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Hooked for life by HCS

I had been talking with a girl named Kelly on iam for a while about suspension. She later told me that she was in a suspension team called "Holy City Suspensions", www.holycitysuspensions.com. She's a great girl and friend. She is really into pulls. I had been contemplating for a while about whether I wanted to suspend or not. She made me realize that the Pros outweigh the cons in the largest way. She got me in touch with Trevor, (iam lone tone), who is the head of Holy City Suspensions which is based out of Charleston, SC.

South Carolina is a very conservative state, and it is hard to find people who are into body modification. I decided it was time after talking to Trevor. I discussed it with my girlfriend Carolynne, and she said that she would support me in whatever I decide to do. I wanted to do it!

Trevor called me later and we talked for a long time. Since I am a big guy, we decided that a 6-point suicide would be best for me on my first suspension. I weigh about 250 pounds if you were wondering. I decided it was time. I would not back out.

Carolynne and I made the trip down to Charleston Saturday afternoon. I was to meet up with Trevor at a local mall in Charleston. Well, we left to drive to Charleston. Surprisingly, I was not too nervous or worried.

I am used to very sterile; top notched piercing and tattoo places. I go to Sarah Wooten of Body Rites in Columbia, SC for tattoos, and to Planet Three Studios in Savannah, GA for tattoos...both are very very highly respected establishments.

It was a very uneventful ride down to Charleston. Once we got to the mall I met up with Trevor, his girlfriend, and a couple other people on the team. They had put up a number of people and seemed to know exactly what they were doing. This made me feel more at ease.

We made a couple of stops like Wal-Mart and Home Depot to get some supplies etc for the show. The show was at a Halloween Party called, "Bare What You Dare". I was not very sure what to expect.

Once we got to the party we started setting up. There was a huge black plastic type cover around where we would to suspend as not to offend any neighbors or anything. Trevor, Spyder, and Chris started installing the rig etc into a large oak tree. I was starting to get excited and nervous.

This took a long while. Carolynne and I grabbled something to eat. When we got back it was time. First off was Kelly. She was going to do a 15 point Superman. She had her hooks put in. She took them very well as she has done this before. After all the hooks went in, they had her lie down, and she was hooked up. This took a while as it was a Superman suspension. After they rigged her up, they started to lift her, and then all hell broke loose. The suspension bar broke and she had to come down. Thank God she was only an inch or two off of the ground. There was nothing that we could do at this point for her. I felt so badly, but thank God she was safe.

After Kelly they had a couple more people go like a guy named Ozzy. He was awesome. He did a 4 point suicide and stayed up for nearly 30 minutes, swinging and holding cinder blocks. Things were going better.

It was finally my turn. Trevor called me over to receive my hooks. I was excited yet scared. All these different emotions were going through my head. I wasn't sure what to expect. I sat down on a stool and smelled technicare. That is a great smell before you get pierced. It was done very well. He changed gloves constantly and used a different needle each time. He took great care of me.

The piercings sucked. They were done with a 10 gauge needle to an 8 gauge hook. The stretch sucked, but was necessary to keep a tight fit with my skin. The second and fourth hooks were the worst. I made it through the sixth though. I was feeling so great.

After the hooks were thrown, I took a minute to myself. I prayed for strength and courage. God granted me these wishes. I was hooked up to the rig and handed the rope to feel some tension.

It hurt kinda, but felt great at the same time. I began to pull my self. The tension was great. I pulled it until I felt like I was going to fall forward then Chris grabbed the rope. He said to give him the word. I said to pull me up a bit, and he did. I was scared...but determined to keep on. I was pulled up a bit more, barely touching the ground. THIS was the worst part. The skin is pulling from your back, but you are not in the air all the way yet. Finally....

I got off the ground. I was about a foot off just standing there easy and still...grinning like a fool. It was great as anything I have ever done. I had them pull me higher until I was as high as I could go. I started to swing a little bit back and forth. It was the best feeling in the world. I felt like I was weightless, yet bared the weight of the world on my shoulders all at once. At the same time I conquered my fears, became emotional, and spiritual. It was the absolute best experience in the world. It is so hard to put into words, but I am trying my best.

I stayed up for three minutes...the longest a virgin has with HCS. Once I came down I wanted to go right back up, but was just too exhausted. They brought me down slowly. Touching ground hurt a little bit. I was not bleeding too much. I loved this. After this they took me off the rig, and the crowd at the party clapped. I HAD FINALLY SUSPENDED! It was so freaking awesome. I loved it.

When I came down I shook Chris and Trevor's hands, and hugged my girlfriend Carolynne. She was there for me the entire time. They asked if I wanted the hooks out now, or in a bit. I said in a bit. I wanted to let everything sink in, and regain total consciences. I watched a couple more people then had Chris take out the hooks.

To take them out he applied Technicare and took them out very gently. He did a great job. Then I began to bleed. I have a bleeding problem but we were prepared. I used a clotting agent that I purchased from CVS to spray on the wounds to have them clot. Carolynne did this, and messaged out my rice crispies. This felt great. I had suspended, I couldn't get over it.

We stuck around till the very end. This was my first time, but definitely not my last. Trevor did a two point knee and Ozzy did a knee to chest, and Chris did a 4 point knee. It was awesome.

To anyone thinking of suspending feel free to email me at [email protected] It was a great time. Please be sure that the team you go up with is experienced and sterile! It was great!!!! Thanks to HCS and Carolynne for believing in me and helping me do this!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Nov. 2004
in Ritual

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Location: Charleston%2C+SC

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