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Pulling at All Girls Suscon

The fascination with doing a 2 point pull started Approximately 18 months ago after watching a friend go through the experience at the Auscon 'convention' on the Gold Coast, Australia. Since that day, all those months ago, I have been eager to experience it all for myself.

As some of you may or may not be aware, the opportunity to be involved in a pulling or suspension in Australia, or Sydney to be a bit more precise, comes few and far between. This is not because the demand isn't there, but more so because of the lack of knowledge and experience in putting something like this together.

I thought my chance had come about 12 months ago when the second Auscon event had been organized for my home town of Sydney. I had organized in advance to a 2 point pull with 8ga hooks. Unfortunately due to the combination of the amount of people wanting to suspend, and the lack of daylight I had to take a rain check on the procedure. I was that I could not go through with in on the day but I knew there was always going to be another opportunity somewhere down the track. I decided that the best thing to do was not to go in search of the experience but let it come to me.

I let the idea lie dormant for a while until fellow IAM member Chel and I were planning our holiday and trip to BMEFest 2004 in Toronto. Soon after the trip had been confirmed, I heard about an All Girls Suscon event being held in the Toronto area the day prior to BMEFest.

I soon got in contact with the organizers of the event and expressed my interest in doing a pull. At this stage I wasn't ready to commit to anything as I wasn't sure how I would be feeling on the day considering all of the flights and traveling in the week prior to the event. Even if I was not going to be doing a pull that day I was still going attend the event even if it was just to experience the differences between how things worked on the other side of the world compared to what I had seen in my own country.

During our week in prior to flying to Toronto, we had spent a week in LA where I had taken the opportunity to have 2x 10ga Vertical Nipple piercing done to replace those removed a month or so prior to the trip. Considering I was healing the nipple piercing I decided I was still going to attend the Suscon event but not going to partake in the festivities.

On the day of the event my traveling partner and I both had a little trouble getting ourselves out of bed and managed to sleep in rather late. With a bit of effort we managed to drag ourselves out of bed hopped in a taxi and went on our merry way. Once we arrived, everyone immediately knew we were 'The Aussie Girls' and we were greeted with open arms like we were one of the locals. I was soon informed that they needed someone to pull against another girl who had decided she wanted to do a 2 point chest pull and was asked if I was interested, they needed and answer then and there as were ready to go. I though about it for all of about 1 minute and decided that 'there is no time like the present' and decided I would do it.

Before I knew it all the forms were signed and I was on the table being prepped and marked up. I was feeling great; I was not nervous or anxious like I had been when the opportunity arose a few months earlier. It was just about time for the hooks to be thrown and I still felt as cool, calm and collected. The girls were great and all made sure I was ready for what I was about to do and that there was generally a good vibe in the air.

The 8ga hooks were thrown and it felt nothing like what I had expected or prepared myself for only moments earlier, there was a warm sensation as they went through and that is all, there was defiantly no pain whatsoever. It was great. The adrenaline had started to pump and I was on cloud 9.

Soon enough the ropes were attached and I was sitting in the grass starting to feel the tension on the skin as I lent forward. As you could imagine, with the difference in location of the hooks the feeling became a bit to intense on the other girls' chest. We decided to stop and I was soon hooked up to another girl wearing a harness so I could pull as hard as I needed.

We started again and the feeling was completely different to anything I have ever felt before and was not what I was expecting. There was no pain; there was only a warm tingly feeling over my whole body and a general feeling that everything was good. At one stage during the pull I felt a little faint, we stopped for about 5 minutes so I could compose myself, have a drink and we start again.

In total I think we were going for about 30 minutes, but unfortunately we needed to cut the session a little short so we wouldn't be late for Chel's appointment with Brian to have her Trandsermal implants done.

I soon found myself back on the table having the hooks removed and having the blood massaged out of the holes. This was so relaxing I could have fallen asleep right then and there. Band-Aids were placed over the holes, I was given one of my hooks as a souvenir and I was cleaned up and ready to go.

We thanked all of those involved in creating such a great day and letting us play apart of it, we made a donation and headed on our merry way down to Lucky Devil.

After having a chance to analyze the experience I was starting to think that I could have gotten a bit more out of the experience and should have gone a lot harder. However I do think playing it cautious on my first time was good considering I didn't know what to expect. I am now more aware of what to expect and can not wait for the opportunity to go through it all again. There will be a few things I will do differently next time but I am so happy that I had gone through with the experience in that environment, with all of the girls, they were so friendly and accommodating and I would like to thank all involved for being a part of my first pulling experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Nov. 2004
in Ritual

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