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A beautiful Halloween night

So, I have been going to Frank my piercer for about three years. He has given me plenty of beautiful modifications, and there are many more to come. The following occurred about six months ago in my back yard. I had heard and seen pictures of energy pulls but had never seen one personally. I did witness my good friend do a suspension, so I felt I had a good knowledge about what a pull might entail.

It was getting awfully close to Halloween. Rob (my buddy) and I had no plans and that was just not going to do. I was in the shop (Club Tattoo) where Frank is currently working for some odd reason. Probably buying new jewelry when, I got the idea to ask Frank to do a pull with/ on me. Rob was down with the idea and Halloween was the perfect holiday to experience something new. Frank talked about location and the number of people which may be involved and agreed on my back yard and just Rob ad myself. There was talk of others attending but this did not happen.

On the night of the big event Frank closed shop and came over with his friend and co-worker, Josh Stewart. I was nervous, excited, scared, everything. The works. Rob was calm; he'd been through similar before. We all got comfortable, cranked some Disturbed and I focused my energy on being calm. This was not an easy task. So I did a lot of pacing and breathing. My girlfriend was there and she was doing her best to keep me calm.

The procedure was easy, Frank set up an area of my kitchen as his work area. He pulled on my back and marked where the holes would be. He did the same for Rob, and it was time to start the piercing. I let Rob go first. Okay maybe I urged him to go first, but remember he had hooks in his back before. Me... not so much. Rob lay down and Frank did the last minute preparations. He got out an eight gauge hook and knelt down next to Rob. Josh pinched Rob's skin and they told him to breathe deeply and to relax. Before I knew what was going on the first hook was through. Hmmm, looked easy. With that thought still in my brain they quickly prepped the other side. In went the needle and hook no screaming no crying. Uh oh, now it was my turn. I lay down and started breathing deeply trying to prepare myself for what was about to be done to me. I could hear them prepping everything. Tick tock, almost time. Pinched flesh and Frank told me I would feel a slight poke as he but ted the needle to the entrance marker. He asked if I was ready, I must have said yes 'cause the next thing I knew it was in and through. Once again they moved to the other side and the procedure was repeated. Wow, was that easy, I stood up and began to move my arms around to seat the hooks in. I really didn't want to move my arms though. Now we were ready for the real fun to begin.

Rob and I went into the yard and stretched our backs a little to prepare the new piercings for the tension they were to receive. At first I thought pulling sucked. It hurt, was uncomfortable and a strange feeling. Within about five to ten minutes the pain went away, and it was amazing. We pulled for about half an hour to forty five minutes. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Once the pain went away it was a total high. Everything was fuzzy visually, but I was totally clear headed. I was in a place I had never been before mentally. It was really pure and beautiful. One of the best experiences of my whole life. If you ever get the opportunity to do a pull, do it. Of course trust the people that are putting it on. Do research, Frank is a good friend. Find someone you trust to perform this ritual on you. And most of all love the experience.

An interesting side note. It is very interesting to see the effects of ones pets, while a person goes through something extreme like this. My dog was tied to a tree (with plenty of slack), during the pull. He would usually be crying and all whiny if not being petted while surrounded by people. He didn't take his eyes off me. He knew something was going on and I don't know what he thought of it but he was enthralled. The energy that was being moved around the back yard was really intense and he definitely picked up on it


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 April 2004
in Ritual

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Artist: Frank+Dicicco
Studio: back+yard
Location: tempe%2C+az

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