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The flesh will be modified

The Flesh Will Be Modified,The Hooks Are Sharp The Rope Is Taught Soon Trancendance Will Occur.

This phrase has always ran through my head. Ever since I've been thirteen I've wanted to try suspension. And on March 29th my dream came true.

My friend got the luck to go to a suspension. I wanted so badly to go but was informed he didn't know if I could because it was private. So needless to say i was green. and disgruntled untill I was called one night at about three in the morning. I groggily answer my phone to my friend saying the words i wanted to hear, Crystal do you want to hang next satuarday? I was just kind of flabbergasted. Would I like to hang the following satuarday. Hmmm like he even had to ask. I was beside myself I had been wanting to hang for only about 11 years.Ever since i first heard of Fakir Musafar at the tender age of thirteen.

So it was decided that said friend and I would do a four point suicide swing bar together. So the following week was a hell filled to the brim with an ti ci pa ti on! All i could talk about was suspending. And Of course all I could think was I'm finally going to hang, it was surreal.

Then the big day arrived. At this point I didnt know what to think I just wanted to be in the air. I walked into the dojo (where the suspensions were held.)and see the rigging and a girl walking around with flesh hooks through her. I was estatic. They approach my friend and ask him if he was ready, I look at the list they are holding and notice my name is not anywhere. My heart dropped all I could think is This has to be the biggest moment of suck in my life. When anticipation for something you've wanted to do half your life gets shot down it is a major downer. But my friend saves the day and told the person that I was supposed to hang with him. That we were supposed to do a swing bar together. They say no problem, My heart immediatly shot back up talk about a bipolar moment!

We fill out the appropiate paperwork show them our i.d.s and then proceed to watch the aforementioned girl do a crucification. Alls I can think is soon I will be in the air like that. Then came the time to get our hooks thrown. That in and of itself was intriging as I did not know what to expect nor that you were pierced by two people at the same time. It went super quick and there I was with Four hooks protruding from my upper back. I was already ellated and I hadn't even been strung up yet.

Then came the best moment they began to string us up. At this point I began to feel slight trepidation, you know the natural jitters of hows it going to feel will i be able to take it and what not. But I was more overwhelmed by the fact that I was about to suspend. They raised the bar till we were on our tip toes and there are just no words to desribe supporting most of your body weight by four hooks in your skin. Although I was on my tiptoes and not fully suspending yet. At this point I tried to lift my legs but they went right back to the ground. Everything was set now we were ready to start walking.

We started out slowly pacing in a cicle on our tip toes, and I felt so good I wanted to immediatley go faster. We began to go faster and were starting to develop a rythym, Then my feet for the first time lost all contact with the floor. I 'm getting shivers as I write this just remembering the incredible sensation of weightlessnes. God it was just so beautiful. So uplifting for lack of a better term. As we got more and more into the "swing" of things I just grabbed my knees and hugged them to my chest and closed my eyes and simply did not think of anything, but just felt. i was really absorbed with in the moment.

We were spinning really good at this point And nothing else mattered the world could of ended and I would have been fine. I wish I could describe the sensation but there was just such a flux of emotion for me. Of course every now and then I had to touch ground to keep us spinning.But even that went with the flow. The bar was spinning wildly and see-sawing and everytime I came near the ground I just kicked off of it. I kept getting higher and higher. I grasped my ankles and pulled my legs up so every now and then just my knees would skim the ground.We tried holding hands while we spun but that just did not work out for us.

We ended up hanging for 45 minutes when my body decided it was time to come down.(damn body thinks it knows eveything!) I didn't want to but I wasnt going to be stupid. When they first cut the ropes I had a moment of extreme sadness but it quickly was replaced with euphoria. I was just so happy. I had this gargantuin smile on my face that did not abate for a very long time. Alls I could think is I want to go back up.

Now I must say the rice crispies in the back were a little(lot) discomforting and having them massaged out a fine line between highly uncomfortable to slightly enjoyable. So that was my first suspension expieriance. And naturally i'm hooked on being hooked and suspended.

Naturally I can't wait for the next time, Although the following week I did engage in a two point flesh pull it was not suspension albeit equally enjoyable. My next suspension I want to do is an eight point superman and I hope to do every other form. For body modification in all its form is the most beautiful thing in the world to me. Trancendance Has Occured THE FLESH IS MODIFIED.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Feb. 2005
in Ritual

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Artist: ihung+rites+of+passage
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Location: mi

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