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Chicks dig guys on hooks

When I was a kid I always wanted to fly. Whether it was jumping off my roof, or flying off of the side of my couch I never could quite get the sensation I was after. For a long time I thought that being a pilot and flying a plane would do but then I flew in a jet and well that just did not cut it. I wanted to float and just be able to do what ever I could not do on the ground. Anybody remember the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the fizzy lifting drinks. I wanted that. But I never could quite figure out how to achieve it through conventional means.

When I was about sixteen I started following my life long interest in body modification. At first even the thought of piercing my ears was taboo to me. My parents where the type to act like guys having their ears pierced was not right, but to me I felt that my body just did not feel right yet, I still had thing that needed to be done. I had never even realized how much work I had a head of me.

I started doing my research online mostly on BME and started find others like me that had an interest in the same things I was trying to understand. One day I happened upon suspension. I had seen it in movies but never even contemplated the thought that it was possible. I always assumed it was just smoke and mirrors or something I had never thought it was real. For a long time the thought scared me but the more I read and talked to different people the more I felt I really needed to do it. I searched for quite a for others that held the same interest that I did and mostly came up with nothing. I found mostly either people that were disgusted with the entire idea or people who thought it was interesting and pretty much wanted to be able to say that they did it but not actually go through the pain and the process. But in the back of my mind I knew that that was what I needed to do to fly. And so for about two years I searched for underground groups in my area or even people with just a mutual interest.

My search for at least an interest ended when I met Brian. We had met a few years ago on BME and just kind of talked back and forth. But we just kept running into each other and talking more and more. One day we got on the topic of suspension and how he had been looking for some one who was interested in trying in it. Of course I jumped on this opportunity and told him about how I had been looking for others with the same interest. And so the search started to actually find someone competent in doing the actual act and that was not six hundred miles away.

About a month later Brian called me and asked if I was still interested and if I was he had met someone who was capable and willing to do it for us at the beginning of October. I happily accepted the invite and started to prepare.

(skip ahead a month) When we arrive at the guy's house I was kind of shocked at the location. We were in the middle of pretty much nowhere. He introduced himself as Rick and let us in. I was kind of set back at first when I walked in there dragons decorating everything along with art on every wall. On his kitchen table was a bed of nails and other various things he used in his different side show acts. We sat down and talked about different things that he did and what were going to do that day and showed us different pictures of suspensions and other rituals he and his group did. We looked at those and he showed some of his acts while we waited for the others to show up. There two other people that we were waiting on that were going to suspend.  One person went ahead of me which I was pretty happy about since I had no Idea what to expect.

He did a suicide suspension which was what all but my friend Brian who did a forearm pull did. I got to help throw the hooks in him which was a different experience in itself. I have never felt a needle cut through so much flesh before. His actual suspension went extremely well he hung for about 10 minutes before he had had enough. Then they lowered him down and it was time for me.

Brian and Rick both threw the hooks in my back amazingly well. The actual insertion while very painful was very easy to handle. I had to sit and relax for a second before I could actually bring my self to walk up to the rig. I think getting hooked up was one of the most nerve racking experiences of my life. On the way up as the skin stretched I felt an extreme burning sensation while my skin stretched out but once my skin had finished stretching all I felt was a little bit of pulling on the skin but no real pain. As I was trying to relax in the air Rick told me something that will stay with me forever " chicks dig guys on hooks". Hanging was one of the most euphoric experiences of my life. The sensation of floating in the air is incomparable to any experience I have ever gone through. Once I relaxed the pain was over and I could start to enjoy I the experience I had searched my entire life for. I went up twice because I got sick to my stomach the first time I was up. After getting down they asked me how I felt and I still cant think of a word to describe it.

 It was then Brian's turn to do his fore arm pull. That again went fine and we then hooked up to do a little tug o' war. We drug each around the room for about ten minutes before he decided he wanted to try to pull Ricks lawn tractor. After a second or two he got it moving and he pulled it across the barn. Naturally I felt the need to do the same so I got it going and little did I know that about four guys had jumped on it for a free ride. Well that was quite fun and after one more suspension the day was over and we were headed home.

I leave you with this. If you ever get the chance to perform any ritual if this nature and feel the need take it and relax when you do. Relax and enjoy the ride because that's what you are there for. The pain stops when you leave the ground and the euphoria starts and once you get down you get a nice back massage afterwards to get all of the air out of you skin. Have fun and happy hanging.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 2004
in Ritual

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Artist: Rick
Studio: in+the+middle+of+nowhere
Location: outside+of+St.+Louis

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