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first pull to suspension

Area 51 a local piercing shop decided to have an art show. this was going to be used to help pull the piercing/tattoo/freak community together. It had been too long that some one had put on an event to bring this community together. When keri came by to give me an invitation to the show, I was super excited to attend this special event. I was so excited by this, I offered my body as a part of this spectacular event. to add to this a dear friend of mine steve and ERIC were going to be a part of this , that made it more exciting. It was a week of so till the day of the show. I had done a suspension before that had not come out the way I wanted. because of this I was a little nervous. I was suppose to do a pulling with a guy name Joel ,someone that I had not met before. we spoke on the phone briefly about how we would do the pulling. after trying too come up with some type of plan we left it to chance. I knew that a solution would present it self. secretly I was a little scared to do something of this nature. it had been 6 yrs since my last time, and as I said it didn't go well that time. I didn't want to screw things up.

The night of the show I was a little nervous. As I arrived, I was greeted by many wonderful friends. there was a suspension on it way as I got there. steve had done many suspensions before and he and Chris were taking the hooks out of Tim. ,and burping the hook wounds. After much discussion, we came to the conclusion of Joel and I pulling louis up into his suspension. louis had put microphones in to his suspension Rigg ,and ran those through distortion pedals into a pa. The idea being that when you moved it make noise and then to make some type of rhythm as he moved back and forth. Joel and I would be connected to him the hole time ,feeling every movement as he did. This was both exciting and a little scary. There was a hole lot a stake and one person not pulling his weight would make a huge difference in the whole evening. I was the first to receive hooks. Keri and Andrea had not "thrown hooks" before, and since Joel and I were such good sports we decided to let them throw a couple of hooks into us. This was the one thing I wasn't really worried about. Needles had never made me nervous, so this would be a breeze. Chris and keri were going to put hooks in together. We would use a breath in, then on the breathe out the hooks would go in. There was a little miss in communication, and keri missed her cue the first time, but Chris got his in. So on the next breathe in she smoothly placed her hook in to my flesh. these were also people I trusted very much, it was actually nice having my back warm up , and to feel the hook in my back. Next was Joel, he as well not having a problem with needles too ,took it like a champ. It took a little while as louis got ready his costume was a little more involved, so it took some time for him to get ready. He would suspend in a sitting up position, wearing wings and white face make up. A hole was drilled in the middle of the room in the one of the beams that supported the ceiling. we were to be in the middle of the room.

It had gotten late but there were still many people awaiting the last event of the evening. WE were lend to the middle of the room ,and sat down with our faces facing away from louis, who was getting a rune cut into his arm. Eric then tied our hook to a bar that would connect us to louis. hours had past since the hooks were laid into our flesh. the sensation of weight on our backs came as a relief. I could feel the endorphins as they flowed through my body. a warm sensation came over me. I could feel pin points os pain as it moved through my body. You could move back and forth to change how much weight was on each hook. Eric then told us to stand, he would direct us to move forward, and in doing so lift louis into his suspension. It only took a couple of feet moving forward to lift him off the ground about a foot or so. As he swung back and forth, the pin points of pain, moved out ward to create a warm tug on our backs. I moved my weight forward to counter balance the movement of the young man attached to our back. I felt like he was pulling on the whole of my back. just as thing were becoming really amazing and comfortable, we were instructed to move back, to let him down. we only got to see it from a mirror, but I was told it moved everybody in the room , some to tears.

I have been a part of the freak community for many years, and have become some what jaded to a lot of thing. But being part of this event made it seem very fresh . I made a lot of new friend, and saw a lot of old friends, and was glad to be a part of this splendid event. I can't wait for the next one \m/ ic 04 .


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Jan. 2005
in Ritual

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Studio: area+51
Location: san+ranfeal

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