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Winter Pull

My fascination with suspension has existed since I first saw it on BME a few years ago. I quickly learned everything I could on the subject. Most of my information came from interviews on BME from people like Fakir Musafar and Allen Faulkner, books like Modern Primatives, and various experience write-ups like this one on BME. Long story short, after much research, I came to a realization that this is something I wanted to experience. I even went so far as to experiment with a cradle-type suspension in my parent's basement (an experience write-up is on BME). The drive and ambition was there. The problem,however, was that I had no one I could trust or that was willing to suspend me. This put off all action for a couple years.

In the summer of 2003, I met a local piercer (through BME's community IAM, no less) who had suspended, assisted in suspensions, and was was interested in starting suspensions in the Milwaukee area.I went to visit her at her shop on a couple occasions and gathered some information. Shortly after, I met another piercer at the shop, who was also experienced in suspensions. After speaking to both of them, I arranged to have them notify me when they were going to throw together an event, it was tentatively in a couple weeks. You can imagine my excitement when I was notified a couple weeks later on a monday morning and told that a pull was being scheduled for the coming friday night. This was great news, honestly, I felt a pull
would be a better way to ease into performing a suspension, at least from a technical and methodolgy standpoint. So, the week yearned on, getting closer to friday.

Friday approached, and I showed up at the house around 10:30pm. As it turns out, almost everyone else who was supposed to show up, canceled. The only people there were the two piercers, Brooke and Greg, fellow IAMer, Diana, a couple other guests,and myself. Together, we sat around for a bit, chilled, and generally relaxed. Finally, we decided to get down to business. However, Greg had forgotten pens to mark us for piercing. Greg and Diana left to get a couple markers and some bottled water and juice, just in case. So, the two returned, and we got going. I think it was Diana who got "hooked" first. Greg marked the points on her back, pierced with a needle, and followed with 8ga stainless and de-barbed hooks. Ropes were then rigged to the hooks, and appropriately adjusted for even rope length from each hook. Next it was my turn, and we were now both ready.

Before actually connecting to each other, Greg tugged on each of us to separate the actual skin layers from the muscle and fat layers under our backs. This was probably the most painful part of the whole night. Greg simply attached our respective ropes to his belt buckle, and leaned back as far as he could, while each of us would lean forward. I imagine this also helped to stretch the skin a bit. Once this was complete, Diana and I attached our ropes to each other. This is where the fun began.

At first, we each supported ourselves in doorways on opposite sides of the room and lightly leaned and got aclamated to the sensation. After than, we got a little more intense. Both Diana and I locked arms with someone standing in front of each of us. With ropes tought, our assistants would violently tug us towards and away from them. This essentially became a tug of war between the assistants with Diana and I in the middle. This went on for quite some time. Eventually, we took a break for fifteen minutes or so. Apparently the break was not such a hot idea. After an hour or so of playing, a fifteen minute break left my skin pretty tight, and it was just too much and too late to really keep going. We tugged and pulled for another half hour and called it quits.

After getting all the rigging off, removal of the hooks was a breeze. The real interesting parts was pressing out all of the air that had developed under the skin of my back. According to Brooke and Greg, I'm a "squirter", apparently, when pressing out all the air, some of the fluid/blood spraying out of my back caught some nice air. I saw all the bloody paper towels to prove their clam too. We got cleaned up, didn't bother with gauze or bandages, I threw on my shirt, said my thanks, and called it a night. I ended up getting home around 2:30am or so, as memory serves. My back had barely bled through the ride home. I took a nice hot shower, and went to bed. Even waking up in the morning, my back wasn't that sore.

All in all, the whole experience was great, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I am still really looking forward to doing a suspension soon. As far as healing went. It was pretty much "leave it alone" Greg and Brooke did a wonderful job getting all the air out of my back, there was some mild itching where the hooks were placed, but it only lasted a few days. Within three or four weeks, my scabs had totally fallen off, and there is currently little to no scarring from where the hooks were inserted.

Again, I was totally thrilled with this experience. However, I have gotten many questions as to why? Here, I can only offer up my reasons for doing, what in reality is a totally unneccessary risk, and considerably painful (very objective term). I did this for a couple reasons. First, couriosity; to discover what people get out of this act, and to gain first hand understanding. Second, I did this to test myself. I wanted to set my own personal bar for the level of discomfort I could withstand. This was my main goal, to know my limits. And, at this point, I have yet to say I've met them. But, I know what I CAN do.

Finally, I'd like to say that generally, this is a pretty safe procedure. However, it should only be performed by an experienced individual. Always take caution when doing things like this. And, always do your homework!


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on: 06 April 2004
in Ritual

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