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Face Shishkabob

I went to Fluid Ink to watch my friend Matt get his lobes pierced, but what happened that night transcended any piercing experience I have ever had. In fact, I feel happier right now that I have felt in a long, long time. When we first got to Fluid, I started talking with Verno about suspensions and pulling (which I am now seriously considering). I was very impressed by his attitude towards it – that suspension and pulling are very spiritual and personal experiences, and that he and his partner are dedicated to making sure we get a full and rich experience out of it. We talked briefly about a group suspending on May 8th, but since it would cost $100 and I am a poor student, I told him I'd like to wait until later in the summer when I have more money. He was really cool about it, and in a few minutes I went in to watch Matt get his lobes done.

Before the actual piercing happened, I also talked to Verno about play piercing.  After a minute or so of chatting, he casually mentioned that he also offered cheek skewering for free.  The second the words came out of his mouth he must have seen my expression because he smiled and asked me if I wanted to try it.  My heart was racing; I told him I would think about it.  I watched Matt get his ears done – Verno was extremely wonderful, talked about every step, helped Matt through breathing exercises, talked about the cleaning procedures and changed his gloves a million times – then Verno turned to me.  "You gonna do it?"  I looked at Matt; "Don't look at me!"  I looked at the ceiling, the floor, the wall, then, with a grin growing on my face, I nodded.  "Sure – why not?"

Verno left to get some equipment together, so I paced around the waiting room a bit.  Our ride was getting impatient, but I didn't tell her what was going to happen.  When he came back, we went into the room again.  He had me sit down at the edge of the table/chair and unwrapped the 16g skewer and got together gauze and such.  First, he cleaned and dried my cheeks with antibacterial stuff.  Then he had me wash out my mouth with doctor-type mouthwash for thirty seconds, just to make sure it was all clean in there (while he sang the jeopardy theme song for me).  He changed his gloves several times during the procedure.  Then he asked me if I was doing okay, feeling fine – to which I replied yes; then he asked me if I trusted him, and I said "well, now I do!"  I felt completely confident in him after watching his exemplary behavior with Matt.  He put two fingers in my mouth, horizontally between my teeth, to hold my mouth open, then told me to take a deep breath.  I felt the s lightest, tiniest pinch in my cheek on one side, then the other.  I felt a slight slide as he adjusted the skewer, then he pulled the inside of my cheeks out a bit.  "You did a great job, sweetheart!"  I looked in the mirror.

I have my ears pierced, my nose, my hood and my inner labia...I did martial arts for three years, I do great in school, I have received praise for many actions in my life....THIS FELT BETTER.  It was even on par with the many, many orgasms I have had in my life. Everything went still as I saw the metal skewer passing from cheek to cheek.  I felt the bar with my tongue – it was nearly impossible to talk at first, but then I discovered that moving the bar around with my tongue didn't hurt at all.  In fact, it felt really, really good.  "Why don't you get some fresh air?"  I nodded, grinned (a little) and stepped into the waiting room.  Suffice to say, everyone started at me, dumbstruck.  Even one of the tattoo artists turned and said "Whoa!  That's new!"  A group of fifteen year olds outside the window started at me, and I heard someone say "that is sooo disgusting."  I didn't care; I was on top of the world.  Every movement, sight, sound felt new and amazing.  I felt calm and el ated at the same time; my hands had stopped shaking.  I walked around for a bit, tried to talk to people in the store, who compared the skewer to a horse bit (which is kind of true), but mostly just grinned at me.  I asked Verno to take a picture, so he got a digital camera and we went outside.  There was more staring as he took two pictures of me, grinning like an idiot.  He told me that he liked to do those during suspensions, and said if I felt comfortable I could move the bar back and forth with my tongue.  The sensations were amazingly pleasurable.  When we finally went back inside, I didn't want to take it out, but I had had it in for twenty minutes and my ride was getting really antsy.  Actually, I didn't know how long it had been in until Matt told me; I was so taken by the sensations that I had completely forgotten time.

Taking out the skewer was nothing.  I was amazed when he told me I could close my mouth; I hadn't felt it come out at all.  He had gloved up, and handed me another cup of mouthwash.  I rinsed, spit and drooled all over my hand.  My cheeks were bleeding, but I'm a big bleeder.  Verno washed them off for me, applied a little pressure, then told me I could go.  I walked back into the waiting room, thanked Verno again, and left.

It's been about an hour, and I still feel on the top of the world.  This is the best high I have ever felt in my entire life. I can't stop smiling; I feel so amazing.  I wish I still had it in, but I am definitely doing that again!  My cheeks don't hurt; I'm just more aware of them.

Morning after – my cheeks are definitely sore, but it's a good kind of sore.  Every time I move them, I am reminded of what I did last night – and that makes me happy.  Those two little dots on my cheeks remind me of the sensations, of the thought that I was walking around with a skewer through my cheeks, and I loved it.  I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone; I count it as one of the most spiritual moments of my life.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 April 2004
in Ritual

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Artist: Verno
Studio: Fluid+Ink
Location: St.+Paul%2C+MN

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