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Where to begin? Well it was the summer of 2002. I just left Washington D.C. after a painful experience. I lost everything I knew. I started piercing at this shop in Albuquerque. I was new to this town and thought it a good idea to promote. But how? Hooks! So I decide to try to put together a one man show. Oh wait that would be boring. So I scratched that idea.

Well the pain inside wouldn't silence itself. What do I do when it hurts inside? Hurt the outside. One hot day I saw the basketball hoop in the middle of nowhere. I went to take a look. It was a solid steel frame. The base was incased in concrete which was buried in the ground. So an idea to do a knee suspension came to mind. Seeing as how the team I belong to is back home I was going to have to do this on my own. Which made that an easy choice.

Then next day I rounded up my gear. Grabbed my girl and drove to the spot. I did the rig set up. Then started with my mental preparation. The usual are you sure? Why are you doing this? What might happen? Can you do this? Should you do this? Fuck it! After clarity was acheaved. I began messaging as much as a pair of knees could be. Then I scrub them with some technicare. Next came the skin skribe marks. Ah the fun part, nice big 8 gauge needles. I got the first one through. The warm sinsation and shakes from the needle were like a long friend I forgot existed. After some pleasure it was time for the hook complements of steel. On to the second needle and hook. Three and four.

Well I need some orange juice. It's kind of hot of wink wink. Ok I was being a bitch. Well I look at the face of one shocked girlfriend of mine. Which made me laugh. She's pretty straight laced compared to me. I walk over to the rig and sit do. Why? Because I have to do it all. Rig set up, clean, mark, pierce, string up, pull up, and hang. I run the rope through the hooks as well as the bar hanging from the hoist.

Once all was done I layed down and breathed. I proceeded to lift my lower half to a comfurtable postion. Then I pull on the chain which gradually pulls me higher and higher. Well mean while little ants are making a snack out of my back. Ouch! And I notice the pebbles and weird thorny things are starting to hurt. I think my sences are becoming acute. Faster my mind says. Well I am hanging to where my dreads are skiming the ground. And I let go of my pain. I saw the past become the present and tomorrow become yesterday. Not to get to cosmic I'll leave more of the details out for its personal. But a weight and pressure was being lifted. Time stopped so I know not how long I was there. But I was there.

I asked my lovely queen to help me down. Ok that hurts. I cut the rope and began the exiting of my hooks. Ah blood flows well in the knees. Guess I have to clean that up. Once I put some sterile gauze on I clean my rig setup. Broke down the chains and hoist. Next came this feel of hunger which was expected sence I had fasted for the experience. I ate a medium plate of steamed vegetables and rice. My girlfriend asked me all sorts of questions which of course are hard to answer until you embrace the journey.

Well it's two years later and I've moved to Oregon. I still miss M.O.M., the Va,D.C.,Md area, and my friends. I just opened a piercing and tattoo shop with a new friend. Looking towards have a kid with my wife and just taking it easy. It's been a long journey and the trials have proven blessings in the dark. I've grown alot closer to myself and this big world. I am currently waiting to see if in my path I will incounter people to share some more experiences with. It get a little hard to do some other suspensions by myself. I've managed to do some play piercing and pulling with my wife which is fun.

Once again I have to big up the man Shannon Larratt and the whole bme crew. All the years of fun,bbq's,blood and lust are great. Bme is an endless resource of information and education for those in seek of self as well as others on the quest of body modification. I do not recomend anyone try to suspend by themselves or with those who just think they can. Do your research seek one of the many qualified people on bme. Blessed Love Ilocks


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Dec. 2004
in Ritual

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