (Suspension Convention) and try a "superman" suspension. Therefore, my second suspension was the superman. This suspension is called superman because you lie down, and have hooks in your back and legs; you look like you are flying while you suspend. I was very excited for this suspension after seeing many people do all kinds of suspensions two days previous, and from talking to many BME members who highly recommended that I attempt this form of suspension.

Therefore, I went back to Suscon. I figured, I am on vacation, and I paid for the whole weekend, so going back for another suspension would be free! I spent most of the previous day telling everyone that I had to go back and suspend again, I could not even get sleep the night before, it was like being a little kid the night before Christmas. As soon as I got to the location, everyone was excited to see me, as one member of Rites of Passage put it, "Fuck yeah you're back!"

I have to admit, no matter how many people told me getting the hooks in the back of my calves was the least painful of all the hooks, and that the superman suspension would be a lot less painful than the suicide suspension I did two days earlier, I was terrified of the pain to come. I tried to stay positive and once other people started suspending all my fear turned into adrenaline, before I knew it I was being told its time for me to be hooked.

I stripped down to shorts and laid back on the medical table with a hole for your face, and was marked for where all the holes would be made on my upper, middle, and lower back, as well as thighs and calves. Today I would have ten 8-gauge hooks in me. One of the four guys hooked me two days prior, and made sure the upper back hooks were not too close to the healing holes from a previous suspension.

This is when my body returned to its favorite state, shock. I started trembling more than I have ever had in my life. I was told they were going to insert four hooks, then four more, and finally two last ones. Since I was used to the back hooks by now, I only worried about the calves. I took a deep breath, let it out, then another, and as I let it out four needles were inserted in my body, an upper back, a lower back, and a calf. That is it? What was I so scared of? I was pinched four times, that is it. The calves hurt the least of all the piercings.

Then I took another deep breath and let it out. I continued to shake, since my body was wondering why it was inflicted with so much trauma (of being pierced.) I breathed in again, and when I let it out I was pierced again with four hooks, upper back, lower back, thigh, and calf; this time the guys didn't coordinate it exactly, and I got all four hooks at different times, and it hurt a lot in the lower back (kidney area.) I clenched my teeth and told myself that pain is only in the mind. Finally, the two last hooks, this time middle back, were inserted and I was ready to be rigged.

In the room where I was to suspend, they already had another table waiting for me, and I laid down on it and the ropes were rigged up. My body continued to shake a lot. I was afraid of the pain to come, especially since the suicide suspension two days prior was a lot of intense pain. I kept breathing deeply and focused on my breathing, closing my eyes, thinking only about breathing, and telling everyone, I am fine every time they asked me if I was all right. A crewmember held my hands as I was lifted about a foot off the table and the table was removed, I was now about four feet off the ground and shaking tremendously. I felt some pain as I was being lifted off the table; it was more of pressure in my thighs and calves, than actual pain. After fifteen minutes, the suspension was pain free.

Now that I was off the ground, about four feet, I kept focusing on breathing and the smile on my face was enormous. I was so proud of myself and everyone around me was telling me how proud they were to see me succeeding at a suspension, after a very short one two days prior. I was asked if I wanted to be swayed, and I was down with anything, first I was swayed side to side, but this made me dizzy, so I was then swayed front to back which helped the shaking go away. After about fifteen minutes, I drank a juice box to get my sugar levels up and even called a friend on my cell phone to tell her how happy I was that I did not give up this time.

My housemate wanted to have some fun, so he plucked the strings of the rigging like a harp, and the holes where the hooks went through felt like they were being tickled. I was then lowered to the ground so I could walk on my hands and spin myself around. This was a cool experience because I could push myself to the limit, and walk backwards to put tension on my hooks. I really enjoyed this suspension. It was really great to have new friends and old talking to me, and telling me how proud they were to see me up there, and before I knew it, my suspension was over an hour long.

I then asked to be taken down, not because I couldn't take it, but partly because I was getting bored (I was missing other people's suspensions behind me, and in other rooms, and because I did not want to be up there all day, and have people who came not get their chance to suspend at this convention. When I was about to be let down, I was warned that I would feel a lot of weight because I was up for son long. As I rested down upon the table, it felt like a few lead vests from the dentist office was thrown on top of me.

After I was unrigged, I was told I could get up, and I shook my legs a bit since they felt "asleep" and then I got up and was told immediately to stop. I was bleeding a lot! Normally I am not a bleeder, I have had tattoos and piercings with no blood coming out of me, and however blood was pouring out of me, most likely because I was up for so long. I was brought back to the room were I was pierced, and I was cleaned up, bled out, and massaged to get the air out of the holes, and then bandaged up.

I got dressed and walked out of the room, back to the main area of the Suscon, and everyone was full of compliments to me, I was told that at first they didn't recognize me, because I was so happy and with the greatest smile I have ever had. I was now truly at peace with my life and myself.

Doing this superman suspension was seriously a life-changing event. I learnt a lot about myself, and a huge sense of relief came upon me, knowing that if I did this, I can do anything. It has been a week and a half since the suspension, and I am still on cloud four thousand (much better than cloud nine) and the stresses of my life no longer bothered me. I have never been happier. I am proud of myself, and look forward to doing another superman suspension sometime in the future, I would like to try eight hooks instead of ten, and sway around faster and with more force.

I highly recommend a superman suspension as your first suspension, it is much less intense than a suicide suspension, and the healing is not bad at all. I was sorer after a five-minute suicide suspension than this seventy something minute superman. My holes from the hooks are scabbed over, and bruising went away after a few days, the only question that remains is when do I get to do this again?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 2005
in Ritual

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Studio: Rites+of+Passage+Suspension+Group
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