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Play piercing - Pushing my tolerance.

I began getting intrestd in play piercing over the last few months, after seeing loads of pictures, and thinking that it would possibly be a good way to learn to push my pain tolerance further, because I believe I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to piercings, and I need to do a suspension or pulling. It's not that I want to do it because I can, I need to do it, I believe it will help me in furthering my self, and my confidence.

I didn't really know where to get needles from so I looked around on the internet, but I couldn't find anything, and I didn't really want to order from abroad, because I didn't want to get in any trouble with customs (I probably wouldn't, but i was being cautious).

Someone gave me a link to a medical site that sells to the public, so I ordered some 21 gauge needles off there (although I had to order 300, because they only did orders over ten pounds).

As soon as i got them I was really excited, but didn't really know what to do first. I decided it was best to just try one first, to see if I could take that. I got my girlfriend to put the needle in my wrist, it hurt a little, but not too much, it was quite bearable, and kind of enjoyable. I really wanted to take a picture of my first ever play piercing, so I ran into the living room to take a photo of it. Then I ran back in the bedroom, and got my girlfriend to take it out, it started to bleed, so I ran back into the living room, and took a picture of that too.

That was enough for me for that day, so my girlfriend did a couple on her self, which were very good. She did them really deep, four of them, and crossed them over, she has a far higher pain tolerance than me, and was eager to do more, but i made her put them away, because I wasn't ready or anymore yet, and I was a bit jealous that she was stronger than me (stupid I know).

A couple of days later I decided to try a four needle play piercing, I let my girlfriend put them in again, because I just couldn't do it myself. I knew what to expect this time, so it was a lot easier, she did them really quickly, four diagonally down my arm, and I was overly proud of myself. Again I took pictures of them on my webcam, and pictures of the blood, this time there was quite a bit more, and I had quite a few bloody tissues, which looked very pretty.

I then didn't do anymore for ages, my girlfriend used quite a few more for her various needs, but I forgot I had them and they've sat on the shelf for the last month or so, until the other week, when I decided to see if I could pierce myself, when my girlfriend wasn't at home. I had this need to do it, I don't know why. I decided to try and pierce my hand web, because I thought that would be really easy, but I was wrong, my web was really tough, and it hurt trying to get the needle through it, so I wimped out, and tryed my wrist instead. It wasn't as quick as when she did it, but it wasn't that bad, I took it out, then played with the little bit of blood for a bit, before cleaning it up.

A week or so later I had a camera out on loan from university, because I was taking some stills for my documentary, and decided, why not get some shots of a play piercing.

I decided to do it in a pattern this time, so I got my girlfriend to put six needles in a arrow like pattern down my arm, three on each side. It hurt quite a bit more at an angle, I don't know why, I always dread the needle coming out, going in is fine, coming out hurts.

It took quite a while to put them in, and she sat on my lap while she did them to get the right angle, I squeaked a little when they were going in, as I always do with needles.

We then took quite a few pictures of them to put up on my IAM page, as I though I might as well while I had a decent camera.

Then she took them out, in quick swift pulls, which were both pleasnt and unpleasnt at the same time, I dont know why this is, it's a bit like any modification, when its happening I generally want it to end, but when it ends, I want more. There was quite alot of blood, and some of it dripped onto my carpet, which then had to be cleaned up, took some more pictures of the blood, and then cleaned my arm up.

I really enjoy doing the play piercings, and I try to do more every time, I do them because i'm using play piercings to extend my pain tolerance, so eventully I will hopefully be able to take lots of piercings, and hopefully then a pull, or suspension.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 March 2004
in Ritual

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