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Fly without wings

4 days in the country side of a small town in Sweden. Its the middle of june, We meet because we share something. Our bodies as main subject. Its modfest, and it was here that I found myself.

Its friday and I wake up with more intensive feelings like never before. Today I will find out if I am what I want to be, strong in my mind to convince myself that I can levitate with only hooks in my flesh. Today its suspension time.

The beginning of the day was like a blur, had little to drink the day before so I was little hangover. But I fixed it with plenty of water and food.

Just trying to enjoying the sunny day, and just let time fly. I knew there were going to be alot of suspending for many of the people, so I knew that I wanted to suspend later on because I didn´t want alot of people watching me while suspending for the first time. and it gave me a chance to relax more and to be comfortable when it was my turn.

The suspension rigg was a blast, we had a crane from a truck and was 10 meters high. I have serious fear of heights so I knew I wasn´t going to the top, if I only could lift from the ground I was going to be very happy.

When it was finally my time to suspend I was so damn nervous almost pee my pants. I barely could stand on my feet, but I took control over myself and just let the people do there job.

I was going for a suicide suspension but I didnt know how many hooks. I knew that a 6-point was best if you wanted to swing alot. and its alot easyer to lift, and suspend in general. But I must say that pierce the hooks was not very funny at all. so after the 2 first hooks a decided only to do another 2 hooks.

The hole piercing session was smooth but painful. But after the hooking I was very speeded, my adrenaline had gone to the top. I laugh alot and run around goofying. little crazy but I think that made it easyer for me to deal with the fact that I had hooks in my back and that I was going to hang from them.

After the hooking session I walked to rigg that was standing next to a beautiful lake. a friend was holding my hands while I was rigged. I just try to focus and to concentrate. started to strech a little and I feelt instant that I will make it, so he started to lift me up. so when we reached the point when I was only standing on my toes I lifted my legs up and I was levitating above the ground. Feelt so unreal. the first 5 minutes was extremly painful, not because of the hanging from my skin, because I have an old back injury so it feelt very uncomfortable but after a while it started to release and I started to pull myself higher and higher, all of a sudden I was at the top. What a view, looking out at the lake in the evening, it was incredible. I feelt beauty in its true light.

After seen this and feelt what I did, I knew that I have reached my goal in this event. I started to lower myself to the ground, but I wasn´t finished playing. Now it was time to swing...=)

After about 45 minutes I was very satisfied. I came down and we took out the hooks and massaged me to get the air out from my skin.

Was really funny to hear the vaccum under my skin. Think we didn´t get all of the air out under my skin because during the night I was getting insanely sick. High fever and my throat was very soar. couldn´t sleep anything that night. It was terrible, but totally worth it. So like in 4 a clock in the morning a took a walk near the lake and just listen to sound of the water and I just feelt free.

Suspension is the best thing I have ever done, this is something that I am truly proud of that I have accomplished. This is something I´ll never forget, and it will not be the only time. I feel that I have found myself and I know now that my modifications means more to me now then ever and not just the looks of them, its an art form, like suspending.

I would like to thank a couple of people who did my first suspension to a truly great moment. Bena,Håvve,Jaxon,Muffe and Shannon for sponsoring modfest with a crane. Without your sponsorship I wouldn´t had a such great flight.

Thanks to you how read my first suspension experience. Im not an author I just re-tell my moment of happiness!



submitted by: Paindreamer
on: 16 Dec. 2004
in Ritual

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Artist: Iam+Bena
Studio: Modfest
Location: Boras.Sweden

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