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Inner peace at a BBQ?

My girlfriend Sarah and I were staying in NYC when I got the IM to come to Vermont to interview for a job as a piercer at Counter Culture. It also happened that the owner of Counter Culture, Jen, was having a BME get-together, M.O.M's Burning Swing at her house at the same time. Sarah and I were ready to leave NYC, so we said our goodbyes to the big apple, and off we went.

The drive there was uneventful. We didn't know what to expect. I had always heard kinda crappy things about BME BBQ's...that people were snobby, there was always too much drama, and so on. I wasn't looking forward to it really,. but I was looking forward to the possibility of the piercing job. I wanted to do a pull maybe if the atmosphere was right also, so that was a bonus. I had seen all these pics of people doing pulls indoors, and that was so unappealing. I wanted something that would mean something. Something very organic and spiritual.

We got there, went to the shop, which was better than I expected it to be, then we took Jen to her, and soon to be, our, house. We would be living there if things panned out, so we got to meet the other room-mates.. Jen, of course, and Jason Sand, some dingy girl named Lea, who was from Cincinnati, the same as us, and another couple, Devin and Melissa. Everyone seemed cool, the setting was nice, so we were chill. We had a few drinks and hung out, enjoying the screened in porch. What a change from NYC!

The next day party preparations started getting made in earnest, as the first guests arrived. Sarah (femgoddess69) and Ken (riskypictures) showed up, and got to camp out on said porch. We all hung out and chatted, had a good time, and got ready to greet the others as they arrived. The day of the party introduced us to many new folks, among them Warren(vex hecubus), badur, Matt (code zero) and his lovely wife Jess, Marty (MMWM416), and Tatjana (tatjanaturtle) Christy (tranquility), Jeff (steelhawk), and too many others to remember...(sorry, I am a scatterbrain). I was really having a good time when all of a sudden a car appeared bearing an Elvis shaded Shawn Porter and the MOM crew. I about died. Shawn and I have had a bit of an IAM friendship for years, and this was the first time we had met face to face. I ran over and hugged him, and I knew it was going to be a great party.

The MOM crew set things up to do suspensions, but the one problem facing them was "where do we hang em from?" A local artist had built a suspension rig, but it was too short really, so the search was on. They found the perfect tree in the woods to set up, and the fun began!

The suspensions went beautifully all evening until there was a major cross contamination issue, and that pretty much stopped things. It WAS NOT the MOM crew's fault. Someone simply tried to help, but didn't. Enough said. Who needs drama?!

There was alot of laughter, and good food, and friendships being made. And of course, a burning swing!

Shawn was throwing around ideas to help the MOM crew make some cash, and came up with the idea for us to pull until we either ripped or bent the hooks. I agreed. It was all good. We decided we would do that the next day. So, I was gonna pull. With Shawn!

The next day was soooo chill and laid back. There were more suspensions, and this time I got to do some hook throwing, which was rad! It was the first time for me to do that. Neat-o. Come nightfall, almost everyone was either paired off to screw or drunk. Shawn and I decided to pull. We abandoned our money making idea, and just chose to pull. I was so glad my first pull could be with someone I like as much as him. It meant alot to me. I had my hooks thrown by Nick Boggs, who I had hooked earlier that day,( and had accidentally thrown one of his hooks upside down..oops! lol...) and I must admit...it was so different from what I thought it would feel like. He is a very smooth piercer, and I hardly felt a thing. Shawn talked me through it, took some pictures, and made me feel secure about being in just a tank top and jeans. After that I got to throw Shawn's hooks, and it was so cool. I know how he feels about female piercers..haha... I think that meant more to me at that point than anything in the world.

All hooked and ready, we went out to the campfire and got rigged up. I was scared of what it was going to feel like, but once the endorphines kicked in, I was all good. I had friends around me, I felt good, and things felt so right. The only bad point was that my girlfriend had been drinking, and was not as supportive as she could have been. She sobered up quickly once she figured out what was going on though..it's all good. Shawn and I just rocked back and forth, testing our weight and I am going to tell ya, it was so much like sex it wasn't funny. In sex, there is a huge amount of give and take, and that's what I felt then..give and take, in and out, pressure and release...so incredible, the sensations in my back, my whole being... All of a sudden I was hit with a crazy burst of energy. I trucked his ass right across the yard much to my suprise, and then he did the same. We played around like that for a bit, and then realized we had gotten too far from the fire. We were c old! Summertime in Vermont is chilly willy! So back to just rocking. Nick was "plucking" the ropes, which was an amazing sensation. I could feel the vibrations in my toes, up my neck, everywhere. Shawn and I didn't talk to each other once during the pull. We each had a supporet cluster around us, and just zoned out totally. Everyone felt so warm and caring. I was so shocked by it all. I held on for a bit longer, and then it just got too uncomfortable. I called it quits. I was dissappaionted for only lasting about 15 minutes...until someone informed me that we pulled for closer to 2-1/2 hours. Holy crap! Where did the time go. I cried a bit, feeling so spiritually relieved...

After I got all cleaned up, and got Shawn all cleaned up, I was exhausted, so I went in the house and crashed. It was a good thing I came to Vermont, met amazing people, had a deeply spiritaul experience, and GOT THE JOB! Woot!

I dutifully picked my scabs to the point where I actually lost tattoo ink in my back, and now i have these permament reminders of that weekend, my friendship, and my inner peace that I always thought was unattainable...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 2003
in Ritual

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