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Someones standing on my chest..

The first meet I ever went to was a suspension meet in may of this year. I met a lot of great people and witnessed some amazing suspensions. I was planning to do a suspension later in the year and wanted to see what it felt like to have hooks in me, so I decided to do a chest pull which was a positive experience. Three months later I did my first suspension which was amazing. Seeing as how my first experience of being suspended went so well I knew that I would want to go up again some time this year and I started to think of a suspension which I would like to do. I thought back to when I was at the meet in may and there were two suspensions that stood out from the rest for me, these were a lotus style suspension and a chest suspension. I gave it a lot of thought and seeing as I really wanted to do them both I took into consideration that I was in the middle of an ongoing tattoo on my chest and that if I did a chest suspension at a later date I may damage the finished tattoo. So I finally decided on doing a two point chest as my second suspension.

The week leading up to the suspension I felt fine and I was raring to go! I was looking forward to seeing everyone I had met previously and also looking forward to seeing some new faces too which is always fun. The weekend was going smoothly and there were some lovely suspensions on the first day that got me more and more excited and eager to go up. However, I was planning to go up late in the evening and as the day went on I started to develop a headache, I thought that I would be alright by nightfall but it had gotten worse so I decided to put my suspension off until the following day.

On the Sunday I felt great and after a quick trip to Tescos to grab some food I was feeling good except for a few pre-suspension nerves. I was first to go up and just before I was going to be pierced I don't know what came over me but I almost didn't want to do it! All the scenarios of what "could" go wrong went through my mind and I got a bit scared for a moment and I asked whether I should have four hooks instead of two and other silly questions, Vampy said I could have either so I took ten minutes to reassure myself that this would be as good an experience as my previous suspension. Once the negative thoughts were out of my mind I felt fine and made my way to the piercing room.

Kara and Chris were going to pierce me which made me feel more at ease because they had both pierced me on previous occasions. The area of skin was cleaned and I was marked up and ready to be pierced. I decided on being pierced so the hooks would sit horizontally rather than vertically as it would be easier to pierce and I also wanted to see if the hooks felt more comfortable when I was up in the air as opposed to the hooks being positioned vertically. I was pierced with 3.2mm (8g) needles which I knew would hurt a bit but it was bearable. Then came the stretch to 5mm (4ga) which I was a little worried about because I thought it was going to hurt bad! Surprisingly the feeling was more uncomfortable than painful and once they were in I felt fine apart from a little tightness on my chest.

I went and positioned myself under the rig and started to focus on my breathing while I was on the ground. Kara attached my ropes and made sure I was feeling okay, I had a drink of orange juice and then it was time to go up! I decided that it would be best to slowly ease myself off the ground rather than being lifted up straight away as I did on my first suspension. The rope was pulled tight so I could feel the pull on my chest, I dropped my head back, closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing. I started to walk myself into the suspension slowly taking a few steps forward and then back wards, as I walked back more slack was taken off the rope and my chest started to feel tighter I knew my skin was being pulled up but I didn't want to look haha. Some of the sensations were similar to the chest pull but not as intense. By this time I was on my tip toes and at the point in my suspension where I had been told by people that it is the hardest part of the whole experience and that's the point just before you take your feet off the ground. I felt a lot of pressure on my chest and my words to Mark who was on the rope were "Take me up now!". That was the point that was make or break for me, If I had stayed at that point for a longer amount of time I don't think I would have been able to take my feet off the ground.

Once I was off the ground I felt great, the hooks felt very comfortable and all the fears I had in my mind were some place else. While I was up in the air lots of thoughts went through my head and all I could hear was my breathing. I knew that there was a crowd of people around watching me but because I had my eyes closed for the whole time I was up in the air I forgot all about them! After being up for a while I felt that the top of my stomach was quite tight and the feeling on my chest could be best described as if I had been lying down and someone was standing on it. I asked to be lowered and when I touched down I was a bit wobbly but otherwise fine.

When the hooks were been taken out I couldn't feel a thing and there wasn't too many air bubbles to be massaged out so I was in and out of the room within five minutes. A few hours later I felt very tired and drowsy so I took a little nap on the sofa. The next day my chest was quite sore there was little bruising if any and some lovely big holes in my chest that took a while to heal over.

The whole experience was amazing it's difficult to try and put it into words but I have tried my best I would recommend this suspension to anyone I found that I got a lot more out of it personally than my suicide suspension. It's been a little over a month and it makes me feel happy when I think about it! I'm looking forward to my next suspension and I hope that all my experiences in the future will be as good as if not better than everything I have done so far!


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on: 24 Oct. 2004
in Ritual

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