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My 4-point Lotus

My 4-point Lotus Suspension

After a while of doing dynamic suspensions, like knees and suicides, I decided it was time to try my hand at sitting still on a set of hooks for a little while. I had tried the coma once with little luck, so I decided to have a stab at (pun intended there) the lotus. Being the type of person I am, though, I, of course, couldn't do a normal lotus with copious hooks throughout my body. Not to mention the fact that I simply don't like getting pierced too terribly much. With that in consideration, I figured four of my nine gauges ought to get the job done well enough for me. I decided for two in the back and one in each calf would get me off the ground in something resembling a lotus.

I was going to use the two back hooks for a suicide later on in the day (or rather I had just used them for a suicide, I have forgotten since then), so they were placed horizontally on my upper back Those piercings were just like all the others: a slow, painful trip through a mess of scars. This was my first lotus, so my mid calves were still pure. I placed the markings so I could miss my tattoos and to allow for maximum support from my oddly shaped legs. I have since grown to hate leg piercings almost most of all (excluding chest piercings). They sucked real bad for me, but were over a lot faster than my back do to the virginity of them. Now we had to tackle the issue of rigging me up.

My team doesn't do lotuses very often, so every time we do, it is a new experience for the riggers. I decided I wouldn't break this precedent, and decided that not only would be a pain by only using 4 hooks, but I would also do it with chains instead of parachute line. My teammates, of course, let me get the chains cut. We set up the lotus rig with the two shorter chains on one side and the two longer ones on the other, respectively. I proceeded to sit down cross-legged and get attached to the metal monster hovering above me. I was ambiguous as to how I might feel about this suspension since I was so used to swinging around while suspending; I wasn't sure how I would feel sitting still mostly. This ambiguity caused unfamiliar nervousness for me, for some reason. After I was rigged in, I sat there for a few minutes, thinking of how bad it was that my muscles were so tight just sitting in this position. Finally, I decided it would be good to my palms on the ground and put some weight on them as I was lifted to more gradually put the weight on the calf hooks that I was worried about. So I called for the rope pull and felt the pressure increasing on my back and calves. I pushed against the ground until I couldn't reach it anymore, and found myself rather uncomfortably folded at the waist; the rigging wasn't quite perfect. Such is life, though, I thought. I could bare the discomfort, but I simply made a mental note to make the calf lines (or chains) longer next time.

During the suspension, I started with my hands dangling simian-style, but opted for the Buddha style after only a short while. Once I had my hands in my lap, I simply closed my eyes and found it be extremely relaxing. I knew people were around me talking, but they were effectively blocked entirely out of my mind. I felt them gently swinging me and some slow spinning sensation, but it was all very tranquil. The feeling started to fade when I began to feel the throbbing in my right calf. That piercing I had placed shallow due to my desire to miss some ink work, and thus, it stretched quite a bit further than the other leg. This added stretching let me know my skin wasn't happy and wanting me to stop hanging from it. So I came back to reality and had my tender lower me to the ground. And accordingly, my lotus was finished.

My afterthoughts of the lotus are mixed. I was, of course, happy that the suspension went off without a problem, but it was such a busy day that I don't feel I had time to stop and properly enjoy what I had just done. Only now, typing this, do I really acknowledge that I had quite a spiritual experience with that suspension. My advice is as follows: don't do a lotus if you are looking for some extreme pain experience or just for the hell of it. Do it as a progression of yourself through your life with suspension. I haven't done another suspension yet, only because I haven't both my legs and back healed enough for a suspension at the same time since then. I will be doing one again eventually, though, and I look forward to it.

Medically, this suspension was a cinch. My calves swelled up quite severely for the first few hours, but after they realized that they weren't going to convince me to actually pay attention to them, they subsided and healed with very small scars shortly thereafter. My back healed as normal with indeterminable scarring due to other scars in the vicinity. All in all, I would recommend this suspension to anyone who thinks they are ready for the next step.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 March 2005
in Ritual

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