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my room my hooks my back

I have been interested in mods since I saw the first nostril ring, I got my first one done by myself, later I became a body piercer an started doing my own piercings let's say "more safely"

I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, and I'm a very positive person since the day I got this suspension, I had a self suspension by the knees before this one, but it didn't changed me as much as the suicidal.

At that time I was a professional body piercer for four years and I must say, you are not qualified to proceed with a suspension only by being a body piercer (what I came to know a few time later, but with no serious consequences, thank god)

It all starts with a friend of mine, who is a professional photographer, asking me if I could get suspended so he could make a photo set, I took the challenge and started reading on BME experiences for pointers, I was pretty confident it was going to be great (actually it was)

we decided that we would try the suspension in my room, so that week I started researching on material and the process of making suspension hooks, I chose 300 steel because it was very much tougher than 316L, I had them made in a foundry in Rio.

Well, the hooks were done, the framing, hopes and sheaves weren't hard to make at all, I made a few drawings, and the guys in college (I study industrial design) putted it together in no time. It was all taken care of; we were ready for some action.

Fino (the photographer) got all his lights and stuff in place, Camila came to my place with four of our friends,

I got everything sterilized, and we started the procedure, we got cleaned, marked and pierced, but sadly the needles I chose wasn't the most indicated kind for that, so it was pretty hard to make trough with the hooks, and Camila gave up because she couldn't take the pain (that was really sad), it was really painful but I handled it. So Camila got the hooks in my back, (it was a suicidal two point suspension) she tied it to the frame and it was time to fly.

I was on my feet in the middle of the room, with the hopes already tensioned, they started pulling me up and I felt a little burning where the hooks were placed, but I didn't took my feet off the ground yet, the beginning was a little uncomfortable but it was gone a few seconds later, they pulled It a little more and I was on the tips of my toes, the pain had gone away already I got really excited, than I took my feet off the ground, it was really amazing the way I felt levitating, my body got used to it really fast, and a few seconds later, with me already up high, I was kicking the walls and screaming in joy!

I though about coming down and grabbing someone else up, but in a second though, let's do it another time.

Minutes later I got down and Camila started rubbing my back, so the air was taken off my skin, and only then I realized I couldn't even feel my back, I had a major adrenaline rush that day.

Later I felt it a little sore but nothing if I consider the pleasure I got, I wish I was up longer but at the time I felt like going down.

I think I couldn't express what I felt at the time I had to think for sometime to equalize and measure my feelings, I got down totally confused, I couldn't stop talking and I was so hyper that I kept walking around the room with all that paraphernalia hanging from my back. That was a great feeling because I tend to get depressed a lot, and it was kind of a mood lifter for weeks. I am totally satisfied with my experience, I guess Camila is not, and I can't see it in a different way than it was my fault, I know it was and I regret not getting enough experience before doing that, but we are okay now.

My advice for who wants to get suspended is, first of all, do it with a suspension team, they are well trained for that and they have the best equipment for that matter, be sure you want it, or else you can have a really bad experience, because if you really want it you'll take pain in a different way, stay cool and relaxed, you'll see it's a hell of a trip, and most of all have fun, I had the BEST time ever doing it, I hope you do too.

Ps:. By the way, remember Fino the photographer? His ultra super cool N90S NIKON got a jammed curtain and wasted like five rolls of film, all the pictures are all black and everything I got from that day (besides memories) are a few crappy webcam pictures...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 March 2005
in Ritual

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Artist: camila
Studio: my+place
Location: Rio+de+Janeiro+Brasil

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