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Getting Hooked By ROP

I first became interested in suspensions a few years ago. Eventually I started to do research on BME, reading up on experiences and pictures. I looked through the information in the suspension FAQ as well, reading over the entire thing many times. I wanted to test myself and prove I could do something a lot of people wouldn't be able to do, I wanted to use my mind to overcome the physical pain, I've always been good with pain, I wanted to see what the "rush" was about, but mostly I wanted to see what "I" myself would take away from it. Through IAM I was able to get in touch with Rites of Passage, a suspension group that works in my area. I attended one of their fundraisers in January, and witnessed my first live suspensions there. That pretty much help me finally decide that I wanted to go up, and from what I saw, this was the group I wanted to suspend me. I still had a healthy amount of nervousness, but I think I prepared myself the best I could for the situation.

Rites of Passage held Providence SusCon 2004 from February 20-22. On Friday I went up for the first time. I was trying to decide whether to do a suicide or a superman, and I ended up deciding on a superman for a few reasons. I had seen a lot of suicides that day already, so it was nice to be different, and it was also a slightly less trying suspension due to a more hooks balancing your weight. When it was my turn I walked into a smaller room and met 5 people who would throw my hooks. I lay face down on a massage table and was sterilized. I was to get 10 piercings, 2 upper back, 2 middle back, 2 lower back, 2 thigh, and 2 calve. I wondered what it would feel like and how much it would hurt, especially my legs. I was then pierced five hooks at a time, then five more. It hurt, but it was tolerable, and it made me think I'll probably just laugh the next time I go to a piercer. Any blood was cleaned up and I was walked out to rest face down on another massage table and get tied to the rig.

I was asked if I wanted to go up fast, or nice and slow. I said to bring me up slow since I had never gone up before. As I went up I started to feel tension, then it grew into tension and pain, which grew and grew into the most intense burning pulling feeling that I have ever felt. It was an incredible pain, and part of me wanted to tell them to please just take me down, but I didn't say anything. I saw my arms dangling on the table, then I was up, and they took the table away. The pain started to fade into a pleasant numbness, first in my back, then in my legs as well. I was asked if I wanted to swing, and I said yes, and was pushed. I swung back and forth with my eyes closed, then with them open. I was on a rig that could swivel as well, so I was pushed while swinging which was also a lot of fun. People I didn't even know took pictures of me as I spun around and it was all just a great feeling altogether. I felt so good that I was able to talk to a few people whi le I was up, having normal conversation. The crew was great, constantly asking if I wanted a push, or water, or music, or the heat raised or lowered. Eventually I came down onto the table they had brought back and the ropes were cut. I walked back into the smaller room to get cleaned up.

I lay face down once again and my hooks were taken out, one was saved for me upon request to remember the event along with pictures a person had taken for me. I was massaged to remove any air, cleaned, and bandaged. Everyone was wonderful. I walked out and back into the crowd. I thought I had been up for about a half hour. I was congratulated by a bunch of people who said I did great for someone doing their first suspension, and that I was up for about 45 minutes actually. I went to watch some more suspensions and stayed the rest of the day before going home about 4 hours after my actual suspension.

After getting home I started to get sore and I ended up getting a headache and minor chills. I don't know if I had gotten a small cold or it was just my body reacting to the suspension, but I felt really lousy all night and stayed home the next day. I went to watch the rest of SusCon on Sunday, and it was great.

From this experience I took away an amazing sense of pride and satisfaction. I was also able to use my mind to overcome intense physical pain, and I can remember the near breaking moment, the peak of the pain clearly, and I did not fail. I felt a slight rush, intensified by spinning and swinging, and maybe nicest of all, I made many friends and feel part of an extended family of people I will communicate with on IAM, and see again at events, staff and attendees, who made my life better.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 2004
in Ritual

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Artist: Rites+Of+Passage
Studio: Rhode+Island+SusCon+2004
Location: Rhode+Island

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