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Geurilla suspension, Fetal style

So last night I hung from hooks, in a park overlooking the beautiful city of Seattle.

About a month ago, I met Jawn D online, and it was a totally serendipitous occasion, as he is a suspension artist, and I've been itching to suspend. I'd also recently found a picture online that inspired me to do it in a fetal position. 

My roommate and I rolled into Seattle last night at around seven, and met with Jawn as on his dinner break, and talked about where we were going to do the suspension. Jawn hadn't been able to find an indoor place as he had hoped, but his friend had found a wonderful spot in Gasworks Park over looking the city. The only thing we had to worry about was the cold and the pig patrol.  Fortunately, it was a fairly warm night, and the cops... well, I'll come back to that.  

So I went and got a light dinner, and then came back to the shop around nine. I talked to Jawn for a while, and showed him the picture of how I wanted to go up. We went back to his place and picked up the rig and some supplies. A few of his friends from other local suspension groups also met up with us to give a hand.  

We hopped in the car and drove over to the park, and picked the spot to set up the rig. We found a great covered deck, and used a joint of the crossbeams to attach the rig to. Once it was all up, we covered up the ground, and Jawn set his stuff up. He cleaned me up and marked me, and got set to throw my hooks. He talked me into placing the hooks in my knees instead of my thighs, and them we also put them in my elbows, as if I was doing a pull.  

I still think it's funny how nervous I get when the needles are pointing at me. Jawn was great though, and made me feel super comfortable. He talked me into placing the hooks in my knees instead of my thighs, and he threw the hooks nice and fast. It was really interesting to watch them go through, especially the ones on my knees. The last time I hung I only had hooks in my back, so I never got to see them. Jawn also helped me focus on my breathing, and there was really very little pain, just a curious sensation.  

We got me all hooked up, and moved me over under the rig and strung me up. We had the strings all adjusted, and were just about to start lifting when.... Ta da! A cop car pulls into the parking lot and starts checking out the area. Everyone panicked, cut the lights and ducked. It was too bad, as I had just been admiring how my skin pulled off of my knee.  

Fortunately, it wasn't us the cops were after. There were a bunch of kids making trouble in the other end of the park, so the cop found them, and got backup from one of his buddies. When they were sufficiently occupied, we got me ready again, and Jawn started pulling up on the rope. When I felt I was ready, I told him and he lifted me the rest of the way up.  

The first few moments were a little uncomfortable as the hooks settled, but not bad at all. I started doing my ujiyi breath, and went into this deep deep zone, the way I do when I get heavily into my yoga asanas. Everything just centered into that moment. The pain from the hooks was really minimal, but the sensation was pretty intense.  

Unfortunately this only lasted for a few moments before an unexpected complication arose. I have a bad shoulder that doesn't sit in the joint properly, and I suddenly started getting a horrible pulling pain across the back of that shoulder. I tried to breath through it, but got scared that it was going to pull completely out of the socket and asked to come down.  

Strangely enough, as soon as I lay down I heard three huge pops in the back of that shoulder, and immediate relief. When I got up a few minutes later, I realized that my shoulder was completely back in its socket, with full rotation and all. I usually need to see my massage therapist to make that happen.  

We cleaned me up quickly, tore down the rig, and bounced out of there just in case the cops were coming for us next. (I'm sure I bounced pretty high, I felt like I'd just done 3 hours of yoga) It turns out they were still pretty well occupied. They were in the process of arresting the guys who had been causing trouble in the other end of the park... the perfect distraction.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 March 2005
in Ritual

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Artist: Jawn+D
Studio: Laughing+Buddha
Location: Seattle%2C+WA

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